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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Near Fallujah from Baghdad, threatening the population: Why can not the Iraqi forces from the libera



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Near Fallujah from Baghdad, threatening the population: Why can not the Iraqi forces from the libera

Post by rocky on Fri 11 Mar 2016, 7:00 am

[size=32]Near Fallujah from Baghdad, threatening the population: Why can not the Iraqi forces from the liberalization of the capital of the first Daash?[/size]

09:24:52 11.3.2016 |(Voice of Iraq) - near Fallujah from Baghdad threatens its inhabitants: Why can not the Iraqi forces from theliberalization of the capital of thefirst Daash?Mustafa Habib |Baghdad , despite the success of thearmy and Shiite factions in theliberation ofseveral cities to organize "Daash" in recent months, most notably Tikrit and Baiji, Ramadi, but failed to edit very close to the city of Baghdad ,Fallujah, what is the reason? In "Subaihat" area on the outskirts of the city ofFallujah spreads soldiers of thefirst Division of the Iraqi army in an attempt to break into this city that is thecapital of "Daash" first in Iraq, and months of battles Capt . Qassim al -Tamimi a first Division deployed in thevicinity ofFallujah officers suffering with thesoldiers of thedifficulty of thebattle. He says Capt . Qasim's "talk" " the battle of Fallujah isdifferent from all the battles waged by the Iraqi army against Daash because of population geographical factors benefiting Daash to protect Fallujah while we suffer from thedifficulty of thebattle." Fallujah is the first cities overrun by "Daash" in Iraq, and occupied in January (January ) 2014, before thecontrol of the city of Mosul innorthern Iraq , six months, and because of theclose distance between Baghdad and Fallujah (60 km) can "Daash" threatening Baghdad and civil airport. and share the first unit of the army 'smilitary tasks around Fallujah with regiments of the X band and band - eighth band ( 17) and abrigade of "Baghdad operations command," as well known as the"popular crowd" and most notably the organization "Badr" and "League of theRighteous" and "nujaba movement" and "Saraya construction jihad" Shi'ite factions, but all ofthese forces hasbeen unable to edit Fallujah ,said Capt .Qassim. and thenumber ofelements "Daash" in Fallujah , said Capt . Qassim said intelligence reports confirm the presence ofabout (2000) element , half of them foreign fighters, and possess (500) military vehicle stolen from thearmy after the fall of Mosul, and they are now Bhacoha withexplosives and detonated If the military tried toprogress. during the past several months the Iraqi government managed to free three major cities less than those forces which Tikrit (170 km north ofBaghdad), Peggy (230 kilometers )north of Baghdad, and Ramadi (110 km west ofBaghdad), but you can not edit Fallujah , which is only (60 km )west of Baghdad.after the success of the army in theliberation ofRamadi , five weeks ago, military commanders said they werepreparing to liberate Fallujah, but then backed away from it because of themany difficulties.He says Vice chairman of Anbar province ,Faleh al - Issawi's "talk" that " thebattle to liberate Fallujah need long time thebiggest and preparations, as they differ from the rest of thecities, and that thearmy decided toprepare now for the Liberation of the city west ofRamadi , Hit and not of Fallujah."controlled "Daash" on (80) percent of Anbar space occupies ( 6) large cities (based, Rawah, Anah, Hit, Fallujah, wet), and (9) small cities , namely , ( a jumper, al -Obeidi, newborn, turbine, vine, leap, Euphrates, Saqlawiyah, a meal), while thegovernment isdominated only the two major cities are "modern" and "gray", and (5) small cities (Amiriyah Fallujah, al -Baghdadi, Habbaniyah, Nukhayib, Haqlaniyah). He says al - Issawi also "everyone knows that thebattle of Fallujah would be different, because Daash defended fiercely and did not security forces are able for months to access it, as there arethousands oftrapped residents inside the city and must be protected. " the army complete liberalization eastern gray zones" of Albu Bali "and" Po slaves "and" acidic "and" Khalidiya Island "before thinking to go around Fallujah, says al -Issawi. , says theIraqi government and military leaders that thearmy "popular crowd" besieging Fallujah in full, and assert that Baghdad hasbecome completely safe from "Daash", but the attack by "Daash" on "Abu Ghraib , " west ofBaghdad area in ( 28) last month, it was revealed to everyone that Baghdad is still in danger. he wasable "Daash" sneak from Fallujah to the"Abu Ghraib" andeasily broke into a warehouse for grain and food in this region and transferred to Fallujah without that security forces can prevent it , how did this happen? And where security forces were?Geographic and demographic factors owns Fallujah geopolitical and military important site, located within (60 ) west of Baghdad, is considered a link between Baghdad and the rest of thecities of al -Anbar, lies on thethree governorates ofBaghdad, Babil, Karbala limits, where an international road associated with Jordan and this iswhat gives "Daash" great strength and make him defend it fiercely. and different geographical nature of Fallujah from the rest of the cities liberated by the security forces as it is arural area of ease of disappearances and to sneak in, and linked toFallujah with Baghdad over adense agricultural roads may not security forces secured says Abdullah Halbusi one tribal Fallujah, currently located in Baghdad.Halbusi says for "debate" that "Daash made ​​from small towns surrounding Fallujah battle ground against the SPLA and thecrowd, these cities include dozens of farming villages associated with Baghdad directly and without acomma limits and it