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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Arab families trapped near Sinjar: Daash besieged villages and cutting off supplies Palmfajkhat



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Arab families trapped near Sinjar: Daash besieged villages and cutting off supplies Palmfajkhat

Post by rocky on Sat 27 Feb 2016, 3:46 am

Arab families trapped near Sinjar: Daash besieged villages and cutting off supplies Palmfajkhat

 BAGHDAD / Reuters 

More than 500 men and women live and children trapped between two worlds - I want them to leave with him and the second does not allow them Bdjulh.aly over three months lived those hundreds in no man 's land in thenorth of Iraq , stuck between the goalkeeper Kurdish forces fire on one hand and fighters of the organization Daash the other hand . 
and embodies the hook wider plight of Arabs find Sunnis themselves in the new system , which began toemerge from this conflict that has displaced millions and began to redraw the internal borders in both Iraq and Syria. 
and you want the outstanding group between the two fronts in the Sinjar area of Sunni Arabs to leave theorganization Daash but Kurds refuse to let them pass after he secured their region in the north and havebecome afraid to infiltrate their opponents through the ranks Nazhan.ovi telephone interviews with Reuters ,three men from the same village , including a elders said that if they returned Vstguetlhm Daash organization for trying to escape. And it stabilized the group almost 500 meters from the Kurdish sites and erected tents and dug makeshift trenches sheltering them when they are called fighters organize Daash mortar shells at Kurdish Peshmerga forces. 
He said farmer Mahmoud claims 48 - year - old "mortar better than hunger. Valmurtr you can hide from it but hunger does not disappear ". 
he said that the three children and an elderly woman had died because of the cold, malnutrition and lack ofmedical care in the winter months and two men were killed in a mine explosion. A number of members of thegroup that another child died during the birth last week. 
Some suffer from skin infections due to their inability to shower as to what they drank from the water wells in the no man 's land contaminated Therefore Arson containers to collect rainwater when it falls. 
In the first two months , the food was smuggled them from within the territory Daash but its fighters were booby - trapping smuggling route. 
the group now has become dependent on the largesse of the Arab tribes that live on the Kurdish side of thefront lines , and recently bought a basic rations Peshmerga fighters were allowed to pass by . And complements the group members their own food as possible from plants eaten grow around them. 
Sometimes fighters submit Peshmerga bread from their supplies for children among the displaced when wandering hungry until their dirt embankment, but say that they can not allow the passage of one across thefront line unless they receive orders so their leaders. 
he said their commander, named Jamal team's decision to determine the rule is not in his hand , but "both found in the area where there are terrorists dicey." 
in an interview with journalists in Geneva last week , spokesman urged on behalf of the United Nations Commission on human rights of the Kurdish authorities to ensure the safety of the group and access to basic humanitarian assistance. 
, said Rupert Colville , "If the Kurdish authorities on security concerns about a particular group must be met people on an individual basis in a safe and complete transparency site in accordance with the law." 
he added , "If you find any irregularities should be indicting responsible for them and prosecuted in accordance with the law. where are making sure that members of the individuals did not commit any crime and there are no legitimate security concerns to justify his continued detention or detention under the law must immediately release him or her. " 
and received the Kurdish region , about half of the 3.3 million Iraqis have been displaced from their homes within the country during which impose a heavy burden on the resources of the past two years. It is expected to increase the number when Kurdish forces attacked Daash in strongholds remaining. 
Remained this group of Iraqis stuck since its members fled from the village of rounds when Kurdish forces defeated Daash fighters and brought them out of the Sinjar area in November \ November last year. 
He says the displaced they even if they to return to their village . They fear they would be attacked by local Yazidis , who they accuse of colluding with committed Daash of atrocities against their community. 
Mahmoud said , "you know what he did Daash them? in their eyes any Arab (Sunni) either Daash or linked Bdaash." 
said Jabbar Yawar , Secretary - General of the Ministry of Peshmerga the whole village has sided with the Daash and perhaps the reaction of the Yezidis happen. 
Mahmoud said , "if one of us Daash to Oadinmah ourselves. each of us will launch a bullet to the head."

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