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Machine and wage labor (The appearance of Mohammed Saleh)


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Saleh - Machine and wage labor (The appearance of Mohammed Saleh) Empty Machine and wage labor (The appearance of Mohammed Saleh)

Post by rocky on Wed 02 Mar 2016, 10:50 am

Machine and wage labor 

Author: d. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh

02/03/2016 0:00

Engaging the twentieth century in the dialectical relationship between the machine and income analysis and its impact on individual well - being and the level of growth of operating power Alaml.ccant Britain , the home of the Industrial Revolution is the first controversy station in dealing with the historical facts surrounding the evolution of real income Viha.vmund covenants communal production until the year 1750 did not double per capita income in Britain only once. 
while the Industrial Revolution brought growing per capita income in Britain between the years 1570 and 1850 to around three Mrat.otaazem income more than tripled between 1850 and 1975 .olm Astgn manufacturing and solo humanitarian work force at all on the contrary , it contributed technology to absorb the increase in manpower throughout the twentieth century. 
in spite of that, there is the finding of economists that the new era of automation of the third industrial revolution (computer revolution), which began since the eighties of the twentieth century, have made ​​real income for individuals taking horizontal paths different direction than was the case during the revolutions industrial cities first and Althanih.fajlal four decades past, the real income of the members could not keep up with the rising standard of living in the United States, Britain and even Germany itself. 
in America , it became a hard day 's conditioning of the individual budget of the real income of without resorting to debt or credit Almsrvi.olm experiencing real income levels in Britain and Germany , no real progress towards a rise Almmoos.oaaud reason for this, as Tahrh recent studies, to speed replacement of capital replaces labor through automation, adding to obtain capital the high stakes of high - income, and since the contract eighth of the last century, as we noted earlier, so it took a capital stake Baltaazem of global income over the deteriorating labor 's share of that income. 
attribute Frenchman Thomas Pictet economist at book Alshahyr- which was released in Paris year 2013- which came under the title: «capital in the atheist and the twentieth century», indicating that the decline in labor 's share of global income was the result of higher capital return rate of growth of the rate of growth in the GDP of the world. 
as did not know much economics professor Larry Summers , who served the post of US Treasury Secretary under President Bill Clinton in 1999, which focused its attention in the scientific article published in 2013 quoting the same title prior to the article adopted by the economy , the world of John Mainrd Keynes in 1930, which was titled: «economic possibilities for our grandchildren», as found Somers the unemployed workers in America trends between the ages of 25 to 54 years has risen from a single unemployed workers over twenty reciting a factor in the sixties of the last century to reach today 's one factor unemployed about every seven workers , housekeepers, making the work entered a permanent victim of the speed of automation capital in the atheist and the twentieth century . 
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