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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Dissidents Daash offering the media thousands of documents in exchange for exorbitant prices



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Dissidents Daash offering the media thousands of documents in exchange for exorbitant prices

Post by rocky on Tue Mar 15, 2016 4:28 am

Dissidents Daash offering the media thousands of documents in exchange for exorbitant prices

 translation: Range 

Information about Daash fighters sold in theMiddle East, told reporters and presented to the media in exchange for large sums ofmoney names. Weeks ago , they offered the newspaper (Soduchi Zatank German daily) toprovide the names of tens of thousands of Daash fighters in exchange for a large sum of money but refused to pay for such a document. 
Instead , it sent its correspondents to an area near the front lines in Iraq 's Kurdistan and they hire people from the area to help in translation and document tracking and found a large collection of documents and videos offered by Daash for sale in exchange for exorbitant amounts, some of them seized by Kurdish forces and others came from Daash. 
some agencies acknowledged that thousands of these ancient documents, while some analysts havequestioned their validity. German newspaper said it paid for the person who rented the usual wage for such a group of documents. 
Two days later , followed (Sky News) suit, said it has tens of thousands of documents detailing the Daash fighters by the main reporter and foreign correspondent Stuart Ramsay , who said he met with the source documents in Turkey, a person named (Abu Hamid) who was in the free Syrian army group, but switched to organize Daash before he be disappointed in it. 
she (Sky News) that the documents were on the memory Stick stolen Abouhamd of internal security police for organizing director and sent to bodies news including the (BBC) and (Sky News) in order to harm theorganization. 
for its part the Syrian opposition reported on its news (Zaman Al Wasl) in an exclusive report published by theSky News report, that it has documents bearing personal about 1736 fighters data Daash came from thegeneral border management to Daash. on 
the other hand, a newspaper reported (Christian Science Monitor) that confounded documents leaked by aformer sympathizer Daash. 
these documents shed light on how the organization Daash draw and allocation of roles to his recruits may help the information contained therein in the fight against terrorism projects and the reduction of recruiting their seducer. 
also revealed a treasure trove of leaked documents - that can help governments to track and prosecute fighters and put strategies best anti - recruiting organization and deter his sympathizers in the future - that joining the Daash requires a lot of paperwork. 
this documentation was populated by 20 thousand recruits regulation that requires them to fill the information form of the 23 - item extends from the date of birth and education to religious information and past experience in combat before, in addition to blood relatives class, and their willingness to carry out missions Antharih.qal German Interior Minister Thomas de Mazer in a statement that "these documents provide probative evidence in addition to the knowledge of the Germans involved in the terrorist activities of thenames, as it provides a better understanding of the structure of this terrorist organization, and it may be adeterrent to some young radical." 
Western governments are trying to track and contain sympathizers traveling to Syria and Iraq , and now in Libya who aim to support the alleged succession. 
citizens of 51 countries whose names are documented in personal files, including four from the United States and six from Canada, but the majority of them came from northern Africa and the Middle East. 
came leaked from the border points documents to Daash were filled between October Monthly second and December of 2013. the West fears the authorities of the return of its citizens to carry out attacks in their own countries, but the documents shed light on the paths of travel followed by the inductees and reveal information that could provide powerful tools for agencies to fight terrorism. 
He says the best Ashraf, an expert at the Royal United services Institute, "these files agencies could lead to individuals who recruit citizens and facilitate their travel, these are the real key." 
during the last month, Jessica Stern said, a professor at Brown University in front of the national Security Committee in the Senate during its meeting to study three proposals to improve the anti - recruitment programs, "one of the major gaps in our reaction to Daash is the lack of investment in the development and deployment of anti stories effectively disguised the current millennium for young people who are targeted byDaash in recruitment, and to do so we listen closely to what he wants Daash achieved and claims he provided for young people"

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