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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Daily Star: Iraqi army still suffers from a defect in the transport and communications



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Daily Star: Iraqi army still suffers from a defect in the transport and communications

Post by rocky on Sun 13 Mar 2016, 4:22 am

Daily Star: Iraqi army still suffers from a defect in the transport and communications

 translation term 

Again trying to evict the Iraqi army Daash fighters from Samarra desert stretching between Anbar and Mosul. With thedevelopment of processes and distancing itself from the capital, the government forces suffered from administrative weaknesses (catering, transport, housing and communications.) 
And Defense Minister Khaled al - Obeidi , last Wednesday, a tour at Camp Speicher and asked the leaders and commanders of the food fighters and their weapons and their training. 
An official in the minister 's office, who requested anonymity , he was "Mr. Minister to amend a lot of detail. during the previous administration was the Iraqi army suffers from many issues such as the shortage of feed forces and delayed salaries." 
he pointed out that corruption is rampant in the military and weakened a lot and make it fall apart in 2014 infront of Daash fighters in Mosul. In addition to the tens of thousands of fighters who have gone back then there were more than 50 thousand fighters of aliens who go their salaries into the pockets of the officers! 
After investing millions of dollars, is happening today test the Iraqi army once again, where he was pushed Iraqi forces to regain northwest of Samarra lands on after 95 km from the capital and cut off supply lines Daash before the final attack on Mosul. 
Iraqi officials say that the popular crowd forces involved in the fighting , the Iraqi army with the support of theair strikes , the international coalition and the Iraqi air force. Previous attempts have been unsuccessful to restore the same area, because open land forces offered to anti Daash attacks during the offer. The meaning of Samarra , the process of further gains in Anbar last month , where Iraqi and coalition forces fully announced edit the city of Ramadi, after which Iraqi troops continued clearing several villages in the region, most recently Znkurh trendy village northwest of Ramadi. 
As Iraqi forces managed to free more than a thousand people from the two villages were hostages at Daash. 
and spent the international coalition of hundreds of millions of dollars to train and equip the Iraqi army, however , and despite the involvement of more than 18,500 fighters in training, few of them resides in thefront lines, and that previous victories were led by the elite forces of the fight against terrorism. 
at camp Speicher fighters defense minister in formations variety welcomed on the tarmac, dressed in elegant uniforms, but with the direction the minister 's convoy to the front lines in the desert of Samarra seen achange in the system; in the checkpoints extended north along the road to Baiji toward Mosul seemed colored bunting more numerous than the Iraqi national flags, and beyond Baiji there were not a lot of military forces. 
along the front line fighters in Samarra was the popular crowd - young people dressed in sandals and T -shirts and fashion different - are the ones who have made ​​recent gains painstakingly. Featuring Moadahm Statistics funds water bottles, tents and portable toilets. 
Stop the minister in one of the front lines - only 15 km from the Daash sites - and praised the cooperation between the EP and the crowd. But even the visit of the Minister of Defense was marred by some administrative shortcomings that often hinders the Iraqi army on the battlefield; it has disrupted one of thewheels minister 's convoy and ran out of fuel from two wheels in the middle of the road. 
Unlike the processes that take place in the cities, the operations of the desert requires a long and secure supply lines to transport the food, weapons and fuel to the front. 
he says Michelle Knights, an analyst at the Washington Institute for Near East policy, said the Iraqi army had throughout its history mighty administratively, but the US - led invasion and the subsequent disbanding of thearmy has changed that , "We have brought a new system overly complicated." 
With the development of operations , agrees coalition officials and analysts that the administrative issues will become increasingly important during the final assault on Mosul. 
He says Knights that "Mosul process, a process of Ramadi before, eat up tons of ammunition and require tens of thousands of fighters to stay away from their homes for several months." 
the consistent international coalition on the supply front ammunition and food it will be a challenge for theIraqi army, but the Colonel Steve Warren , spokesman for the coalition said he was confident of the ability ofcoalition advisers and training to fill existing gaps.

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