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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Daily Telegraph: Government blockade and rebellion clans determine the influence of Daash in Hit and



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Daily Telegraph: Government blockade and rebellion clans determine the influence of Daash in Hit and

Post by rocky on Thu 17 Mar 2016, 3:47 am

Daily Telegraph: Government blockade and rebellion clans determine the influence of Daash in Hit and Fallujah

 translation: Ahmed Alaa 

Officials say that under the control of theorganization Daash areas, have begun to see cases of rebellion by the people after thegovernment siege. In Fallujah, which is seen as the city 's most support for jihadists in Iraq, has seen in the last month , cases of rebellion against themilitants Daash spread to three areas where, and this rebellion began when residents felt alarmed as they waited for hours in line to get bread, and ended the insurgency with a series of executions Daash carried out by militants against civilians rebels. to the west, where the town of Hit, said a local tribal leader, he rallied with members of his clan to attack on areas believed to have paved the way for the organization Daash.Revenge tribal leader also speaks is, came after he was assassinated by gunmen regulation six local officials in the town. The growing stories and stories told by refugees and deserters from the terrorist organization, warned that armed men throng down on residents, especially young people who impose them recruitment into the ranks. Hikmat al - Gaood, one tribal town of Hit , which fought her children , along with the Americans and Iraqi security forces, he says, describing the behavior of the organization Daash recently "reached their case to take any woman they like to Itzjoha." says a member of the tribe of the town of Hit, said the town 'ssons, began rising up against the militants Daash, recently , a man of six leaders of the organization Daash killed, and fled to an unknown destination. He indicated that the clan Gaood subjected to massacres at thehands of militants Daash at the beginning of the control of the organization to the city of Ramadi. In a return to the city of Fallujah with a different situation entirely bad reputation since her children were allowed to enter the jihadist organizations to it, as well as announcing the insurgency against US forces in 2004 , is currently experiencing cases of revenge between rival tribes accuse each other to enter the organization Daash to Fallujah in early 2014. Fallujah so far, it looks like it is trying uprising against Daash isolation from reprisals between the tribes, according to the mayor Issa al - Issawi, who spoke to the newspaper from his place ofresidence in Baghdad , saying "now is trying to organize the recruitment of all young people in the city, and forced into the front lines." surrounded the city of Fallujah security forces from all sides, and having regained the city of Ramadi at the end of last year. US officials considered, regain control of the city of Ramadi, areflection of their efforts to re - train the Iraqi army , which paid off, according to their belief. He complained the mayor of Fallujah from scarcity of food supply and that 's what led to the increase in the number ofdeaths due to starvation. The detained militants Daash in the city of Fallujah , between 60 to 70 000 civilians.   Imad Al - Jeraisy, a local leader of the city of Fallujah says that "militants Daash prevented two men from going to Baghdad for treatment after the aggravation of health and put them in particular that they aresuffering from diabetes, to end their case to death after days. " in another incident recounted Jeraisy, that aman was standing in a queue for bread neighborhood of Golan, raising his voice at gunmen from al Daash due to spending too long a wait, was the reaction of the militants stabbed him with a knife old fan dead on thespot. after shortly on the assassination of unarmed men, endowed men , heavily armed groups began attacking gunmen Monday and killed them on the spot. He says leader Jeraisy, that the sons of his tribe were killed in the past two weeks , 25 militants from al Daash, after fighting spread to two adjacent are controlled by the organization are tight. He says Western military officials, said the most realistic strategy is cleansing subject to Daash areas like Hit, Fallujah and keep cutting supplies on the connector, and this means that theattack on the second largest city in Iraq was not imminent, as many expect , the city restored in earnest theprocess begins at the end of this year. on regain control of the city of Fallujah process, declined to Americans from the participation of non - regular forces, stressing simultaneously , the importance of the restoration of the city the regular army and the Sunni tribes, amid hopes of residents near the editing process , whether in Fallujah or Mosul, because residents in both cities believe that the continued delay in the editing process, is acontinuation of car bombings and suicide operations in their towns and killing more people local.

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