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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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For sedition tribal .. Daash deliberately publish the names and titles of the executor



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For sedition tribal .. Daash deliberately publish the names and titles of the executor

Post by rocky on Wed 02 Mar 2016, 5:39 pm

[size=37]For sedition tribal .. Daash deliberately publish the names and titles of the executors of operations[/size]

Private Aljornal-
 After each bombing get in the governorates of Iraq adopts a regulation Daash this incident .. organize Daash not regulation insignificant and should not be taken lightly .. After the events of Maridi market and Abu Ghraib and Muqdadiyah abounded Daash data that adopt these events but deliberately organized to publish photographs and names and titles of the perpetrators of the crime, these events come after the great victory achieved by the security forces in the western areas of Iraq and liberate it from his hand. 
 Worn out and proved days lie organize Daash who converted from welding for the year to an organization for the collection of royalties and the Organization mini-chaired by a handful of extremist groups of assets whose sole Baathist Sunnis General wars, they have no capacity to implicate them.
Security expert and analyst Hisham al-Hashimi told (Il Giornale) that "Daash failure of his administration to the sectarian strife in Iraq and turned to the events of sedition among the Iraqi tribes that are tougher than the sectarian strife."
 He added that "the deployment of Tzim Daash to name a crime Muqdadiyah port is a new style to spread sedition among clan-Badri and Bani Tamim tribe, which is not a little of her sons went into the incident number."
Hashemi said that "the investment in sectarianism has failed at various levels, Iraq is moving at an accelerated pace to achieve military victory over Daash not just in gray only, but will liberate Mosul as well."
Regarding the presence of sleeper cells and kegs to Daash said security expert Fadel Abu loaf that "the vine area is secured by shortening the Baghdad operations pose a threat to Baghdad and should be cleared as soon and due to the proximity of Fallujah, the great danger for the realignment of the Daash after the Big fracture he suffered."
He said Abu loaf's (Il Giornale) Tuesday (of March 2016) that "the Abu Ghraib area containing the pockets and eyes to organize Daash neighbor eliminated by the Brigade 24 stationed in the judiciary."

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