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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Daash faces a "revolution" in Hit and collide for the first time Bashair Fallujah



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Daash faces a "revolution" in Hit and collide for the first time Bashair Fallujah

Post by rocky on Fri 19 Feb 2016, 3:43 am

Daash faces a "revolution" in Hit and collide for the first time Bashair Fallujah

 BAGHDAD / Wael blessing 

Daash facing the organization in Anbar, the signs of a social rebellion, have become more frequent in the town during the last week.While militants have stepped up regulation to counter the threat of arrest campaigns. 
For the first time since the liberation of a large clan gray clashing with insurgents near Fallujah regulation. According to sources from within the city as the beginning for "spark a revolution against Daash." 
Witnessed the Heat, that the army was preparing to launch a military operation to liberate it, most of the movement provoked the organization, in the past week, such as raising the Iraqi flag on one of the buildings.Secure Khalidiya Island contrast, is about joint operations in Ramadi, the completion of the insurance Khalidiya Island, which is linked to the northern shell of spending Heat. , says Ibrahim Fahdawi, head of the security committee in the district of Khalidiya, in an interview (term) "the joint forces have secured the main road link between the center of Ramadi and Khalidiyah, fully, there is no longer a threat to this region. " declared war media cell, last week, open through Ramadi, Baghdad, after all Ramadi axes become liberated from the control of Daash. the open road, which passes spend Khalidiya, after the liberation of Alsjarih area and Joabh East and Husaybah the most prominent strongholds "Daash" in Ramadi. He announced anti-terrorism device, earlier, raising the Iraqi flag over the regiments emergency Anbar police Directorate building in Ramadi, and the removal of dozens of improvised explosive devices from one of the main streets in the city. controlled counter-terrorism device on Ramadi's city center. at the end of last year, after having rallied the city from the western and southern axes, and successfully besieged the city from the north. remained the eastern region, which includes a number of agricultural and straddling, trapping both sides, before they can be cleared and the open road, which passes through spend Khalidiya fully . confirms Fahdawi "continued cleaning eastern gray areas of operations, and the opening of roads," pointing to "the opening of the Eastern Husaybah police station again, forming regiments local police and conducting security detachments in different parts of the city." Daash burn mechanisms and escaped most of the militants, "Daash" in those areas to the north of Ramadi after the joint forces advanced to the Eastern Husaybah. He says Fahdawi "the militants still control the Busodh areas, and Albu Bali, and Albuabad, in the north east of Ramadi." But it confirms progress in these areas after the liberation of acid. Security sources said Tuesday that the "joint forces" raised the Iraqi flag over the buildings "acidic" and secure land route that connects the acidic bridge the international road.Managed the joint forces of killing dozens of "Daash" and the destruction of three-wheeled bomb and four additives for the organization, through the liberalization of the acidic . Has also been in the process cutting regulation supplies between Fallujah and Saqlawiyah. Reveals local administrator in Khalidiya for "the destruction of Daash for most military vehicles and civilian wheels that had been seized by the military barracks earlier," stressing that "the gunmen burned the wheels before retreating." . security authorities discovered in Ramadi Tuesday, a mass grave containing the remains of 50 people, including children, in the area of civil mystical east. rebellion in Fallujah, Hit it began Daash faces, apparently, popular anger in some areas controlled by. Fallujah has seen first armed clash between the clan "Mahamdh" and the militant organization. She spoke news from inside Fallujah that the clashes resulted in the deaths and injuries in the ranks of both parties. And reveal leaks anger prevail in Fallujah, and that things suggest the imminence of a revolution against Daash. , Said Saadoun al-Shaalan, Mayor of Fallujah on Monday, said the strong differences rotates inside Daash between Iraqis and foreign fighters, it paved the way to display the first party to the government "deal" to enter city ​​"without a fight." in the meantime announced "Daash" in Hit the alarm condition a week ago, following the adjournment of unknown Iraqi flag on top of a building in the main streets of the eradication group. According to sources in Hit, unidentified raised the flag on the building, Dr. Raad, the central streaming Street, which is the district center and the leading commercial regions. The people of Hit trading information on the "unknown rebel" managed to convince dozens of city youths to join the armed revolution to expel "Daash" of the judiciary. Folks asserts that the organization entered into a warning and boosted patrols and checkpoints there in anticipation of the outbreak of operations against him. Hīt District is the largest agglomeration in Anbar province now, after resorted to families fleeing from the gray before the start of military operations there. It is estimated that the city currently has more than 160 thousand. It stresses MP Anbar Muhammad Karbouli "the importance of freeing the Heat after gray decode the noose on the modern." He says Karbouli, in connection with the (range), "The Hit, ready to receive the liberated forces, which is on the edge a popular uprising. " the president of the parliamentary bloc of the solution that" unknown groups in Hit, a few days ago, has written anti lyrics Daash on the walls of a school, such as (Daash your days ended), while Daash busy establishing a football tournament in the judiciary. " says sources from within the Heat that "anonymous group assassinated two gunmen one Russian citizenship. while stepped Daash arrest warrant for the youth elimination campaigns. the economic side pays the military command in Iraq to go to the Heat, according to a member of the security committee in the House of Representatives.explains Karbouli Ban" edit pave the Heat for the Liberation of wetlands and open the closed border crossings to re-trade with neighboring countries. " on the other hand Karbouli denies the existence of military preparations so far indicate the attack near the Heat."

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