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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Telegraph: Daash faces an uprising in Anbar .. and assassinations dogged in Fallujah and Hit



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Telegraph: Daash faces an uprising in Anbar .. and assassinations dogged in Fallujah and Hit

Post by rocky on Wed 09 Mar 2016, 3:27 am

Telegraph: Daash faces an uprising in Anbar .. and assassinations dogged in Fallujah and Hit

 translation term 

Over nearly a year since the last victory for Daash, but today suffers from assassinations and unrest and a military defeat and exposed a great loss and witnessed the killing of theirleaders at the hands of disgruntled in controlled areas. 
Began controlled Daash areas of western Iraq will rise up in the time it began to decline and is subject to theblockade on the hands of government forces. In the city of Fallujah Daash forced to quell the rebellion began arguing that otherwise the queue for bread and spread to three other areas and ended up with a series of executions. 
In the Heat ruled Gaood, a clan elders Albu Nimr exposed to massacres at the hands of Daash and fighting men along with the Americans and the forces said government, that soon he assassinated six Daash officials in the city , all of them foreigners to avenge a personal insult suffered, and managed to escape. 
Tales difficult to verify as the Daash prevents citizens from leaving the city, but they are consistent with thetales told by Syrian refugees who have confirmed that Daash intervenes each daily life of the inhabitants of the details as well as the growing need to recruit local fighters , causing an escalation of discontent. Gaood says , "They exceed the families and harass women, and want to marry each woman like." 
Fallujah is a different case, it was famous for its support for the insurgency since it rose up against theAmerican and British occupation in 2004, and was the first city welcomes the return Daash in 2013. But even Fallujah turn today on Daash, as Qaimmqamha Issa al - Issawi, who is currently in Baghdad. He says ,"Today wandering fighters Daash in the city, carrying weapons after they were previously out without him." 
Iraqi forces have surrounded the city from all sides after it regained the Iraqi army Ramadi end of last year, and that was the happiest Western coaches who say that their efforts to re - military change rehabilitation of the Iraqi army had begun to bear fruit. Issawi said that the food is very low in the city and signed deaths as aresult of hunger. Daash No one is allowed to go out of the city - which is home to 60-70 thousand people. 
And try two men to leave the city to Baghdad for treatment of diabetes but Daash not been allowed to Vetovia result was what caused the surge of emotions, according to Sheikh Imad Jeraisy. 
As a man with standing in a queue to buy bread in the Golan region argue with two Daash fighters at thebakery, and ended up with a knife Btanhma Afqatlah in front of people. Jeraisy clan runs a lot of shops in thecity , a disgruntled because of taxes imposed by the extremists. Shortly afterwards , other men took to thestreets carrying weapons and began attacking Daash fighters. 
Toll varies from one person to another; says Sheikh Al - Jeraisy said 25 of Daash fighters were killed as well as several local men , while others say that the losses do not exceed the fingers. 
But many argue that fighting spread to two other fighters before taking control of the situation Daash. He says al - Issawi said Daash arrested nearly 100 men were eight of them execution. 
Despite talk of an imminent attack on Mosul, Few expect the restoration of the city later this year. 
He says Ahmed al - Asadi, a spokesman for the popular crowd, said Fallujah can be restored easily and quickly in the case of a politician that decision, the crowd forces have made ​​in recent weeks to Baghdad ,Mosul road and took control last week on the large areas of the desert in just three days. 
but al - Asadi said the troops prevented from Fallujah, because the Americans pressured the government to use the regular army and the tribesmen only in the attack. 
He adds , spokesman for the crowd , "We are ready to liberate Fallujah now." The Western alliance is still insisting that Anbar and Nineveh Sthrarhama official government forces and local fighters.

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