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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Edit Mosul Plan: American faction alongside each brigade of the Iraqi army



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Edit Mosul Plan: American faction alongside each brigade of the Iraqi army

Post by rocky on Mon 14 Mar 2016, 3:47 am

Edit Mosul Plan: American faction alongside each brigade of the Iraqi army

 BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

The United States is seeking to pushing thesmall factions of its troops with Iraqi forces during provided for the Liberation of Mosul, inorder to facilitate launching air support strikes and support intelligence, logistical and fiery as part of efforts to speed up the battle against Daash. 
, Said officials at the Ministry of Defense (Pentagon), according to the newspaper reported , a Hill the Hill American, and I followed (range Press), " the military leaders of Americans who are in Iraq working on drafting a new military plan by which to involve a group of American forces, at a rate of 15 soldiers each Iraqi brigade advancing to Mosul, with the establishment of the headquarters for operations inpreparation upcoming battle ", noting that" those totals will be immune from combat operations , but it will be close to it. " 
According to leaders of the Iraqi military, the" battle of Mosul require moving between eight to 12 brigades, which requires nearly Post 180 American soldiers with her ​​in the crawl toward Mosul (405 km north ofBaghdad). 
According to US officials, that the "factions of the American troops will work with Iraqi brigade commanders to send commands to launch air strikes and providing intelligence and logistical support and tactical with attribution fiery," adding that " the work of US forces at this level Iraqi army helps large about in his battle. " 
said retired Colonel Peter Mansor, who currently chairs the department of military history at Ohio state University, US, in an interview with the newspaper, he has" heard the calls directed to US forces accompanied by Iraqi forces at the battalion level or less than that. " 
Mansor added that " the participation of US forces at this level through training and providing advice and assistance to the teams and the Iraqi brigades a very important step is , " and expressed his belief that the "groups will not go further than that." 
for his part, James Jeffrey, former US ambassador to Iraq, " the headquarters of the Iraqi forces at the level of division or brigade may be close to the battlefield distance." 
but an official at the Pentagon, confirmed that " the plan is still preliminary stages as long as the battle ofMosul has not yet come." 
the Central command , the US military commander, Gen. Lloyd Austin, had said during a hearing in thecongressional session, held earlier, have "recently recommended several proposals on how to restore Mosul and tenderness strongholds organize Daash in Iraq and Syria, which plunged an additional US troops be of interest in the battle of Mosul . " He added official Pentagon, that " the recommendations of Austin have been lifted to the Chiefs of staff , which includes defense Secretary Ashton Carter, and chairman of the joint Chiefs of staff, Gen. Joseph Dnford, in order to study and evaluate." 
while another official said, there were "about a dozen recommendations to accelerate the pace of thecampaign against Daash call for advice, assistance and accompany Iraqi army at the level of brigade "includes. 
it ruled the former American Jeffrey Ambassador," President Barack Obama agrees, to involve elements of American troops to areas very close to the battlefield , "while talking defense minister Carter, about more openly about his opinion and the desire of the president also asked "can be provided to accelerate the battle against Daash." 
Carter said, in remarks last month, " I do not think anybody is convinced pace being pursued by thecampaign, but we want to increase our momentum and accelerate , " asserting that " President Obama is convinced of it too, so it is my directions very clear the so - called him the president that he wants toaccomplish accelerate in the campaign process , which is shared by everyone , too. " 
an official at the US Department of defense, said that" it is not yet clear exactly who are the forces that thetask will be carried out at the level of brigade , "adding" as long as it has not received approval to now. " 
the official explained that" the plan suggests that some of them come from the Iraqi side, and part of theother party , which would increase the US troop increase in Iraq. " 
He said the official also, that "US forces already collaborated with Iraqi forces at brigade and that at the base of the progress in Anbar has contributed successfully to regain the city of Ramadi by pushing the team level platoon or battalion, and in other previous experience were just one kilometer from the lines front in securing the Mount Sinjar. " 
experts and officials expect that" the battle of Mosul would be a lot harder than the battle of Ramadi ,retrieval, (110 km west of Baghdad). " 
said Col. Mansor said that" Ramadi is a village compared with the connector, which is why the battle of Mosul will be tough and pose a significant challenge without the slightest doubt. "

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