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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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World Tribune: Turkish mediators helping Daash cross-sell to customers Iraqi antiquities in Europe



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World Tribune: Turkish mediators helping Daash cross-sell to customers Iraqi antiquities in Europe

Post by rocky on Thu 03 Mar 2016, 3:30 am

World Tribune: Turkish mediators helping Daash cross-sell to customers Iraqi antiquities in Europe

 translation: Range 

After that the international coalition to put obstacles in front of other funding sources for Daash; take terrorists rely on the sale ofantiques and works of art that stealing from the areas they control, where they were able to collect millions of dollars from the sale ofartworks to expire in the hands of collectors monuments and artifacts in the West. 
Since the start the conflict in Syria in 2011, smuggling of Syrian cultural property ratio increased to 145% and the Iraqi to 61%, according to the US customs Service. 
through the use of intermediaries no qualms about the transfer of stolen property, managed Daash of collecting millions of dollars by trading Mounqouchet stone statues and gold . He said one of these intermediaries "I saw pieces sold $ 1.1 million, dating back to 8500 BC." 
He adds, he paid smugglers amounts tempting to get the artifacts , which are sold mostly in Western Europe, "traders Turks sell them to others in Europe, where the call them and send images comes people from Europe to inspect and audit the artifacts and then buy them. " 
Daash group does not only benefit from the smuggled antiquities, but also make a profit on the black market, the forces mounted a raid on a Daash leaders sites found a lot of special works of art records stolen.According to a report of the British Guardian "Buyers Westerners are buying antiquities and artifacts atdiscounted prices after passing thieves and smugglers , or middlemen, creating a greater incentive for looting and smuggling." 
Some materials show up on the auction site eBay Find of the , The Federal Bureau of Investigation issued awarning that the artifacts stolen shown in market. The report says the "secret investigations confirmed that the illegal substances up to buyers in Europe and the United States." 
Some collectors may justify this as "reserve" of stolen antiquities from Iraq and Syria because Daash destroyed much of the ancient historical sites of great importance. 
The report says "this justification ridiculous because raising effects of their ancient historical and transferred to private holdings without proper archaeological study, does not contribute anything in the historical record. " 
for their part , suggest legislators Americans and Europeans laws to limit the artifacts stolen flow, as stated in the report" should be aware of collectors antiques that there are risks other than legal sanctions. resale, materials that do not have the origin of the prices are (clear ownership of the record low.) 
and taken origin into account during the evaluation process; those with strong origin is usually sold at exorbitant prices. show that if the artwork stolen there may be blackout on what his name reduces its value and makes it subject to seizure. "

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