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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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US newspaper: air strikes crippled financially Daash cut its oil revenues



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US newspaper: air strikes crippled financially Daash cut its oil revenues

Post by rocky on Sun 20 Mar 2016, 4:11 am

US newspaper: air strikes crippled financially Daash cut its oil revenues

 translation: Range * 

Under the title "Daash subjected to isolation and collapse," reported (Mirror newspaper) report to analysts , experts said the air strikes come a lot of oil illicit proceeds to organize Daash, which left him isolated and collapsed after losing land and financial resources vital. 
Experts believe that these core losses reflect the first signs coup wave war on Daash since announcing his succession alleged in June 2014 , where wages shrunk to half the fighters (less than $ 100 per month) because of financial exhaustion suffered by regulation what some of whom pay to split it up . 
With the isolation that suffer them, will suffer from recruiting Daash new fighters as it began its way to collapse. The report shows Daash lost 22% of the areas that were controlled by during the ten last five months, as it lost last year , control over 14% of the lands that were occupied, while lost during the current year 8% other. 
He wrote Collomb , senior analyst Struck in his " the wave of war turn against Daash. in 2016 saw significant losses in Syria at the hands of the Syrian democratic forces under US and Russian air strikes cover, and increased isolation and is on its way to collapse. " the 
report added that" isolation and more defeat would make it difficult for Daash attracting new recruits foreigners. " 
He also mentioned that the air strikes , the coalition has crippled financially Daash where it has succeeded in cutting its oil revenues illegal. However persuade Turkey to close its borders with Syria and controlled, managed the international coalition to destroy smuggling routes used by Daash. The 
report says "after losing Daash access to the Turkish border and increased border security of the Turkish side points, the shrinking goods and recruits flow to the alleged succession. Although local smuggling channels still working, the disclosure and the costs associated risks have escalated. " 
on a related matter , the United Nations has said it is concerned that thousands of displaced people as aresult of recent fighting in Anbar province are still close to the front lines. Where he fled , thousands ofcivilians from the city of Hit , with the approach of the security forces to expel Daash fighters who are still sheltering in the city. 
In a statement, Lise Grande, the Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs of the United Nations in Iraq, "can not the United Nations access to all displaced people, and we are concerned that she some families fleeing the city are still living in the areas close to the front lines. " the 
UN has reported that" the relief agencies were providing food, water and hygiene kits to some of thedisplaced, but stressed that the affected areas difficult to access. " 
the fall of Hit city on the Euphrates River, and today Iraqi security forces are focused on restoring the Daash.The Grand " The number of displaced people from the city who need medical aid shows how difficult theconditions there," the mobile clinics dealt with the 1300 medical condition during the first two days only. " 
The United Nations says that" 53 thousand people have been displaced from Anbar this year , before theexodus Hit the people, and that 44% of all displaced people in Iraq (3.3 million IDPs) since the beginning of2014 were from Anbar. According to the statement that the United Nations has only received so far 9% of theamount - $ 861 million - you need to provide emergency aid to nearly 3.7 million Iraqis. 
A few months ago it was organizing Daash controls most of Anbar areas, but that the military operations carried out by Iraqi security forces with the support of the air strikes , the international coalition overturned wave. 
the deployment of Daash Thursday pictures of the execution of six men in the city of Fallujah on charges ofspying for the Iraqi government. In a statement posted on the social networking sites, use Daash three different ways in the execution of his victims, as stated in the statement that " the judicial police carried out the death sentences issued by an Islamic court in Fallujah on a number of apostates convicted of spying" .oozart images hooded fighters full promised before the background completely devastating to the city. Four of the victims were shot in the head, was beheaded last knife and executed the last rope Nasef.otbad Fallujah , 50 km west of Baghdad, the biggest stronghold for extremists in Iraq after the Mosul, it 's also isolated from the rest of the areas controlled by Daash it seems to suffer from a lack of supplies causing internal tensions Daash where it seems frightened of helping people in imminent attack security forces. Also, over the past month , dozens of parents extremists arrested after clashes between them and the tribesmen there. 
Ï ® for: Mirror, Daily Star

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