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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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State Department: Daash the extermination committed against minorities in Iraq crimes



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State Department: Daash the extermination committed against minorities in Iraq crimes

Post by rocky on Sun 20 Mar 2016, 4:14 am

State Department: Daash the extermination committed against minorities in Iraq crimes

 Washington / AFP 

The United States considered that themurders committed by the organization Daash against Christian and Yazidi minorities and Shiite tantamount to genocide, which is asymbolic indictment of Washington is not required to take action against jihadists in front of international justice. 
He stressed the US Secretary of State , John Kerry, in a speech Thursday that " the organization Daash declared himself that he committed genocide, a Random Picture confirmed his faith and his actions and his statements and what he believes in and what is implemented. " 
he added that" the organization of Daash also responsible for crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing against these groups and , in some cases against other Sunni Muslims and against the Kurds and minorities Other. " 
The process of genocide is a crime under international law, but this statement was made ​​by Kerry Thursday isnot legally binding does not need Washington to take action to prosecute those involved, according to the US officials said. 
They said the United States is making every effort by leading a coalition of 66 countries "to weaken and destroy" the organization Daash, especially through a large number of air raids. 
Kerry pointed out that the crimes committed by jihadists should be on trial them days before an international tribunal, adding that Washington would do its utmost to support investigations and prosecutions. 
ligand organize Daash Islamists extremists from among the Sunni groups, and committed mass murder against Shiites, Christians and Yazidis. 
in June last captured jihadists on the city of Mosul in northern Iraq, threatening the entire murder, theft or slavery groups of the population. 
in March of last year, warned the UN investigators that al Daash trying to eliminate the Yazidis, who are areligious minority rooted belief in religion Zoroastrian Iranian cult of Mitra. 
he said Kerry "my goal today is to announce that the organization Daash is in my view , is responsible for the genocide against groups in areas controlled by, especially Yazidis, Christians, Muslims and Shiites. " He went on, " in relation to these groups, it is the issue of existential, so you should keep in mind that the best response to the genocide is a re - emphasis on the fundamental right to life." 
He explained that thanks to the air support the international coalition and local forces succeeded in restoring 40% of the territory controlled by the organization Daash in Iraq and 20% of Syrian territory. 
He repeated Kerry "has weakened their leadership, and we attacked their funding sources and disabled thesupply lines. currently , we are committed to a diplomatic initiative aimed at trying to end the war in Syria." 
for him, the fierce campaign led by Bashar Assad to cling to power have fueled chaos that allowed to organize Daash control over large areas. 
and made ​​the intensity of the conflict and killings committed by this organization in the right of journalists and all employees who were suspected of being "spies", it is difficult to enumerate the abuses accurately.However , the organization publish his own videotapes showing commit jihadi crimes. 
Kerry said , "In recent months we solved a significant number of the information gathered by foreign intelligence services of the Ministry and other external groups." 
He gave an example of a massacre in August 2014 on the right of hundreds of Yazidis on Eddie organization Daash who laid siege to hundreds of thousands of people from the minority in the Jebel Sinjar in Iraq without food or medicine. 
he stressed Kerry as "not for our intervention is clear that these people would have been killed , " he said , adding that thousands of women and girls Alaesideat been sold in auctions. He said US Secretary of State that the group killed Christians in northern Iraq, Libya, and sold on Christian women that they were sexually enslaved. 
Finally, he said the killing of hundreds of Shiite Turkmens, an Iraqi minority, accusing the organization of thedestruction of the cultural heritage of ancient human groups.

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