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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Edit Samarra Island believes "shrines" and deprives Daash of the strategic line of supply



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Edit Samarra Island believes "shrines" and deprives Daash of the strategic line of supply

Post by rocky on Sun 06 Mar 2016, 3:18 am

Edit Samarra Island believes "shrines" and deprives Daash of the strategic line of supply

 BAGHDAD / Wael blessing 

She finished editing the vast desert region in the west of Samarra fears of a "scenario" as long as everyone is worried in Iraq. The arrival Daash to the religious sensitivity of Samarra, targeting the holy shrines threaten theoutbreak of sectarian violence once again , such as those occurred in the military 2006.alamlah which started the beginning of March current and achieved their goals in record time, according to the leaders of the popular crowd, may be set aside Samarra and other towns in Salahuddin exposure to attacks missiles or bombs , car ,which starts from Samarra Island. 
also paved battle west of Samarra attack on the western Anbar way or Mosul, because of the supply ofstrategic insurgent line interruption connects those areas. this 
coincides with the approach of military forces in Anbar to break into the "Heat", where he is expected to be the attack of the two axes, while fears of civilian casualties in the upcoming battle show, especially that "Daash" imposes tough conditions for the exit of the population of the city. 
he said Abu Mahdi Mohandes, deputy chief of the popular crowd, in a press Emtemr Thursday, he "was edited Samarra Island fully completed basic and important base for Doaash that was threatening the cities ofSamarra and Tikrit , "noting that" this island base starting key in different directions linking Ramadi , Anbar and Mosul and Kirkuk. " 
He added the engineer that" the next few weeks separate us from the liberalization spend Sharqat of terrorists Daash , "referring to " the contribution of the popular crowd in securing important areas and paid athreat from the capital , Baghdad." the 
 end of a terrifying scenario , in 
turn leading tribal near Tikrit that says "edit west of Samarra has removed a great danger was threatening thecities of Salah al - Din," adding that "those coming in the region militarily before the spread of Daash in thesummer of 2014 ". 
He says Lyons mighty, in a telephone interview with the (range), that" the Tikrit and Samarra and hand flag was permanently exposed to rocket attacks launched from the area of the island. " But he stresses the "Today ended this thing became cities and background of military units safe from Daash." 
The attention of the mighty that "Daash he was collecting his fighters on that island and attacked the cities ofSalahuddin province." 
Confronted security forces, before more than two decades under the former regime, problems relating to theextension of its control over the sprawling region, which turned after 2003 into a training camp for al - Qaeda militants then Daash later. 
refers mighty, who leads the "mighty Umayyad forces" in the east of Tikrit, that "Samarra island became fully liberated , " noting that "pushing Daash from that region ended the fear of targeting a Shiite shrine in Samarra, after it was a matter of concern for all." 
the qualitative attack in the city of Samarra, three days before the fall of Mosul , however Daash in June 2014 before, had launched from those areas. And then was able to organize militants control of the city for 20 hours before deciding to withdraw Mnha.ohristit city of Samarra defensive line is hundreds Alkleomtrut city isdominated by five outlets can infiltrate "Daash." And begins to block the line of blather basin up to 30 km above the hand Chinh, even the Valley attended, South Almousel.otdm Peninsula area some distant villages abandoned by most of the people who used to work planting wheat after the control of al Qaeda after the fall of Saddam in 2003. 
He disclosed deputies Salahuddin recently, that more than 5,000 people have been displaced from the area due to military operations against al (Daash). They also predicted that upgrade their competencies regarding up to 20 thousand displaced people. 
 Operation to restore Hit 
contrast aim of the military operation in the west of Samarra to cut strategic supply line, narrows Daash movement in three provinces, namely: Salahuddin, Anbar and Mosul. Which likely starting close to the Heat military operation, in western Anbar. 
And are also expected new he married a wave in those densely populated areas with a military operation starting point. 
She says the names of al - Ani, a member of the Anbar province in an interview with the (range), " Thecamps displaced stomach to receive the white population and a leap in the coming days will not be enough for the number of people expected to flee from these areas. " 
The estimated Ani , the presence of tens of thousands of families and 80 thousand displaced families among them from Ramadi and Fallujah and other towns of western Anbar. The Heat last cities that fell to the Daash in the western strip of the province. 
Confirm the Anbar provincial council member , he said "most of the families in the Heat had been surprised toenter Daash to her hometown , " arguing that it shares preventing residents from leaving the city with theexception of very few families number. 
Expects local charge that " the attack begins to restore the Heat and leap next week of the two axes." Ani and wishes that the attack "out of the cities to reduce human losses that can occur because of the difficulty out of the population." 
Addressed to the civilian messages 
Iraqi government has opened camps in the hand , al - Baghdadi, meet, and seven kilometers near Ramadi.But al - Ani said "people can not get out easily, Fdaash impose the amount of two million dinars on every person who wants to leave the Heat, while most of them without salaries for many months." 
He called the Joint Operations Center at the base (Ain al - Assad), in Anbar province on Friday, residents spend Hit to "capture" their homes and the processing of official archives for each member of the family. 
the center said in a statement addressed to the people of Hit, it "will participate in the liberation of many kinds of valiant armed forces, including the anti - terrorism forces and the wilderness of the Iraqi army and the forces of the Federal police and the sons of the tribes of Anbar province and intelligence cells and thecombat of the first faction intelligence located in the city of Hit until the moment in addition to the support of the international coalition of the air Force and the Special task tasks and US Airborne Division. " PCHR calls upon the people of hand Levantine "not to transit and stay in the destination island and vice versa, not toobey and trust Bdaash terrorist as he tries to broadcast to spread terror and fear and stay away from any form of rallies , " calling on young judiciary "not to be in non - family dwellings." 
The media cell Harbi had announced the beginning of March current, throwing air force planes spend thousands of leaflets on the western Anbar Hit preparedness asking them for "hour of salvation . " the Daash may impose a state of alert in Hit, last month, following the adjournment of unknown Iraqi flag on the tallest building in the group the most important streets of the judiciary. 
the MP for the Anbar Muhammad Karbouli " the importance of freeing the Heat after gray decode the noose on the modern." 
He explained Karbouli, in connection with the (range), " the Heat is ready to receive the liberated forces, which is on the edge of a popular uprising." 
confirms Member of the parliamentary security committee to "edit pave the Heat for the Liberation ofwetlands and open the closed border crossings to re - trade with neighboring countries."

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