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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Finishing the tens Alarhabiyan..otharir three areas



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Finishing the tens Alarhabiyan..otharir three areas

Post by rocky on Mon 21 Mar 2016, 3:21 am

Finishing the tens Alarhabiyan..otharir three areas

3/21/2016 0:00 

[rtl] BAGHDAD - morning MOSUL Sunrise Maher 
Ajhzat security forces, supported by battalions of the heroes of the popular crowd and the sons of the tribes, dozens of terrorists, during the military operations which resulted in the liberation of theregions of «Albu Sayeh and laboratories» in thevine, and »Albu Obaid» east of Ramadi, and saw killing tens «Aldoaash» among them foreigners and Arabs. 
military successes, resulted in the evacuation of 150 families from areas «Albouchaban and Albuasav and Albualla Jassim» belongs to the island of Ramadi, after being used byterrorist gangs as human shields, and with foiled the security forces, a suicide attack failed to hand Haqlaniyah, killing three terrorists, the Air Alliance international 0.25 airstrike on nests «Daash». edit three areas and continue with the successful military operations, the security forces managed to popular crowd, the liberalization of a number of areas in Ramadi Island and karma. a statement by the flags of the popular crowd, that«Champions The crowd People and security forces liberated areas «Albu Sayeh and laboratories» Center vine spend desecrated gangs Daash criminal «. as freed security forces« Albu Obaid »area east of Ramadi from Conception gangs« Daash »terrorist. a statement by the cell - Harbi media, said that« the band forces X and the pieces thereto and the forces of counter - terrorism device liberated Albu Obaid area and raised theIraqi flag over their buildings in Khalidiya island east of Ramadi after inflict enemy losses to persons and equipment ». evacuation of 150 families in the meantime, announced that the commander of the Anbar operations, Maj . Gen. Ismail Mahlawi, the evacuation of 150 families A displaced from Ramadi Island, besieged by terrorist gangs previously used as human shields. he Mahlawi in an interview with journalists, said that « thesecurity forces of the band X and regiments Anbar police emergency and fighters of theclan crowd People were able, on Sunday, the evacuation of 150 displaced families from areas« Albouchaban and Albuasav and Albualla Jassim »of the island of Ramadi , north of the city». He Mahlawi, that « the members of those families of the women and children were taken to a safe place in designated IDP camps», pointing out that «three explosive devices planted by terrorists Daash exploded on those families, and resulted inchild injury injured ». tens Aldoaash and resulted in military operations, killing dozens Aldoaash in various cutters operations. where a statement of operations Anbar, that« progress process and cleanse the Khalidiya island, that killed more than 30 terrorists and the bombing of 11 of an explosive device by our units , ground and army Air force air and coalition aircraft missile and artillery strikes ». He also announced Haditha District police in Anbar province director, Colonel Farouk Aljughaifi, security forces managed to kill three suicide bombers had infiltrated the hand Haqlaniyah south of the judiciary, after surrounding them in one of the government buildings. in Mosul, said a security source in the police Nineveh, killing and wounding 27 , leading the terrorists «Daash» , mostly foreigners, pounding long Alasdair tourist complex, which is inhabited by dozens of leaders of that gang crime. increased air strikes to that, the international coalition said, the implementation of the 25 air strike on nests «Daash» terrorist in parts of Iraq. a statement of the alliance, that the «flight international coalition carried out near al -Baghdadi, four strikes targeted two sites for the dreamlike gangs Daash and my amassing a near Hawija, as well as other hits, targeted the dens of those gangs in different areas other». crime gangs «Daash » in an image of the ugliness« Daash » theoldest members of the terrorist gang, the execution of three civilians , the owners ofonline shops in Mosul, and the bombing of the eight houses belonging« Shabak Shiites »in hand Rashidiya north of Mosul. Brigadier Thanon Sabawi: The »Daash gangs executed three civilians were shot dead by the owners of online office after being accused of b» treason »and leaking information to the international coalition and Iraqi security forces, through their offices in the agricultural area north of Mosul». He pointed out that Sabawi »Daash put to death after their contact with their families near the« Tel Qaanju »northern Mosul. In a related context, said Sabawi, said that «elements Daash proceeded to evacuate eight houses from all contents belonging to a Shiite clasped in hand Rashidiya north of Mosul».[/rtl]


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