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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Daily Star: build-up toward Mosul weaker progress in Ramadi and allowed Daash hacked Abu Ghraib



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Daily Star: build-up toward Mosul weaker progress in Ramadi and allowed Daash hacked Abu Ghraib

Post by rocky on Sun 06 Mar 2016, 3:21 am

Daily Star: build-up toward Mosul weaker progress in Ramadi and allowed Daash hacked Abu Ghraib

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Officials praised the progress made ​​by thegovernment forces in a military operation aimed at expelling fighters Daash of animportant region north of the capital Baghdad.
On Tuesday, Iraqi forces launched with thesupport of the air force and the forces of thepopular crowd, a new offensive to restore adesert area sprawling outside the city of Samarra , a 95 km north of the capital aimed at cutting Daash supply lines and strengthen its grip on the city of Mosul. 
he says Lieutenant - General Hamid al - Maliki, the commander of the Iraqi air force in a video distributed bythe Ministry of Defence "We have achieved great success, where government forces have advanced more than expected" and praised the troops the popular crowd because they play a big role with the security forces.
he said Sabah al - Numan, a spokesman for the anti - terrorism forces, extremists sent seven car bombs , but the security forces were able to destroy them before they reach the goals was also bombed two centers of insurgency and restore Station the same time, the United Nations said the ongoing violence has killed at least 670 Iraqis in February , more than half of them civilians. In a statement issued last Tuesday, theUnited Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) said the number of civilian deaths totaled 410, including the dead , police and civil defense forces and personal protections. The rest of the understanding of thesecurity forces , including the Kurdish Peshmerga and the popular crowd. 
She said 1,290 people have been wounded , including 1,050 civilians. It was more affected by the capital Baghdad areas where the civilian death toll reached 277 and wounded 838. 
The United Nations , citing local health authorities said at least four civilians were killed and 126 others wounded in Anbar province , but were unable to verify the numbers precisely because of the situation on theground volatility and interruption of services. In the month of January the total death toll at 849 and theinjured in 1450 amounted to at the very least. 
Said Jan Kubis, Special Representative of the United Nations in Iraq , in a statement, "is still this conflict leaves a large number of civilian casualties and this is troubling and frustration, innocent civilians who pay theprice in this conflict. " 
in another aspect According to the military and local officials, the leaders of the attacks by al Daash months ago in and around Baghdad can be a sign of stress Iraqi forces after he made ​​a great effort in restoring theareas controlled by the organization , such as Baiji, Ramadi end of the year the past. 
but the government 's determination to move north to the stronghold Daash in Mosul hinders consolidating thegains achieved by the army north and east of Ramadi. 
commanders say that this allows for fighters Daash to re - assemble and to continue sending weapons to thedepth of "succession" to Fallujah and Karmah west of the capital. 
the two suicide bombings in Baghdad O'Dea Sadr city killed 78 people, as Daash group claimed responsibility for the attack on the sites of police and the military in the Abu Ghraib area claimed the lives of 24 of thesecurity forces and allowed extremists to control the silo of grain for hours. 
Iraqi officials and a spokesman for the international coalition says the attacks in Baghdad was the target including raising the morale of radicals after losing in Ramadi , two months ago. 
but these attacks raise questions about the security situation in the capital and about the government 's ability to move toward Mosul during the current year without allowing the occurrence of other areas under thecontrol of Daash. 
nearest Daash sites to Baghdad is Falluja , 50 km to the west and besieged by Iraqi troops in months. There are continuing attacks Sunday managed to breach military defenses there and in the nearby area of the vine according to officials. 
He says two officers of the Iraqi army near Ramadi , said a lack of troops has slowed progress army crawl on the outskirts of the eastern and northern city. Most of the elite forces of the fight against terrorism, which was the spearhead in the seizure of the city, have been moved to other places and replace less efficient than the army and police units. 
He says a colonel from the band ninth "After taking gray, receded military operations and that was a tactical error allowed the fighters Daash to regain their breath and regroup again. We need more reinforcements to fill the vacuum left by the fight against terrorism forces if we want to Nadim momentum. " He 
also criticized Colonel government 's decision to mobilize hundreds of troops in southern Mosul drunk, says , " We need all the troops to expel the left pockets Daash from the surrounding gray rural areas. this call floundering army. " 
for his part, Major General Yahya Messenger, a spokesman for the Iraqi army, that Iraq had enough troops for operations on several fronts , " did not neglect anything, everything is planned. there are leadership joint operations and planning committee comprising senior officers qualified and we are working according to plans. " 
However, according to Faleh al - Issawi, deputy head of the Anbar provincial council, the attack Abu Ghraib should be a red flag for the government to reconsider the security situation in the capital. He says , "When the Islamists took control Daash the area about 15 minutes ' drive from the capital, it means that there is animbalance serious security should be addressed." 
During this month , authorities said they were rearranges checkpoints and closing the gaps in the vicinity of the capital in an attempt to prevent further attacks by militants . 
security officials for the attack at Abu Ghraib, said the militants had infiltrated into the area from the vine and Fallujah users suitable terrain wheels so they can dusty roads of conduct to avoid detection by Iraqi forces tothem. 
the managed security forces to regain control of Abu Ghraib on Sunday evening , including the silo grain and cemetery remained where fighters Daash for several hours. 
it is believed al - Issawi and a Commerce Department officials said the attack was motivated by a desire Daash in capturing the Granaries in order to provide food, but failed to do so. 
Lt. Col. Fadel Muhammadawi said later the army gunmen on Monday in the rural areas at Abu Ghraib insearch of cells sleeping doubtful participation in the attack. 
says Colonel Christopher Garver, a spokesman for the international coalition, he said that local leaders areright in the maintenance of their attention recently liberated territory. But he added that planning to take these concerns into account, and that the coalition trained so far two thousand fighters from Anbar police to be fishplates of the land in the gray power. 
He added that the Iraqi government's decision to free a way to rally their limited resources to advance towards Mosul.

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