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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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After two years of rule by Daash .. clan controls the north and south of Fallujah



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After two years of rule by Daash .. clan controls the north and south of Fallujah

Post by rocky on Sat 20 Feb 2016, 7:27 am

[size=32]After two years of rule by Daash .. clan controls the north and south of Fallujah[/size]

04:19:29 02.20.2016 |(Voice of Iraq) - After two years of rule by "Daash" .. clan controls the north and south of Fallujah,announced Mayor (Managing Director) city of Fallujah, Saadoun al-Shaalan for the control of Iraqi tribes to the north and south of the city, after fierce battles waged against al "Daash." He said Shaalan for "Alsumaria News" Friday February 19, said that "the beautiful tribe and with it many of the tribes leading the fierce battles against al Daash in the north and south of Fallujah areas have Qaibdthm heavy losses in lives and equipment," he said, adding that "the fighting now going on in neighborhoods martyrs and Jubail and still . " He stressed." We are awaiting the declaration of the zero hour to enter the army and police to the city and support the tribal Almentvdh weapons and gear, " and saw the Fallujah east of Anbar province, 50 km west of Baghdad, clashes Friday between the children of the families of the city and members of the organization, which controls the city for nearly two years and besieged by Iraqi forces are up to the minute. a statement by the Interior Ministry that the clashes "between the sons of the tribes of Fallujah and elements of al-Daash," adding that "the clashes occurred between the number of members of the clan Jerisat elements calculation belonging to the elements Daash in Alnzizh market," the city center. the statement continued that "confrontations got hands and white arms and evolved into clashes light and medium weapons, where supported clans Mahamdh and Allabsp clan Jerisat in the face of the elements of the organization, and has control of parts of the Golan Heights neighborhood and its outskirts by the parents."said a local official told "AFP" that "clashes among the clan Mahamdh and Jerisat against the group calculation and killed a number of elements Daash. And that the situation is tense. " For his part, said an officer in Anbar, which includes Fallujah police, that" dozens of sons of the tribes Jerisat and Allabsp and Mahamdh in Fallujah, clashed with elements of al-Daash and seizing control of a section of the Golan Heights area, in the northwest of the city, inspired Golan completely subject the control of the organization "Daash." on the other hand, announced that ministers and Iraqi parliamentarians Wednesday with the participation of politicians, intellectuals and opinion leaders about the formation of a cell especially for the Liberation of Fallujah crisis and save 10 thousand families being held by the organization "Daash" hostage in the city. he said the cell responsible planning Minister Salman Jumaili, who belongs to Fallujah that "ministers and MPs, politicians and opinion leaders, intellectuals, all of whom represent the city has been selected and agreed upon a regular meeting to provide the government and the international coalition and humanitarian organizations in minute detail what civilian detainees in Fallujah from the tragic situation of the suffering of the more than 10 thousand families and by 50 thousand people died of them during the past two weeks, 200 Madani by the food and drug interruption of them, including children, the elderly and women patients. " The minister added that" the formation of this emergency meeting came under the guidance of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in coordination with the people of Fallujah to re-edit, and considering the conditions of the detainees and how to save them, as well as a plan by which to achieve the liberalization process and return to the bosom of the state without prejudice to civilian life and the lives inside. " It is noteworthy that Fallujah was the first city fell under the control of extremist organization by the vast offensive launched by the organization on the northern city of Mosul and captured in June 2014 and collapsed on impact and Iraqi army units to occupy the organization later after areas Others reach an area one-third the area of Iraq.after the formation of the new government headed by Haider al-Abadi security forces began pursuing new strategies to retake areas lost and strengthened private power after the formation of the support of volunteer forces known as the popular crowd, and then the joint forces managed to army, police and the crowd of many editing areas in the provinces of Salaheddin, Anbar was the most important city of Ramadi recently. source: Agencies Add comment

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