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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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ABC News: air missions will be the toughest battle with the launch of Mosul



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ABC News: air missions will be the toughest battle with the launch of Mosul

Post by rocky on Tue 08 Mar 2016, 2:40 am

[ltr]ABC News: air missions will be the toughest battle with the launch of Mosul[/ltr]

 Since 03/07/2016 22:46 pm (Baghdad time)
[ltr]Translation balances News[/ltr]
[ltr]Exclusively through a program "This Week" across the network (ABC News) participated Martha Raddatz famous in the transfer of a report on the military operations of television correspondent on board the aircraft carrier (Harry Truman), to confirm it from there after meetings with pilots and military leaders that the overflights American will be the toughest with the launch of Mosul editing process.[/ltr]
[ltr]The huge aircraft carrier and that swim in the Arabian Gulf is home to more than 5,000 component of US sailors and is equippedwith hundreds of precision - guided weapons, which constitutes an important and strategic location in the heart of the battle against Daash.[/ltr]
[ltr]Says Admiral Bret Batchelder , who leads the carrier mission on board the aircraft carrier, "After the Paris attacks, and I think there was a slight increase in the aggressive world," adding , "We've had a constant stream of tasks since we got here, where sorties survey flown to Iraq Syria every day. "[/ltr]
[ltr]Raddatz has seen during its coverage of the on - board the aircraft carrier one of those sorties since the beginning until the end, in one of the rare operations launched by the pilots of the fighters hit targets background regulation.[/ltr]
[ltr]Two of these pilots are Captain John Heltz and Lieutenant Charles Ekoaar They logged hundreds of hours of combat.[/ltr]
[ltr]ABC News that the network says their mission is to target oil pipeline in a remote area in eastern Syria, an effort that aims to paralyze the financial resources to organize Daash.[/ltr]
[ltr]And stresses that " the tasks carried out all the missions one , " while Admiral Batchelder he explains , "It 's a team game lasts theentire intelligence network, it takes the entire flight deck, and then get down to the level of a swarm of air flight crew in combat missions."[/ltr]
[ltr]Tayran John Heltz and Charles Ekoaar describes how Asoban carry her plane from missiles and shells towards the goals "extreme rush during the night makes the eyes are focused to all parties to carry out air tricks are all in the dark and you have to rely on your training to be able to focus on those goals."[/ltr]
[ltr]He adds network "pilots landed safely on the deck, and meet with Raddatz seconds after landing to tailor sortie weather reports in this task.[/ltr]
[ltr]The network confirms that "after the army moved to try to restore the major cities, such as Mosul, Daash under control, the danger will increase."[/ltr]
[ltr]It ended 29/35 b[/ltr]


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