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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Launching an extensive operation to liberate the Upper Euphrates



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Launching an extensive operation to liberate the Upper Euphrates

Post by rocky on Sun Mar 20, 2016 4:38 am

Launching an extensive operation to liberate the Upper Euphrates

3/20/2016 0:00 

[rtl] BAGHDAD - morning 
MOSUL - Sunrise Maher 
 saw the early hours of yesterday , launching several military operations and large - scale liberalization regions Upper Euphrates west ofAnbar and cleanse Diyala province of terror sleeper cells .. the kinds of forces surging managed to raise the Iraqi flag on thestrategic bridge linking al - Baghdadi and the hand meal, the cement hand leap plant southwest spend Hit paving to break into the judiciary in the coming hours, and while sought refuge remnants Aldoaash away once you start editing Albuabad east of Ramadi process .. revealed commander of Nineveh operations start Center bombing and theprimer for the battle to liberate Mosul, calling on residents to the need Stay away on thewhereabouts of terrorists Daash. leap and a few hours after the announcement of joint Special operations command, the start of liberalization regions Upper Euphrates western Anbar extensive operations with the participation of the Champions seventh band, artillery and the sons of the tribes grouped crowd the popular support of the air force and army Aviation and the international coalition, security source confirmed the arrival of the Minister Khaled al - Obeidi , the defense into the field to personally supervise the editing process and leap hand on the pieces that have been identified own points of launching the attack in advance and were poised on the outskirts of the west side. As completed our troops attacking shortly, according to the Chairman of the hand - Baghdadi Mal Allah al - Obeidi, edit Cement Plant leap in the west side and residential complex next to him and raising the Iraqi flag over it after refraction remnants Daash and fleeing multiple directions.   Hit To the detection of a spokesman for the Joint Special Operations Command Brigadier General Yahya Messenger - Zubaidi for the legions surging begin immediately transition edit spend the Heat after Alantha cleared leap hand , which is avery important point of military accounts. Therefore , said anti - terrorism commander, said that the special military operation cleared spend the Heat on the verge of starting, and that military commanders awaiting orders government in this regard, pointing out that the troops stationed there fully prepared and ready to perform the operation. Recalling that anti - terrorism forces was announced two days before the liberation of Al -Muhammadi area full of Aldoaash and reach the outskirts of the Heat. Baghdadi At thesame time announced the chairman of hand - Baghdadi Mal Allah al - Obeidi, the beginning of the vast operation, yesterday morning, and liberalization meal area north side, results in the liberation (single bridge) and raising the Iraqi flag over it .. with theparticipation of the strength of the police Directorate - Baghdadi (90 km west of Ramadi) and Vogue emergency 13 Anbar police and fighters of the crowd clan , backed the army and the flight of Iraqi and international forces troops on the ground, pointing out that those forces able to quickly peek edit this being a strategic bridge linking the meal area hand - Baghdadi Center. Recalling that the security forces and the sons of tribal control fully on the hand - Baghdadi, with some villages and areas north and east side of thecontrol of terrorists Daash subject. Gray remain in Anbar province and specifically within the gray boycotted .. where said Chairman spend Khalidiya Ali Dawood, that theliberation of the area operation Albuabad east of Ramadi launched on a large scale onMonday morning , also with the participation of military forces and a counter - terrorism and the Anbar police battalions emergency and the sons of the tribes the popular crowd to complete the cleansing of this region falling within the Khalidiya Island (23 km east ofRamadi) on the one hand the international highway. He added that the process goes aerial cover from Iraqi and international aviation, pointing to the absence of any resistance by the enemy in Aldaasha Albuabad escape because the majority of its components from the area as soon as they heard the start of the process. It is north ofRamadi, a statement to the cell media - Harbi said the cuts Anbar Operations Command found a laboratory for booby - trapping wheels and improvised explosive devices and four bodies of Doaash under the rubble through an extensive process to cleanse and inspection role in Albu Diab area, as well as grabbing the wheel Hovrli type armored ripe for booby - trapping gas cylinders on the form of improvised explosive devices, were also eight explosive devices and Dar bomb explosion. Diyala move to Diyala province, and part of a strategy adopted by the leadership of the Tigris operations, since thebeginning of this year, launching frequent operations to follow cleaning the province of sleeper cells that caused their crimes in some areas of Diyala bloody events against innocent, as operations commander Lt. Gen. Mezher al - Azzawi said, that theformations of the fifth division and a brigade of the rapid fourth intervention was launched in the implementation of large - scale military operation within the Neda basin pivots down to the Hamrin Mountains (70 km east of Baquba) within the vast regions of theparties and with complex topography, with a view to prosecution sleeper cells linked togangs Daash and its allies and conduct combing operations to secure areas of the existence of any walker or a haven for extremist groups, indicating that the process should be conducted according Majtt it will be the announcement of the results in thecoming hours. Description Azzawi operation as the largest of its kind during the current year and was part of a strategy adopted by the leadership in order to promote stability and cut the road before any attempts for the return of extremist gangs to operate in threatening residents. Nineveh and boycotted the Nineveh operations, its commander ,Major General Najim al - Jubouri, revealed begin at dawn yesterday Daash terrorists bombed sites in preparation for the battle to liberate Mosul modern artillery high -resolution, noting that 15 artillery band managed to destroy a laptop on the wheel gun and site leadership to Daash Jehlh in the village of hand Qayyarah south of Mosul. The news correspondent «morning» him as saying that «Daash» announced Nvera years and the lining elements to move towards Makhmour within the cutter itself , but the artillery shelled places Thacdathm , which led to the destruction of seven wheels type pickup carrying machine guns unilateral and killed 19 element of them. As al - Jubouri called on the people of Mosul to the need to get away for the whereabouts of the terrorists and their weapons stores and especially coefficient of booby - trapping targets being monitored carefully and exposed to shelling. Especially as the operational command iskeen to ensure the safety of  residents. For his part , told the captain in Nineveh police Ziad Ramzi Sheikh, correspondent «morning» Ban Airline Alliance International, a wholly residential compound was destroyed (appointed Iraq Project) in the Wadi Hajar south ofMosul targeted area Aldoaash inside and killed 23 of them , including 13 of the leading Turkish nationality and Chechen as well as the bombing of munitions, explosives and weapons were stored inside the compound and detonated by long hours took. Fellow police Col. Khalid maids also said, that the air strikes destroyed four rallies and 15 locations , and a tunnel and center Contacts Daash in different areas north and west ofMosul. [/rtl]


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