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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Commander of Nineveh operations: the restoration of Mosul, Iraqis Daash stages and began to defect



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Commander of Nineveh operations: the restoration of Mosul, Iraqis Daash stages and began to defect

Post by rocky on Wed 16 Mar 2016, 3:59 am

Commander of Nineveh operations: the restoration of Mosul, Iraqis Daash stages and began to defect

 BAGHDAD / Reuters 

Iraqi military commander said that some local fighters in the ranks of Daash defected from the organization with the readiness of Iraqi forces to the process of regaining control of the city of Mosul , Nineveh province. 
The spread of thousands of Iraqi soldiers in the north in recent weeks , armed with heavy weapons and founded the base with US forces and the Peshmerga forces in the town drunk located about 60 kilometers south of Mosul. 
he described Major General Najim al - Jubouri, commander of Nineveh operations and is responsible for theanticipated operation to evict Daash being depleted, but said the competition between the various forces that are preparing to participate in the battle of Mosul , in the interest of the militants. Likely to take place edit Nineveh process in stages and that troops waiting for now is the Supreme Commander to start in the first step. 
It will be the Iraqi counter - attack with the support of advisers from the coalition led by Washington , thebiggest counter - attack exposed the organization strikes at all. 
According to Kurdish and Iraqi military sources said that the first moves will be west of the drunken to thetown of Qayyarah on the Tigris River , which will go to Daash main artery between Mosul and the territory under their control in the south and east. 
Jubouri said that the timing of the operation depends on the progress of military operations in the Euphrates River valley , where Iraqi forces advancing against the militants after they were expelled from the capital city of Ramadi Anbar province last December. 
he hopes the international coalition, led by the United States, to regain control of Mosul this year to deal afatal blow to the organization , but many questions still revolve around the extent of the Iraqi army ready in time. 
With the Iraqi forces are moving towards Mosul, al - Jubouri said he did not expect much resistance because the residents of the villages located south of the city are fed up with the militants is likely they Centvdon against them. 
pulled organization of some villages already, Jubouri said that the organization began to leave certain areas and focuses its presence near Mosul because he knows there is no way in front of him. 
citing intelligence information, Jubouri said that between six thousand and eight thousand militant were in Nineveh, mostly Iraqis attracted by the material privileges more radical thought to join Daash. 
he added that this will push many of them to begin to leave the organization and the battlefield. He pointed out that the Iraqi army knows that foreign fighters are the ones who will fight tooth and nail along withcontaminated hands of Iraqis with the blood of their fellow citizens. 
He predicted al - Jubouri street clashes in Mosul, noting that the main challenge is the presence of more than one million people Sastkhaddmanm militants as human shields. 
When Daash dominated Mosul many residents welcomed them to release it from the grip of iron army, but al - Jubouri predicted that between 70 and 75% of the population would support the security forces at the moment. He said the rest of the population either hesitant or afraid , and some of them involved with theorganization a lot. 
He said the commander of Nineveh operations that competition between the various forces that want toparticipate in the attack , and to secure influence in Mosul represents another challenge. 
Raise participation fighter Shi'ite groups controversy because they are accused of abuses against Sunnis in areas other militants lost control. 
sent Turkey also forces to the north of Mosul base where he is training groups formed by former Nineveh governor with Kurdish Peshmerga forces will provide support. 
Jubouri said that the important thing now is to unite all efforts and put all the tendencies and self-aside differences and focus on the goal of liberalization Mosul.

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