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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Necessities of keeping the earth stop progress toward a modern, practical and imminent to storm the



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Necessities of keeping the earth stop progress toward a modern, practical and imminent to storm the

Post by rocky on Wed Mar 09, 2016 5:25 am

Necessities of keeping the earth stop progress toward a modern, practical and imminent to storm the Heat and leap

 BAGHDAD / Wael blessing 

The joint forces were forced to stop at about 50 kilometers before proceeding to lift thesiege of the modern city from the west of Baiji. He attributed the popular crowd, which isstrongly involved in these battles, operations because of the breadth of the desert region liberated just crashes, and the need for some time to catch theground. 
But a leader of one faction of the crowd said that the troops ' mission in the west of Salahaddin not include access to Fallujah, but stop at blather. 
Flushing operations with the arrival of pieces of anti - terrorism device to cleanse the north of gray areas and the island of Khalidiya to reach the northwest Fallujah areas. Iraqi forces are still thread walking southwest of the city from a distance. On the 
other hand the joint forces began by first steps to break into the Heat, spend that suggest military sources it could start within the next week. 
Currently spin fighting in "Znkurh" area northwest of Ramadi, which is expressing whatever direction Hit spend.break the siege of modern and announced by the Secretary General of the Badr Organization , Hadi al -Ameri, on Monday, stopped all break the siege of Haditha District operations. Attributing this to "no possibility of keeping roads and areas liberated by the security forces." He added Ameri "was supposed to play thepopular crowd forces liberated the road to the modern and areas adjacent to the judiciary, and after theliberation of these methods hold of the security forces, to be editing complete toward modern. " He continued Ameri said" the inability of the security forces of the maintenance of the land and the liberated areas, preventing break the siege of modern ". Pedroh says Karim al - Nuri, a spokesman for the popular crowd and leader of the Badr Organization, he said that" forces approached from modern through by Peggy distance 45 km. " He denied Nouri existence of political pressures or international behind stopped operations in the west ofSamarra. He said in an interview with the (range) to "stop came to meet the continued battle accessories. Vast region and freed a few days ago and we need to arrangements for the maintenance of the ground."Began the joint forces are taking defensive positions and creating lines repel the fear of infiltration of militants into the liberated areas again. Liberalized joint forces , in just 72 hours, an area of vast extended west ofSamarra to Lake Thar Thar of more than five thousand square km. , said Abu Mahdi Mohandes, deputy chief of the popular crowd, last week, said he "was edited Samarra island fully completed basic and important base for Doaash that It was threatening the cities of Samarra and Tikrit , "noting that" this island base starting key in different directions linking Ramadi , Mosul and Kirkuk. " confirms the supervisor of the Saraya Al Jihad, a faction of the popular crowd, that" islands of Samarra and Tikrit are 100% secure. " explained Hassan sarees, (range), that " the west of Samarra process limits expire to Lake Tharthar, not the goals to lift the siege of the modern." preliminary battles toward the Heat finished editing the vast desert region in the west ofSamarra fears of a "scenario" as long worried everyone in Iraq. The arrival Daash to the city of Samarra, religious sensitivity, and the targeting of the holy shrines was raised fears of sectarian violence once again ,such as those seen in Iraq in 2006 and set aside the military operation, which began early this March, and hasachieved its goals in record time, Samarra and other towns in Salahuddin exposure the rocket attacks or booby - trapped car , which starts from these areas. the paved battle west of Samarra, the way to attack the western Anbar and Mosul, in view of its success to cut off the supply of strategic insurgent line connecting those areas. the combined forces began in the north of gray preliminary battles towards the restoration of"Heat" grip " Daash. " confirms Ghassan Ithawi, a leader in mobilizing Anbar, (range) that" strong battles now taking place in Znkurh area in the northwest of Ramadi , "likely edit the area within a few hours. the town" Znkurh "is a 10 km all spend Heat. And suggest the names of al - Ani, a member of the Anbar provincial council, said that " the attack begins to restore the Heat and leap next week of the two axes." Established bylocal authorities in Anbar camps in anticipation of the exodus of the Heat and a leap in the coming days inorder to avoid fights. The estimated Ani , the presence of tens of thousands of families, among them 80 A displaced families from Fallujah and Ramadi and other towns of western Anbar. The Heat last cities that fell to the Daash in the western strip of the province. Besieged Fallujah in another security context, the joint forces closer to the north east of Ramadi complete cleansing areas, acidic, Albu Bali, and Albu Obaid, with the arrival of pieces of anti - terrorism forces. He says Ithawi , who resides in 25 days in those areas with troops along the tenth division of the army and police of Anbar, they "killed 13 foreign militants and an Arab from Daash during the past two days , tried to attack the troops of one of the houses in the acidic region." leader of the clan, who posted photos on his page in Facebook, near the bodies of the elements Daash, confirming "the existence of a number of suicide bombers and car mined , which is still armed keep them for later use in attacking the joint forces." the aim of the military operation in the north - east of Ramadi to edit Khalidiya island entirely until the Japanese bridge near Saqlawiya, north - west Fallujah. This area is strategically pathway for the flow of insurgents from Fallujah toward Ramadi.

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