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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Army 6 km from Fallujah .. and Daash attacking the outskirts of Baghdad and Ramadi to decode the noo



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Army 6 km from Fallujah .. and Daash attacking the outskirts of Baghdad and Ramadi to decode the noo

Post by rocky on Mon 29 Feb 2016, 3:41 am

Army 6 km from Fallujah .. and Daash attacking the outskirts of Baghdad and Ramadi to decode the noose

 BAGHDAD / Wael blessing 

Despite the progress the army at a distance ofonly 6 km from the western entrance of Fallujah, but the storming of the city process is uncertain after. 
And look tip edit towns of western Anbar province, adjacent to the border with Syria and perhaps Sharqat spend north of Salahuddin, it is paramount, in preparation for critical battle in Mosul . Conversely warns observers from the lead military pressure on Fallujah, the two axes, to pay Daash to try to decipher the noose over the attack targets in Baghdad and Ramadi, as happened yesterday on the outskirts of Abu Ghraib District, west of the capital. 
He guessed officials in Anbar, recently, to postpone the storming of Fallujah process because understandings US with splinter parties for Daash within the city is trying to make a deal to ensure the entry of Iraqi forces without a fight. 
The words of the American Secretary of State, John Kerry, on Friday, to confirm that the restoration ofFallujah is not a priority for the international coalition. 
Kerry said during a hearing before the Foreign relations Committee Congress, said that " the international coalition managed through the exchange of intelligence information with the Iraqi army, the Liberation important regions , " noting that the next move would be toward the white city, before heading for theLiberation of Mosul. progression of Amiriyah Fallujah in turn revealed Mayor Fallujah Saadoun al - Shaalan, in atelephone interview with (range), " The joint forces advanced from the town of Amiriyah Fallujah to thewestern port of Fallujah , " he said , adding that " the troops stopped at the yellow school after it faced stiff resistance from Daash." He said Shaalan " The army in addition to the two regiments of Amiriyah Fallujah and the Fallujah police along with a crowd stopped at the Amiriyah area about 6 km from the entrance to Fallujah. " The joint forces, according to the local administrator, plans to get to the junction peace cozy rooms with all the yellow school but only 2 km. He adds Shaalan "But the troops met heavy gunfire from Daash, Vtamodat in that region after it freed a number of villages on the way." The combined forces managed to penetrate the Amiriyah Fallujah to Fallujah a distance of 7 km, and seized control of the Albu - Duaij region, and Albu Asi, the village walks. As usual paid Amiriyah Fallujah, which hosts more than 33 thousand displaced families from across Anbar, Daash bill , which bombed the town of about 100 missiles. and exposed Amiriyah Fallujah to "almost daily" attacks by Daash target market town and a camp for the displaced. But attacks have fallen significantly after the liberation of Ramadi, the end of last year. Do you come restore Fallujah? Conversely preparing another force from the army and the strength of the anti - terrorism Nuaimiya area, to the south, to attack Fallujah to coalesce with other attacking from the west force. And remember this plan scenario adopted by the security forces in the liberation of gray , when it was besieged Daash from several directions before the storming of the city. But Hamid al - Mutlaq, MP for Anbar and a member of the security committee of parliamentary, is that " the recent military moves toward Fallujah preliminary and not meant to break into Fallujah." He says al - Mutlaq (range) , " is not yet a date after the restoration of Fallujah. not now , at least." And stepped parties in Anbar and in Parliament claim, recently, the military command for theemancipation of Falluja, in conjunction with the reports of armed clashes between some residents and militants Daash. The adoption of a Sunni armed faction former Finance Minister Rafie al - Issawi, named (Hamas Iraq), two weeks ago, armed operations against Daash in Fallujah. in this context, confirms Amal Fahdawi, a member of the Anbar provincial council, said that "recent military progress toward Fallujah is to encircle the city at the moment and not the storm." He says Fahdawi (range), "There are no yet any clear military plan to attack Fallujah." He was a former security official in Anbar, he had said that " the military plans set by the American side , which determines the priority and point of attack." The malfunction Americans more than an imminent attack on the "Fallujah", try the popular crowd launched last summer. He said leaders in the crowd, when they approached the last year of Fallujah, that the United States asked them to leave the area and the trend to Baiji, north of Tikrit, before editing. Hit the closest battle the next , and after the liberation of the gray end of 2015, the local authorities began in Anbar are talking about an imminent attack on the western Anbar and not Fallujah. he says Farhan Mohammed, a member of the Anbar province, in an interview with the (range), that " the desire to go to the western Anbar , was aimed at easing thepressure on modern. " waging organize Daash, continuously, attacks on modern and hand - Baghdadi, from the Heat that resides proximity to the largest military base of thousands of US trainers. He said Farhan Mohammed" there are risks will hit civilians in Hit, because the city is the largest human gathering in Anbar after Ramadi and Fallujah. " Pointing out that "the existence of large numbers of people in the Heat may bedisplaced toward al - Baghdadi and Haditha." The faces of those towns humanitarian difficult circumstances for nearly two years because traditional methods with which it has with Baghdad interruption. And adopted parents to meet their needs of food and medicine, the airlift of ISD lot of need. The hosts Haditha District 2500 displaced families had fled, earlier, from the towns to the west of Anbar. Confirms MP Hamid al -Mutlaq, a member of the security committee of parliamentary Ban "there are ready to break into the white troops, but we do not know when it will happen." He announced Daash, two weeks ago, the Heat alarm status following the adjournment of unknown Iraqi flag on top of a building in the main streets of theeradication group. it is likely Mutlaq said "trying Daash attack targets in Baghdad or Ramadi , trying grab theattention of the joint forces to other areas to relieve the pressure on Fallujah. " but the MP for Anbar stresses that" the expected attacks will not be effective and will be on the outskirts of the cities , "stressing that" Daash will not be able to enter Baghdad or Ramadi again. "

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