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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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An armed group belonging to adopt Rafie al-Issawi in Fallujah attack Daash



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An armed group belonging to adopt Rafie al-Issawi in Fallujah attack Daash

Post by rocky on Sun 21 Feb 2016, 4:03 am

An armed group belonging to adopt Rafie al-Issawi in Fallujah attack Daash

 BAGHDAD / Wael blessing 

It is not yet clear what really happened in Fallujah recently. It is still news contradictory between those who speak of "rebellion" Popular or "otherwise" Simple ended after one hour of the eruption. 
But one of the armed Sunni factions, which is known as the (Iraq Hamas), publish, Saturday, videos, said it's part of their battles against "Daash" in the south of Fallujah. And vowed, in statements on websites, with more operations. There have been clashes, described by a local leader of the largest tribes of Fallujah to one, as "revolution of the hungry" because of trapping civilians two years and the disappearance of food and fuel and the population's dependence on cooking "since potatoes." Affirms tribal leaders and fighters against Daash in Anbar, said the insurgency in Fallujah will not stop, because of the inability of Daash all know the identity of the attackers. And at the same local government is demanding in Anbar and coalition forces the government to invest "popular anger" in Fallujah, and progress towards civilian edited. Popular resentment against Daash began Daash faces, since last Wednesday, apparently popular anger in some areas controlled by. Fallujah has seen first armed clash between the clan "Mahamdh" and the militant organization.She spoke news from inside Fallujah that the clashes resulted in the deaths and injuries in the ranks of both parties. The leaks reveal the anger prevail in Fallujah, and that things are moving towards a revolution raged against Daash. He said Saadoun al-Shaalan, Mayor of Fallujah on Monday, said the strong differences rotates inside Daash between Iraqi fighters and foreigners, paved the way to display the first party to the government "deal" to enter the city "without a fight." Escalated clashes between the population and Daash, during the past two days, on according to the head of the families of the Council of Fallujah, Abdul-Rahman al-Zobaie, who said that "hunger and siege in Fallujah continued for nearly two years have translated into a backlash-like revolution of the hungry". Zubai stressed, in his speech (range), that "Daash imposes severe verdicts and kill the people Fallujah also pushed for an uprising, "adding that" the insurgency is now an opportunity for the people of Fallujah to prove they Aaaidon Daash and they are contributing to reveal its ugly face. " It faces about 80 thousand families in Fallujah, two years ago, a strict siege after the army shut down all roads leading to the city. While officials in Anbar said that "Daash monopolize the food and distribute it to all his followers." Disappear most of the food in Fallujah, with the exception of "potato", which has become the main meal and the only residents. She returned families to use firewood for cooking business. Flag-raising and distributing leaflets Zubai For his part, asserts that "the insurgency led a number of young people in addition to the families of the Allabsp, and Zoba, and Jerisat, the Albu Issa, to attack Daash and killed a number of them and burning some of its headquarters." Reveals tribal leader Ban "young attackers raised the Iraqi flag in some neighborhoods, also distributed leaflets to the population anti-Daash", stressing that "the anger continues." the repeated operations Astfsar Daash in Anbar, during the last week in Hit, while unidentified raise the flag on a building prominent city center. the MP said the Anbar Muhammad Karbouli that "Hit ready to receive the liberated forces, which is on the edge of a popular uprising." the unknown group in Hit, has written anti lyrics Daash on the walls of a school, such as (Daash your days ended), while the gunmen were busy establishing League's "football in the judiciary." Investment insurgency in Fallujah and amid rising "anger" against Daash in Fallujah, he says Zubai, he called on the government of supporting young people at home by any means. he joined see al-Issawi, a member of the security committee in the House Anbar, to the "liberation of Fallujah", and the exploitation of the rebellion against Daash. invitations confirms al-Issawi, in connection with the (range), that "Daash arrested after the clashes about 50 young people from Fallujah." He revealed local administrator that "armed clashes that have killed 10 gunmen and burned a number of affiliate Daash headquarters in the killing of three young people rebelling. " and sees local official said the" edit gray encouraged the population to revolt, "and urged the government" to conduct a quick military operations in Fallujah or limbs. " but the attack on Fallujah is unthinkable now in military accounts, according to the Mhaliaan military officials, who asserted that the point of the next battle will be editing Heat. The officials spoke of a presentation of the dissidents "Daash" in Fallujah, the Iraqi government includes access to the city without a fight, in exchange for ensuring that pursue them afterwards. He suggested the militants on the government to take their families "hostage" until the liberation of the city, as an indicator of the seriousness of the display. On the the same level, the commander in Anbar tribal crowd that "what happened in Fallujah is a natural result of the brutality of Daash" he says. He pointed Ghassan Ithawi, in an interview with the (range), that "the more the tribes in Anbar urged the population to rebel against Daash to destabilize and put it in the areas controlled by them." Confirms Ithawi difficult to control the insurgents in Fallujah, attributing this to the "Daash does not know who attacked him specifically." Truth of what is going on but flowered Mullah, a member of the Anbar tribes Council, said that "the clashes in Fallujah is not a rebellion, but differences between the insurgents." The Mulla , in connection with the (range), that "what happened in Fallujah was a shooting between the elements Daash internal disagreements lasted for only one hour and ended it at that." the websites posted close to Daash, pictures of the neighborhoods of the Golan and the bout, in the center of Fallujah, which it was claimed to have seen armed clashes during the past two days.But the site commented on the pictures, that "life is normal and what happened was in contrast with the one butchers and ended the intervention of elements of state regulation." On the other hand showed a child site's (Hamas Iraq), a Sunni faction of former Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi, a videotape included aside from the elements battles against Daash in the military district south of Fallujah. Web site published a statement of the armed faction which adopts the latter, "the burning of four premises belonging to Daash, as Tuadh more attacks. The militia (Hamas Iraq), an armed arms linked Islamic Party, in the areas of Fallujah, the Amiriyah Fallujah. And has been active in those areas is striking against al Al-Qaeda during the era of the rise of the Awakening after 2006.

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