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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Alliance International: Iraqis liberated 50% of the land was taken over by Daash .. nor a date for t



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Alliance International: Iraqis liberated 50% of the land was taken over by Daash .. nor a date for t

Post by rocky on Wed Mar 16, 2016 5:00 am

Alliance International: Iraqis liberated 50% of the land was taken over by Daash .. nor a date for the liberation of Mosul

 BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

Denied , spokesman for the international coalition Steve Warren, on Tuesday, there isno specific date for the start of the battle toliberate Mosul, likely that the battle begin during the current year. And as pointed out that the decision is up to the Iraqi government, he stressed the need to mobilize the necessary strength and sufficient before the date of the operation starting point. 
Said Steve Warren, during a press conference held at the US Embassy in central Baghdad, attended by (long -Presse), "It does not have there a specific date for the start of the battle to liberate Mosul , "likely to" start editing operations during the current year , but it will be difficult and it is up to the Iraqis. " 
said Warren that" Iraqi forces are able to edit the cities of Mosul, Fallujah, one time and this is due to thedecision of the Iraqi government , "adding that" US forces did not intend to land participating in the liberation of Al Wasl city process. " 
the spokesman for the international Alliance of the need to " mobilize the necessary strength and sufficient Iraqi forces before the date of the liberation process. " 
in another context, a spokesman for the international coalition said he" was edited 24 thousand square kilometers of land controlled by the organization Daash of Tikrit and Baiji, Ramadi, Hit and some other cities ,"noting that" these liberated distance represents nearly 50% of the territory that was controlled by theorganization. " The 
US official added that" the organization Daash did not score any victory and progress since last May , a continuous loss , "adding that" the Iraqi security forces launched progress toward the Euphrates River to liberate spend Hit in Anbar province. " He said the "progress in fighting the Iraqi security forces took part in it from the Sunni Iraqi army and the crowd support of the international coalition aircraft." The general Steve Warren that " the great battle with al Daash will be in the Euphrates region spend Hit, west of Ramadi , " noting that " the Iraqi government will decide if they want to go for the Liberation of wetlands spend, west ofAnbar." On 
the other hand, stressed the international coalition , the killing of the leader of the organization Daash Abu Omar Chechen in Syria, and described it as " the most important leader." a 
spokesman for the international coalition, said that " it was the killing of Abu Omar al- Chechen it is most important to the organization Daash commander, during the air strikes carried out by the international coalition aircraft in the city Hdari Syria , "noting that" the international coalition aircraft kills the leader of theorganization every three days during the air strikes. " 
Warren added that" the total number of elements of al - Daash in Iraq and Syria between 19 to 24 thousand element , "stressing that" it was the killing of 10 thousand element of the organization during the battles. " 
He revealed the US official said that" the international coalition forces have trained 20 thousand members of the Iraqi security forces and provided them with the skills and equipment , "noting that" these forces got a variety of exercises to break into buildings and other combat exercises. " He added that "Iraqi trainers and advisers from the Netherlands, Spain, France and the United States participated operations training." 
Furthermore, said a spokesman for the international coalition that " the organization Daash seeking chemical weapons, but we do not believe that it was obtained , " noting that " the weapons that won the organization is chlorine , an industrial material as possible be obtained and mustard , a factor that can cause painful injuries to the skin , but the possibility of human death in the gas a few. " 
Warren to the" get very important information from the Prince's Daash chemical weapons as Abu Daoud , a now Iraqi custody and handed him over to the government of Kurdistan last week , "stressing that" it was reducing the capacity of the organization Daash manufacture new chemical weapons by hitting theheadquarters of the manufacture of weapons and we will continue to strike at those premises. "

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