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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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One of the elements of state regulation: Daash suffers from a lack of weapons and the lack of fight



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One of the elements of state regulation: Daash suffers from a lack of weapons and the lack of fight

Post by rocky on Thu 25 Feb 2016, 3:43 am

[size=32]One of the elements of state regulation: Daash suffers from a lack of weapons and the lack of fighters[/size]

1:25:20 2.25.2016 |(Voice of Iraq) - Roudao - Arbil revealed a member of the organization Daash detainees, new details about the prisoners of the Peshmerga forces, and the conditions of the organization of the current Daash. And conducted Roudao network media interview with a detainee, Saad Suleiman Ali, where he confirmed that al Daash has lost a large number of elements.below is the text: Roudao: when engaged within the ranks of Daash? Saad: year 2014.Roudao: before the advent of Daash? Saad: Yes, before the advent of Daash?Roudao: How do you belong to Daash?Saad has been associated with Daash help of Persia Najib Allawi and Mazen senses Allawi.Roudao: with from you?Saad: I was with a bodyguard brave, nicknamed "mentor".Roudao: how much is your salary? Saad: 150 000 dinars.Roudao: Where was your training?Saad: in the training camps, located between Hawija and Riyadh.Roudao : How was camp?Saad camp is a farm or orchard.Roudao: what is the duration of the training? Saad: 40 days.Roudao: I was part of any force? Saad: raiding places.Roudao: who is your leader?Saad Khalid Abbush, aka as "Abu Walid."Roudao: Khaled Abbush of any area? Saad: from the Nahrawan area of Hawija.Roudao: what are the processes involved in?Saad participated in several operations including an attack the night fog, where they asked us to cross into Khanh oil .Roudao: What happened?Saad: before the attack they bombardment with mortars, and there were several types of heavy weapons placed above the vehicles, such as Alpikisa and Alarbeja, and the sniper.Roudao: are elements Daash Arabs and foreigners?Saad: Yes, elements of the Arabs and foreigners.Roudao and what happened?Saad: We crossed the water project, and some hid in the company after the arrival of the aircraft, but was captured 30 fighters of the Peshmerga forces.Roudao: Where are they taking the Peshmerga?Saad: They took all the behind the control of Khalid's office.Roudao: then, where headed and what happened?Saad: goalkeeper brave is the one who took them. Roudao: It was Parvguetkm?Saad: Fares Najib Allawi, and Mazen senses Allawi.Roudao: Where were transferred?Saad: to Hawija, then to Mosul.Roudao: when was this attack? Saad: the same night Blur. Roudao: what is the size of your losses in this attack? Saad: Our losses were great.Roudao: Where did you get the explosives?Saad: by Mazen senses Allawi, and Omar Ibrahim Izzo, and Gazzal Najib Allawi.Roudao : It was equipped with bombs wheels? Saad: the same people were preparing bombs wheels in the agriculture area. Roudao: Where is the agriculture area? Saad: in the Riyadh area. Roudao: from the murder? Saad: the killing is done by Abu Sumaya guard brave. Roudao who is Abu Sumaya? Saad Fahad Aday Huari.Roudao: How is murder?Saad: are killed fleeing the security forces from Mosul towards Kirkuk, was killed about 300 people, and buried in the trenches in the second of control.Roudao: and what about the Kurds Alazidiin?Saad: Kurdish Yazidis are being taken by the leaders.Roudao: all this time I was with Daash, how I came to Kirkuk? Saad sent me Fares Najib Allawi and Mazen senses Allawi to Kirkuk.Roudao: what is their position in Daash? Saad responsible for bombings and booby-trapping.Roudao: What do they ask you? Saad: they asked me to come to Kirkuk, they want to carry out bombings in Kirkuk.Roudao: how you came to Kirkuk? Saad: by Mount Hamrin and I was met by one person and drove me to Kirkuk.Roudao: Is there a secret groups affiliated to Daash in Kirkuk? Saad: Yes, there are secret groups in Kirkuk.Roudao: Is there a connection between them?Saad: Yes, there is contact them by phone, and they bought a car from the opposition was prepared for the bombing in the Shiite shrine district June 1, but because of difficulty of access to the place was stopped the wheel by the security forces, and they blew it up on emergency forces.Roudao: what is the status of the organization Daash now?Saad: now put the organization Daash different from the past, and is now undergoing the situation of weakness, because of Mosul break from Hawija and subjected to continuous shelling.Roudao: Did you say ammunition Daash? Saad: Yes I said ammunition, and the number of their members.Roudao: What about foreigners? elements Saad: there are foreign elements in the ranks of Daash, but may Gulwa are Mlhod.Roudao: Where is the stronghold Daash? Saad strongholds in Riyadh and Hawija, on farms and orchards, and some strongholds in the mountainous areas. Roudao: who is responsible strongholds?Saad Fahad Aday, known as "Abu Sumaya."Related Storiesfighter jets unknown bombed Daash positions in Sirte, Libyacut supply route Daash between Mosul and BaghdadSyria. .anaba Daash for the kidnapping of 400 civilians in Deir al-ZourAdd comment

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