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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Army besieges "Mohammadi" 3-axis and approaching Hit



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Army besieges "Mohammadi" 3-axis and approaching Hit

Post by rocky on Mon 14 Mar 2016, 3:44 am

Army besieges "Mohammadi" 3-axis and approaching Hit

 Baghdad / term 

Gray fighters commander declared in thewestern axis of Anbar, starting large - scale military operation to purge the Mohammedan hand to spend west of Ramadi , Hit, from three axes to release it from the terrorist gangs organizing Daash. Said Falah Qaraghuli in an interview (range Press), " The security forces have carried out large - scale military operation with the participation of military and police forces and a counter - terrorism to cleanse hand Mohammadi, east eliminate the Heat (70 km west of Ramadi) to release it from the elements of theorganization Daash terrorist." He added Qaraghuli " the security forces are advancing from three axes to cleanse hand Mohammadi of the terrorist organization gangs and near the Euphrates River , west of Ramadi areas with the support of Air Alliance international." the commander of gray fighters in the western axis of Anbar to "cleanse spend the Heat key to edit Mohammadi hand with which Ramadi, down to the other leap western regions and curse and Rawa down to the border that exists between Iraq and Syria western Anbar. "continues to Iraqi forces , fighters of the popular crowd support, Shi'ite factions, and the sons of Anbar tribes, successive operations to restore parts of the control of the extremist groups. in the meantime, announced military and local sources in al - Anbar province, on Sunday, the withdrawal of gunmen organizing Daash from the humid city after the implementation of the Iraqi forces, supported by the international coalition, successive operations in Anbar province. and managed to Iraqi forces drove militants extremist organization and regain control over large areas in Anbar province, including Ramadi , the largest city in the province the end ofDecember last year. a senior officer in the Iraqi army for "Agence France Presse" that " the organization ofDaash completely withdrew from the humid city to city based" located on the Iraqi - Syrian border. "the militants Daash they started on Saturday evening to withdraw from wet and ended their withdrawal on Sunday morning , "stressing that" the humid city now completely free of militants Daash. " The wet (380 km west ofBaghdad) , one of the main headquarters of the militants regulation because it is located within less than 100 km from the Iraqi - Syrian border. For his part, stressed the humid Mayor Imad Ahmed , " the withdrawal of the organization of free and Daash completely wet from insurgents." He noted that " the withdrawal may have a serious impact Daash incurring losses in Anbar after the restoration of the gray areas east of Ramadi ,Iraqi forces and the progress toward the city of Hit , " west of Ramadi. In turn, stressed see Barakat, amember of the security committee in the Anbar province, " the withdrawal of the entire Daash of wetlands.""The Daash withdrew not wet only, but a number of militants , the organization of the Heat pulled out as well , " referring to the militants to shave their beards before they fled. He said Barkat that "withdrawal from thewet was the direction based with gunmen from the elements Daash withdrew from Hit towards existing and Baiji (200 km north of Baghdad). " in another statement, Rajeh Barakat al - Issawi said in an interview with(long - Presse) that" the combined forces of the army and police and fighters of the tribes have carried out large - scale military operation against strongholds and gatherings gangs organizing Daash terror, which resulted in the purge regions Akhawdh Lebanon and in the vicinity of the eastern eliminate the Heat (70 km west of Ramadi) and the killing of dozens of elements Daash. " Issawi said that " the security forces areadvancing significantly and continuously in the cleansing fighting in axes spend west of Ramadi , Hit, which isnow within the range of the pieces of combat fires and open safe corridors for the exit of civilians and evacuate to safe areas in the district of Khalidiya and hand Habbaniyah Amiriyah Fallujah." The head of thesecurity committee in Anbar Provincial Council that " the terrorist organization Daash collapsed dramatically, making the elements fleeing and lose control even on their families , who fled before them to the western areas of Anbar them based access to Syria."

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