used Daash to infiltrate Baghdad at any time. " the vine , the most important around Fallujah city, and said army troops in April 2015 launch a military operation called" the dawn of thevine "to control it but failed to doso, and killed and wounded dozens of soldiers at thehands of " Daash " in it. The problem is that few military vehicles can not enter into muddy farm roads, while the army feared doing foot patrols because" Daash "The hunt troops across theimprovised explosive device and snipers. He says Halbusi that" there are rural roads stretching from the villages ,"Ibrahim bin Ali "and" Bour "and" Subaihat "north of Fallujah to theTaji area in Baghdad, and villages , " Zoba "and" Zaidan "east of Fallujah to the " Abu Ghraib , "west ofBaghdad, and theshovels and structures areas in the Fallujah area to Yusufiya area south of Baghdad . " . in spite of theproliferation ofthousands ofsoldiers and elements of the"popular crowd" in these villages, but they can not prevent the"Daash" sneak to Baghdad, because "Daash" has experience in thenature of this agricultural land with the help ofsome locals, while the army does not possess and "crowd People "any experience where they are coming south of thecountry and does not work with them , local residents, says Halbusi. Another difficulty facing the liberalization of Fallujah is that the government does not have local allies within the city to take advantage ofthem in intelligence, unlike the city ofRamadi that was edited late themonth of January (January) the past because the clans allied with thegovernment foryears. and when the army launched amilitary operation to restore gray there are clans ,"Albu Fahd" and "Po Diab" and "Albu Issa was" working alongside thearmy under military formations, but the clans Fallujah and its residents have little faith the government and refuse to deal with them because of theprevious government 'spolicies. In Fallujah , there are factions ofSunni militant local has military experience may decide to face thesecurity forces, and despite the fact that these factions rejected the alliance with "Daash", but they hate thegovernment more than "Daash" , and the government hascome to terms with these factions first, and most prominent of these groups is the "Islamic army" and "battalions revolted" and "army of theMujahideen." asenior local official in Anbar ,said the "debate" on condition ofanonymity because of theconfidentiality of the information that "negotiations underway between the Iraqi government and a number of armed factions inside Fallujah , the coalition together against Daash. "He adds that" theagreement includes helping the army to enter the Garma area , in exchange fornot arresting members of thearmed factions and their families, but tough negotiations because of lack ofconfidence in thegovernment. "political factors of reasons political that impede theliberation ofFallujah is theongoing dispute between theUnited States and between the"popular crowd," United States refuses toparticipate "popular crowd" in the liberation of Sunni cities in Anbar, while the"popular crowd" rejects military cooperation with the United States. A source in theUS embassy told "talk" oncondition ofanonymity for lack ofauthorization todeclare that " theUnited States is not against thepopular crowd forces, but there are concerns about the actions of some Iranian -backed factions because they do not implement theIraqi government decisions." He adds that " theinternational coalition that theUS - led has astrategy essential in the fight against Daash, the need forparticipation oflocal people in the liberation ofSunni cities to prevent a repeat of what happened in Tikrit last year, and there are now local forces of theclans involved with the Iraqi army and theinternational coalition in theliberation of gray. " the problem isthat the " popular crowd "forces were not present around Ramadi, and that theUnited States did not face difficulty in liberation of the city without fear of the"popular crowd ," but the situation is different in Fallujah because thousands of elements of the"popular crowd" fighting on theedges. said Abu Jaafar al - Lami ,a "popular crowd" on the outskirts offighters Fallujah's "talk" to "popular crowd can edit Fallujah, but we are afraid of the US aircraft hit us with missiles, because they do not want toliberate the city."Lami added that " the US aircraft killed a number of soldiers a few weeks ago when they tried toadvance into Fallujah , " but the US military said the killing of the soldiers was an unintentional error. importance of liberalization of Fallujah isargued on theneed to expedite the liberalization of Fallujah before any other city, it represents thegreatest threat to the capital ,Baghdad, inaddition to thecity of Karbala ,which includes religious shrines of Shiite task, but the battle ofliberation must to be well thought out . He says political analyst Ahmed al -Alusi's "talk" that "military operations carried out by the army in the distant cities in Anbar would not be useful in the military side before it is released Fallujah first, because theback of army troops will remain exposed and vulnerable to attack from Daash" . He adds that " theliberation ofFallujah will end forever any danger to Baghdad explosive car and suicide bombings because they come from Fallujah, and the Daash lose last stronghold in theeast of Anbar and will be forced to withdraw towards the Iraqi border - Syrian." in any case, the battle toliberate Fallujah did not not easy, which is not taking place in the first battle ofFallujah , but thebattle will be thethird after the two battles waged by US forces in 2004 and led to thedestruction of half the city, and thepopulation is still carrying feelings of hatred against the United States and the Iraqi government. Add comment

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