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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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American-led coalition: the low number of fighters of the Islamic State in



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American-led coalition: the low number of fighters of the Islamic State in

Post by rocky on Mon Feb 22, 2016 5:35 pm

American-led coalition: the low number of fighters of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria

A spokesman for the coalition led by the United States against al-Islamic state on Monday said the US estimates of the number of fighters in the ranks of the militant group in Iraq and Syria fell as low salaries shows that they are now on the defensive.
Steve Warren Colonel in the US Army and added that the Russian air strikes further complicate the task of defeating the Islamic State pointing out that it targeted opposition fighters by 90 percent and not the militant group.
He said that signs such as increased conscription and recruitment of children and transform the elite fighters of the organization to the regular units indicate slowing the flow of foreign fighters to the Islamic state.
He told reporters in London: "We believe that Daash began to lose now. We believe that they are on the defensive."
The CIA estimated the number of fighters in the ranks of the organization of the Islamic state during the first 17 months of the start of coalition operations between 19 thousand and 31 thousand, but dropped to between 20 thousand and 25 thousand, a level Warren said that the organization will strive to maintain it.
"They were able to almost the same rate we killed them mobilize their fighters ... This is difficult to continue with it."
Warren explained that the average fighter in the organization of the Islamic State was paid about $ 400 a month while the foreign fighters who are getting "better" because they are more committed and extreme at between $ 600 and $ 800 per month.
He added that the organization recently announced reduction of ordinary fighters' salaries in half and reduce the salaries of foreign recruits, but not such a high percentage.
* Russians "reckless and irresponsible"
Warren pointed out that the organization has 40 percent of the territory, which was dominated by Iraq and 10 percent of the under him in Syria, where the coalition combat mission faces a much more difficult because of the Russian raids areas.
"The Russians said that their goal fight terrorists and fight Daash. We have seen very little evidence of this is true. Nearly 90 percent of Russian air strikes directed against the opposition and not Daash."
He continued by saying, "The Russians are carrying out air strikes using methods are inaccurate. I see them reckless and irresponsible. They are simply throwing bombs from their aircraft," he said, adding that the coalition believed that the Russians had used cluster bombs.
In response to a question on the construction of Syrian troops fighting Islamic state on earth efforts compare Warren between fighting in the northwest corner of Syria and the conflict in the east near the tenderness stronghold of the militant group.
Warren said that the large number of groups that are active in the northwest of the country more difficult to form a coalition, "effective ground force" there.
But the units to protect the Kurdish people and its allies, backed by coalition controls the period from Kobani to the border with Iraq, the region also began to crawl south toward the city of Raqqa.
In Hasaka province in the southeast of the country and the Warren highlighted the battle Shaddadi, a town located at the crossroads of east and tenderness roads controlled by between 400 and 600 fighters from the organization of the Islamic state. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights on Friday that forces including the People's Protection Units Kurdish seized control of the Shaddadi.
"Wrest control of this region means that we took on another part of the tenderness supply lines."

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