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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The Independent: The Daash 20 thousand fighters in Iraq and 50 thousand of supporters



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The Independent: The Daash 20 thousand fighters in Iraq and 50 thousand of supporters

Post by rocky on Wed 09 Mar 2016, 3:29 am

The Independent: The Daash 20 thousand fighters in Iraq and 50 thousand of supporters

 Translation: Ahmed Alaa 

It seems that al Daash past to launch bombings chilling Group, months ago , Iraqi security forces discovered a plot to blow up the city of Kadhimiya. The beginning was when he spent militants Daash first month ofwatching checkpoints and searching for weaknesses, and then sent a woman to one of the checkpoints to consider and verify the weaknesses and see up close the situation there but without carrying explosives as well as to check its security elements. 
Shortly thereafter, I sent this woman again and was carrying a toy for children under her abaya did not stop them one or MI by virtue of it 's a familiar face, then he Daash the same task, but this time the woman was suicidal and that is what has not noticed men checkpoint. 
entered suicide Kadhimiya city and blew herself up , killing the largest number of people who were mean tovisit the holy shrine. But fortunately, the Iraqi security forces had received some intelligence information detailed and managed to arrest the bombing team, who explained in detail the bombing complex and how toprepare for it , which was the result of a mixture of fanaticism and experience carried out by militants Daash of terrorist acts in Iraq. 
Safa Hussein al - Sheikh , deputy national security adviser, one of the security officials , most experienced and calmer spoke to British newspaper the Independent, about the difficulty of stopping Daash and plans that areslaughtered civilians. 
during the ten days, which was the report 's author , Patrick Cockburn, in Iraq, two suicide bombers blew themselves up at a mosque in the Shiite district of Shula , which killing at least 15 people and wounded 73 others, as well as another attack adopted by militants Daash in the district of Abu Ghraib , west of Baghdad ,using suicide bombers and vehicles with heavy machine guns. the 
purpose of Daash attacks, is to hide his failure on the battlefield, and that the security situation Alrkik sharpens differences between Sunnis and Shiites, and forcing the Sunni community to look at it like a defense of their rights. 
adviser Safaa Sheikh, says that "Daash is weak than it was, especially after losing large tracts of land, themost important province of Salahuddin, but that does not mean they are completely defeated, Vamuslhon ranging groomed between 20 to 30 thousand are regulars, equivalent to the figure the Special forces in theconventional armies, as well as armed non - key sectors supporters ranging groomed between 40 to 50 thousand who are less trained and committed to the ideology. " 
when Daash replace losses characteristic of recruiting militants in its ranks, but he can not yet recruiting foreign militants who are the heart of military effectiveness, according to the adviser Sheikh. 
according to Iraqi security sources, said that about 85% of the militants Daash are Iraqis, and the preparation of jihadist foreign limited them credit for many of the advances gained by the organization in period years. 
speaks Iraqi security officials in Baghdad, to exclude liberation of Mosul and focus mainly on addressing thepolitical and military problems, though the targets are available to them now is to restore Hawija and Sharqat south of Mosul. 
adviser Sheikh says that a long road to regain Mosul, noting that even the Sunni uprising against al - Qaeda in 2006 and 2007 , Mosul has not affected and remained the city is home to militant cells, and in this case, the Daash will not be defeated decisively as long as he has a strategic depth in Syria. 
torch bombings and fear of the collapse of the Mosul Dam, breaking the mood in Baghdad seemed more edgy For long street felt despair of failure to address security breaches at a time when people are looking to live asecure life , which departed long ago. 
Daash now is not on the verge of defeat , despite its decline and weakness in the massive attack on Baghdad like the one happened in 2014, as he believes Sheikh, the most serious crisis facing Iraq is not military but economic and political, because the money the country are running out because of lower oil prices and theweakness of the government. 
I have been targeting people in Baghdad by suicide bombers since 2003, but until recently they had anincrease in revenues oil, and this situation continues , even in the height of the sectarian war. But today thegovernment seems incapable of paying seven million Iraqis who spend on them about four billion dollars per month salaries. 
Private sector in Iraq is largely a parasite and is not effective against general government investment projects, she says a woman from Karbala is responsible for the education sector about what if the payment of staff salaries of teachers for the month of February , or not? They replied , "We are checking this thing a day, not on a monthly basis from the bank, because he does not have sufficient liquidity." In 
fact there is an atmosphere of panic affects the people of Baghdad on the financial crisis which has been going through it, so they start looking for alternatives, slight rises in oil prices, remained citizen reluctant tobuy properties that have remained high, and cars as well. This is the case of growing up an economic disaster if the government refrained from paying salaries. 
This prompted the case Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al - Sadr to demonstrate at the entrance to the Green Zone , to put an end to government corruption and the replacement of the current government of technocrats ministerial cabin. But even if that happens, it does not solve the problem that the government suffer from a lack of money.

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