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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The rapid progress of the army confuse Daash in western Anbar and evade its host-based direction



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The rapid progress of the army confuse Daash in western Anbar and evade its host-based direction

Post by rocky on Tue 15 Mar 2016, 3:23 am

The rapid progress of the army confuse Daash in western Anbar and evade its host-based direction

 BAGHDAD / Adam Jubouri 

Broke out Sunday night is considerable disagreement between the leaders of the"Daash" within the Heat because of thedecision of some parties in the extremist organization to withdraw from the judiciary towards Qaim in far western province of Anbar. 
And entered the joint forces, since the beginning of this week, to 5 towns toward the Heat from the south, from "without resistance" until now reached the limits of the judiciary distance of 3 km. on the other hand itseems that al Daash eventually agreed to stay in "Heat." According to local sources, the gunmen fanned outwidely in the judiciary as well as the build - up in other western towns. There have been southern towns, which was liberated by Iraqi troops movement displacement. The army has asked the families commitment totheir places, but he has achieved with the men and arrested some suspects. To that allowed Daash, for thefirst time in more than a year, the exit of trapped civilians in Hit, where he received a small town in the west of Ramadi , about 70 families who fled fearing battles intensified. The fact withdrawal Daash announced Brigadier General Yahya Messenger, a spokesman for the joint Special operations command, on Sunday, theflight of the majority of fighters Daash spend the Heat, which is surrounded by troops from the north and south. The Messenger " The vast majority of the militants Daash escaped from the Heat and leap and wet toward the desert and unknown regions, fear of the progress of the Iraqi forces and the army Aviation and airline Alliance. " but the names of al - Ani, a member of the Anbar province, denied the report, and said, in atelephone interview with the (term) that" Daash spreads heavily amid Hit and Rawah and Anah and leap. " It said al - Ani , " an event disagreement between the leaders Daash the night before the entry of Iraqi forces into nearby towns of Hit, because of the desire of some to withdraw from the Heat ", noting that" most of the families Daash had been transferred to the post. " battles" without confrontation , " the joint forces and began the weekend , a major offensive against the cities of Hit and leap, three axes, from al - Baghdadi, aleap and South. Ani says that "joint forces liberated, flying from Znkurh northern Ramadi, areas Abotaiban, Aekbh, trendy village, Mohammadi, and finally Lebanon area , about 3 km from the south of the Heat without resistance." Denied by the Council of Anbar province , the displacement of families from those areas, stressing that " the army called on civilians to stay in their homes, and achieved only with men, and some of the wanted men were arrested according to the database that has." But these assurances did not prevent exit about 70 families from the center of "Heat", without military orders, having allowed Daash for the first time since the occupation of the judiciary in 2014, the opening of checkpoints to get out locals. And set up a local government, weeks ago, camps for displaced people to receive the white population and a leap in thefulfillment area, west of Ramadi. Ani and appreciates the presence of tens of thousands of families, among them 80 thousand displaced families from Fallujah and Ramadi and other towns of western Anbar. The Last Hit cities , however Daash fell in the western strip of the province. So called Joint Operations Center at thebase (Ain al - Assad), in Anbar province, last week, residents spend the Heat to "capture" their homes and the processing of official archives for each member of the family. PCHR calls upon the people of hand Levantine "not to transit and stay in the destination island and vice versa and not obey and trust Bdaash terrorist as he tries to broadcast a common horror and fear and stay away from any form of rallies , "calling on young judiciary" not to be in non - family dwellings. " the cell media war, announced the beginning ofMarch current, throwing air force planes thousands of leaflets to spend Hit western Anbar asking them preparedness for "hour of salvation." it was Daash may impose a state of alert in Hit, last month, following the adjournment of unknown Iraqi flag on top of a building in the main streets of the eradication group.historical animosity in Hit for his part , Hisham al - Hashimi said, security expert and analyst , "there areseveral factors that will help in the liberation of the Heat and leap, including the historical animosity between Daash first and residents." he also added, in a comment he posted on Facebook, he was "at the beginning of2014 announced Alheitoyun resistance to Daash, but the organization was able to fool some of the tribal leaders The income of the judiciary under the truce, security , address, after the massacre of the famous clan Daash Albonmr killing about 900 Hataoa and Namrawi. " Over the last year, Daash arrested and executed hundreds of residents on charges of belonging to Awakening or spying for the security forces. And under regulation freedoms in Hit once and prevent the cultural, religious and commercial activities for each of not Ibayah. He also added by saying , "Daash failure of an attractive image of the cadres Aldaashah industry in various neighborhoods of Hit, in light of its focus on the re - production model (caliphate), and protect Sunni identity, etc. terms that did not attract both children and adolescents. " trapping the Heat and a leap in the meantime, confirmed Hussein buck, head of the security committee in the terms of the fulfillment of Anbar province, the fall of the districts of Hit, a leap, a Western military gray , however , the security forces after the escape of elements Daash of them. he said buck in an interview with (long - Presse) that " the districts ofHit, leap (70 west km gray) landed a military sense , however , the security forces after the escape of a large number of elements of al - Daash to existing and from there to Syria and the collapse of the organization ofcells. as it does not have the ammunition and missiles to face the battles for liberation . " . the security official said " the fall of the Heat and a leap , however , the security forces resulting from the siege of thearmy and police forces and a counter - terrorism which is just 10 km from the outskirts of the Heat only as well as on the progress of the pieces of several axes on a leap." the chairman of the Committee that "in afew hours the next will be fully cleanse Hit announcement and raising the Iraqi flag over government buildings after the destruction of all the defensive lines set by the organization in Hit axes. "

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