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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Killing and wounding four American soldiers, an attack on the camp drunk



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Killing and wounding four American soldiers, an attack on the camp drunk

Post by rocky on Sun 20 Mar 2016, 4:13 am

Killing and wounding four American soldiers, an attack on the camp drunk

 Baghdad / term 

US Department of Defense announced that asoldier in the international coalition led byWashington , was killed Saturday in a "hostile act" is an American, according to a statement to Agence France - Presse. 
The joint leadership of the alliance has been announced earlier in a statement that "the death of a soldier in northern Iraq as a result of enemy action", without determine thenationality or the circumstances of the death. 
several US media that it comes to what appears to attack rocket - propelled grenades. The News Network "CNN" , quoting a US official said that " a US soldier was killed and three others were wounded in a rocket attack launched by the organization Daash categorically drunk, (80 km south of Mosul)." 
He said the site, that " the bombing targeted a military base includes elements from the army US provide assistance and advice to the Iraqi armed forces service " in turn, announced the international coalition, killing one of its soldiers in northern Iraq Saturday as a result of " enemy action , "according to an official statement said yesterday Sbt.waodh statement that" the joint Special operations command confirmed the death of one of the coalition troops in the north Iraq as a result of enemy action ".palmkabl, denied the commander ofNineveh operations Major General Najm al- Din al - Jubouri, on Saturday, he was the US forces headquarters in a drunken, south of Mosul bombed by Katyusha rockets by al Daash. 
, said Maj . Gen. Najm al- Din al - Jubouri said in an interview to the (long - Presse ) that "US forces headquarters in the Makhmour (80 km south of Mosul) has not been bombarded by Katyusha rockets by al Daash , " noting that "talking about casualties among the soldiers are baseless . " He added Jubouri that " theUS headquarters , which is just 1 km for leading the liberation of Nineveh operations headquarters in drunken believer had not been subjected to any attack . "in the meantime, said a security source in Nineveh province, on Saturday, that the 80 component of the organization (Daash) killed three air strikes airline Alliance international, targeted organization sites different parts of the city of Mosul .. the source said in an interview with (long - Presse), said that " the international coalition aircraft bombed at noon today, marriage contracts office of the organization (Daash) located on the second floor of a building (cafe generosity) in the cultural group Street, east of Mosul, killing 30 element of (Daash). " 
The source, who asked not to be named," coalition aircraft also bombed one affiliated with al buildings (Daash), the campus of the University of Mosul, the center of the city, while the bombed location for organizing Ghazlani camp, west of Mosul , "adding that" the bombing of the signatories has led to the deaths of 50 elements of the organization. " A source told (long - Presse), yesterday, that " the flight of theinternational coalition conducted several air strikes targeted sites and the headquarters of the task belonging to the organization (Daash) including Qayyarah Bridge and building Sunni Waqf and the Department of oil derivatives funds invest near the Granary and the headquarters of the Islamic Party in Ghazlani area, south ofMosul , which take the organization , including the headquarters of him . "he added that the source" aircraft also bombed the so - called Zakat Diwan of the organization and a number of subsidiaries to organize security centers (Daash) in the right and left sides of the city of Mosul. " The source pointed out that " theinternational coalition aircraft flying around low over the city for several hours, provoking a state of terror in the ranks of the organization , " he said , adding, that " the people of the city of Mosul fled their homes near the headquarters of the organization for fear of being targeted by the planes." according to sources, the organization (Daash) transfers of military equipment from the city of Mosul to Tal Afar. A source told the(range Press), " The organization (Daash) transfers of military equipment from the weapons and gear and vehicles from the city of Mosul to spend Rehana area of Tal Afar, west of the province." The source attributed the reasons for the transfer of the organization 's military equipment outside Mosul to "heavy shelling of theinternational coalition to Compare in the city."

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