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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Tribal leader in the crowd: edit Qayyarah is soon and fight Daash since 2014 Resume potential



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Tribal leader in the crowd: edit Qayyarah is soon and fight Daash since 2014 Resume potential

Post by rocky on Tue 15 Mar 2016, 3:30 am

Tribal leader in the crowd: edit Qayyarah is soon and fight Daash since 2014 Resume potential

 BAGHDAD / Yousuf Sarkar 

Found a young Muhammad Khalaf of thepeople hand Qayyarah to join the ranks of thecrowd clan in southern Mosul areas a great opportunity to avenge their organization Daash after he executed his brother and a large number of young people and the people of his region and the whole province of Nineveh , since the control of the organization to Mosul in June 2014 
and confirms the leaders of the crowd tribal ready clans to fight the organization and inflict great losses inlives and equipment, in the province of Nineveh Council resolution demanding that the federal government provide the necessary support to arm the tribes in the fight against Daash. 
recently moved three regiments of Nineveh and a brigade province police armored follower of the Iraqi army to the regions to mobilize the army in the district of drunken south of Mosul in preparation for the liberalization of Nineveh operations from the control Daash. In contrast, executed Daash 56 militants from the elements refused to fight in the axes drunk and Khazar and Ba'shiqah. 
, Says Mohammed, told the (range), "I and hundreds others of the region 's youth ready to fight and expel the extremist organization of Nineveh and Iraq, but what we need is arming and providing equipment and training. " "The sons of the tribes have achieved victories Daash editing large tracts signed under his control for a while . " For his part , stressed Fares Sabawi, commander of the crowd banners of Iraq's crowd clan in Nineveh, that "edit hand Qayyarah from the control of the organization Daash is just around the corner and wait only commands the military must act with the support aviation. " 
He said the tribal leader told the (range)," the crowd clan fighting organization since October 2014 , and his liver great losses in lives and equipment are documented our image and sound. " 
He added Sabawi" the crowd has recently managed to edit a large number of villages and areas south ofMosul , including beep first and second and the village Kdelh and Sakia and scout the Arabs and the Scout Kurds and speech and Krmurde and liver Daash more than 175 people dead this week only when editing village Kdelh and Krmurde. " 
The student crowd banners of Iraq , the commander of " The federal government backed by the clan involved fighting organization, which depends on the possibilities and the financing of self - directed an urgent need to supply weapons and ammunition and other equipment. " 
Furthermore, Abdulrahman Olokua said, a member of the Nineveh provincial council, (range), said the council" passed a resolution supporting the crowds regularly with security forces in the fight against the organization . " explaining that " a large number of the tribes of Nineveh is fully prepared to fight Daash but they need support and reinforcement by the federal government." 
according to security sources, make up the popular crowd tribal clans Sbaaoyen , and the flames and Jabour and other tribes in the center of a drunken 80 km southeast of the city of Mosul areas in the month ofOctober 2014 and it includes more than 1,500 fighters.

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