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Iraq recorded 400 civilians injured by the chemical attacks on the Taza



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Iraq recorded 400 civilians injured by the chemical attacks on the Taza

Post by rocky on Sat 12 Mar 2016, 3:21 am

Iraq recorded 400 civilians injured by the chemical attacks on the Taza

 Baghdad / term 

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights announced, the high number of injured gases "toxic" to the more than 400 victims, while she died Friday first child due to hit in thebombing of chemicals. In 
turn , protesters cut through the Kirkuk - Baghdad International, for three hours inprotest against ignoring the central government to their demands for liberalization the village of al - Bashir and secure Taza. 
the organization Daash has launched an attack on a survivor of Taza, south of Kirkuk province, on Wednesday, lasted three hours and was able to target the side with 45 rocket behind the smell of fats and fumes and cause suffocation and the displacement of 150 families of the Turkmens. 
he was delighted Black, board Member Human rights Commission, (long - Presse), " The number of people injured as a result of the bombing of terrorist Daash gangs that occupies faraway Bashir, for Taza, (25 km south of the city of Kirkuk), rockets loaded with mustard and chlorine, rose to more than 400 victims." 
He Black for fear of " the high number of casualties as a result of the start of the effect of those toxic gases, either burns or the appearance of skin bubbles and redness and burning eyes and severe infections as well as stiff lips and cases of fainting, vomiting and extreme difficulty in breathing." 
said Commission member, during his visit to the site of the incident in Taza Khurmatu Republican and General hospital, where victims lay, that " the point of becoming contaminated and dangerous region , " noting that " the specialists from the University of Kirkuk, examined the hand, confirmed that the contamination ratio reached 4/1000 requires fully evacuated." 
explained Black that "nine victims of toxic gases from the people of Taza, admitted today, to the operating room to the severity of their injuries , "pointing out that" the concerned authorities recorded the statements of the injured and prepared the minutes revealed the plot to the scene. " 
a member of the board of Commissioners that" as a result of chemical strike the patient died (Fatima Samir Lewis) amounting to three years, due to hit burns of the second degree and difficulty breathing, which led to the suspension kidneys and her death affected by chemicals used in the bombing. " 
He said Dr. Burhanuddin Abdullah, the health of Kirkuk and the death of Fatima girl who was among the 17 injured were in critical condition operations Officer, and " the transfer of four patients to Baghdad to theseriousness of their health status and continue to receive 12 others for treatment in hospitals in Kirkuk , " according to Agence France - Presse. Furthermore, Hussein Abbas, director of the Taza, said to AFP, said that "45 rockets landed within three hours on residential neighborhoods Wednesday." 
He added that " the rocket left the smell of fats and fumes caused by suffocation and led to the displacement of 150 families of the Turkmens of the town towards the city of Kirkuk 25 km south of the province. " 
in the meantime, he described the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, the bombing of the organization Daash of Taza, toxic substances , " a major crime and aggression against humanity "and threatened a harsh response to the organization. 
he said the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi in a statement issued information office, received a (long -Presse), a copy of it, that " the use of the organization Daash terrorist indiscriminate shelling of toxic materials against civilians , especially women and children of the children of the city of Taza heroine major crime and aggression against the whole of humanity." 
He stressed Abadi, according to the statement, "we will face this crime harsh response , "adding that" our fighters Champions Setoron for Martyrs and Victims of Taza, and Satehron land of Iraq from this criminal terrorist gang. " The head of the Council of Ministers, to "send a specialized medical teams quickly the event of injuries rapid treatment and the use of international expertise in this area." 
In a later development, re - opened by Kirkuk - Baghdad International, three hours after the cut by demonstrators Taza protest to ignore the central government to their demands liberation of the village of al -Bashir. 
a reporter (range Press), said that the road to Baghdad - Kirkuk international reopened to vehicular traffic after the cut by dozens of residents of Taza, south of Kirkuk, to protest against ignoring the Iraqi government to their demands liberation of the village of al - Bashir . 
The reporter, said that opening the road came after three hours of a piece, which led to the gathering ofhundreds of trucks and vehicles that move from Kurdistan to the cities of central and southern Iraq , and vice versa. "In a related context, the Turkmen front has called, yesterday, the United Nations to document thecase of the death of a child with chemical weapons. the Abadi demanded to change the plans to liberate theusurped territories, confirmed to give the village of Bashir "priority" in the liberation of villages (Daash) 
said Hassan Turan, deputy head of the Iraqi Turkmen front in an interview (range Press), " the number ofshells launched by the organization (Daash) terrorist on Taza , south of Kirkuk, amounted to more than 54 rockets loaded with poison gas , "noting that" official reports indicate wounding 400 civilians caused by the bombing. " 
Tauran said that" the girl Fatima Williamson Lewis, of the sons of Taza , a result of being struck with mustard seed within the forbidden chemical weapons internationally died , "calling , " the UN Mission in Iraq (UNAMI), to document the child 's death , and regarded as a case of genocide suffered by the Turkmen component in Iraq. " 
said Vice President of the Turkmen front that "this evidence refutes what I went to him for the Security and defense Committee in Parliament , which has ruled out the use of the organization (Daash) of chemical weapons." The head of the security committee of parliamentary quitting denied, yesterday, possession ofregulation of chemical weapons, stressing that the Iraqi reports and intelligence did not confirm yet possess Daash for this kind of weapons. 
He called Turan , General Commander of the Armed Forces , Haider al - Abadi to " the need to change theplans for the Liberation of subject areas for (Daash), and give priority to edit reed Bashir before you start editing any other region. " 
The south of Kirkuk regions and west still under the control of (Daash) since June 2014 , which includes thedistrict of Hawija and aspects of Zab, Riyadh and Abbasi and Rashad.

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