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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Call for the adoption of investment pillar to strengthen the resources



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Call for the adoption of investment pillar to strengthen the resources

Post by rocky on Wed 16 Mar 2016, 3:17 am

Call for the adoption of investment pillar to strengthen the resources

3/16/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb

Economic construction requires the arbitrator to develop production bases, which is the real development of the economy of the gate, along with the search for sources Aiardih reduce dependence on crude oil to support the federal budget (according to the Economist), stressed by economic forum d Baghdad. Akram Abdel Aziz significance that goes beyond Iraq, the traditional mode to address the economic problems, indicating that it needs to support the principle of partnerships effectively between the private and public sectors, including helping to attract capital from outside to inside, stressing the importance of the restructuring of the banking and financial sectors so as to ensure an effective and attractive environment of capital trusts investor and citizen.

Aiardih sources

and demanded that Abdul - Aziz in an interview for »morning» to work towards Aiardih sources of local income through the incorporation of the rules of developmental well - established starting from the trend towards activation and rehabilitation of some government production companies that can give payoff quickly Kalptrrukemaoyat and fertilizers , natural gas and invest effectively and curriculum stir fields productivity in sectors


growth rates

noted the importance of reducing state of decline in economic growth and increasing rates of population growth and accretion rates in rates as a percentage to GDP associated with the decline of diversity rates of base production, pointing out the necessity of forming a road map based on the diversity of sectoral environment for the economy Iraqi, pointing to the importance of making use of the comparative advantage in each province to enable beneficiaries of the establishment of the relevant projects.

external loans

and pointed out that the growth of foreign loans may not be economically viable in light of the current prices of crude oil on world markets , which is the supplier president of Iraq, noting to the importance of increasing the tax base, but we need to address restrictions on the activity or resource and the high burden for the private sector, wondering about the extent of their impact on the family economy, pointing to the importance of the tax process to be studied in all

its aspects.

Abdul Aziz showed that the general situation of the society as a citizen , the private sector needs pause and rethink fees customs in terms of type and number in a practical and scientific and calculated in accordance with the reality of living

and incomes.

economic burdens

and demanded that the tendency towards investment and adopted a fundamental pillar of the development process and the presence Alaiardi in light of the breadth of the wave of resources depending on the country 's economy to positive savings and increasing population growth by rates consistent with the rates of economic growth and incomes in the ring burdens


Abdul Aziz focused on enhancing the competitiveness principle and promote the complementary industries between the provinces, urging to encourage the integration of small banks considerable ability in an attempt to re - organization and private sector support for the resurrection of the establishment of projects that can play in infrastructure, banner the need to give agriculture required for its substantial role in the provision of large sums of money interest

of Iraq.

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