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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Marines return to Iraq a formal request .. and Mosul destination closest to them



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Marines return to Iraq a formal request .. and Mosul destination closest to them

Post by rocky on Tue 22 Mar 2016, 3:21 am

Marines return to Iraq a formal request .. and Mosul destination closest to them

 BAGHDAD / Wael blessing 

Since the announcement of US Secretary ofDefense Ashton Carter, earlier this year, for the international coalition wants to use "ground forces" to separate " the Iraqi theater for the Syrian theater," it did not show news for those forces in the post. Leaks were traded, then, for the arrival of the US portion of the Airborne Force (101) to the camps in Anbar and Mosul. It is believed that the "air drops" process last month in some parts of Mosul was one of the tasks carried out by the force and resulted in the arrest of several militants "Daash." 
After one day of the death of one American soldiers at a nearby military base in the hand drunk, the Pentagon announced, Sunday, sending Marines troops to Iraq , an official with the approval of Baghdad. return MarinesMP says Majid al - Gharawi, a member of the security committee in Parliament, in an interview (term) that "Vojin or three battalions of Marines arrived in Iraq to participate in the liberation of Mosul process and possibly in the rest of the cities of Anbar , which is still , however Daash. " Ghraoui, who belongs to theSadrist movement, rejects the involvement of " foreign forces "in the war against Daash. But Sadrist lawmaker draws out that "US forces have been criticized because of the weakness of its role in the war and want to attribute the victory for themselves." Declared central to the international coalition forces leadership, on Monday announced the arrival of US special forces to Iraq in coordination with the central government in Baghdad to participate in the war against organize "Daash." the Central command said coalition forces " theforces of the special operations unit 26 Marines from the US Marines of the base Legion camp in North Carolina arrived, Monday, to Iraq to support military operations to Iraqi forces and coalition forces against al Daash." she added leadership that " the troops were sent after consultation with the Iraqi government , " and noted that " the Special Unit 26 will be in coordination with the US fifth fleet marine , who is in the scope of the Arabian Gulf and the Red Sea region to secure the security situation there as well as part of the Indian Ocean." US action coincided with protests taking place in the capital , Baghdad, after the start of thesupporters of the Sadrist movement sit on the open gates of the Green Zone , where the US embassy. But MP Majid Ghraoui reduces the risk of sit - ins on US interests in Baghdad. And synchronize the arrival of new troops with the withdrawal of the security file to the capital from the hands of the Baghdad operations, and turn it into a (joint operations), which includes advisers Am. And took Abadi this procedure, on Friday evening, after the Baghdad operations failed to prevent demonstrators from reaching the Green Zone gates. Marines in Baghdad! it denied the joint Special operations command, on Monday, the spread of fighting American forces in some of the sites and camps in Iraq. the joint Special operations command, in a statement received (range Press), a copy of it, " the Iraqi security forces are capable of defeating the gangs (Daash ) terrorist and impose security in Baghdad and the provinces, and the protection of citizens and public and private property. "The statement stressed that "the presence of the international coalition forces is limited to training, equipping and providing air support to Iraqi forces to fight Daash." Denies joint operations , " the rumors that talk about the spread of fighting American forces in some of the sites and camps in Baghdad and elsewhere , " noting that " the US unit announced American side came to conduct joint training exercises between the US and theIraqi Navy outside the territorial waters, within the Navy training plan. " The statement stressed that" thearrival of the troops was approved by the Iraqi government , "revealing that" force estimated at 200 soldiers from the US marine Corps. " Protection green Zone denies MP from the Sadrist protesters seeking to overthrow the government or to penetrate the green Zone. He pointed out that "Mr. Muqtada al - Sadr assured the embassy in the Green Zone, and even American embassies and West Germany and the silence between them turning away or leave." Sees Ghraoui that the US Embassy chose silence, based on his words to confirm the US ambassador that " the issue of the sit - ins is an internal affair and peaceful protest is alegitimate right condition of respecting the " rules. " He emphasized Stuart Jones , " there is no worry about the US Embassy in the Green Zone , " the security, expected to "Iraqi security forces will provide thenecessary protection to foreign missions in Iraq." He says Ghraoui "in the worst prospect, if decided sitters, tobreak into the green zone, it will not have it randomly." pointing to "the existence of committees and thescenario of an orderly process intrusion." on the other hand denies military official (range), said the new US forces to be directed against " the protesters." confirms the military official , who asked not to be named, for not authorized to declare, that " the US role in Iraq is still a consultant and provide air support , " he said , adding that the extra troops would not get out this framework. the Iraqi joint operations, yesterday, the arrival of 200 US troops to conduct naval maneuvers outside the territorial waters. battle of Mosul , but the MP for Mosul Abdulrahman Alloizi says that " the battle of Mosul , decisive, and US forces new will participate in theliberation of Mosul." Alloizi confirms, in contact telephone with (range), that "Tabaaah sectarian and ethnic diversity in Mosul will impose a natural different forces for the rest of Iraq, especially with the lack ofconfidence of the population of Mosul some of the military authorities." it is expected MP from Mosul to be US sustenance, which has been talked about, part of Airborne Division forces (101) , which was expected to arrive in Iraq two months ago, to isolate "Daash Iraq" for Syria. he says Alloizi said: "US forces in Anbar and Mosul, which is responsible for Alanzalat in Hawija and Mosul." Midayna Also, about 72 gunmen from Daash killed in the past few days, in Mosul raids international coalition considered the fiercest since the control of theorganization of the city in the summer of 2014. He says Saeed Mmousine, an official of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Mosul, said that "coalition aircraft bombed Saturday, location to organize Daash near theUniversity of Mosul, which killed 26 people , including what is known as the Minister of Education regulation, as well as injuring 100 others. " Mmousine confirms (range) that" strikes followed the escape of about 100 items of Daash to Syria for fear of similar attacks , "revealing " the execution of the organization for 17 element of his followers because of his escape from the city." in conjunction with the heavy shelling near theUniversity of Mosul in the left coast, another site for Daash near Baghdad garage area in Mosul exploded aswell, but by these explosive devices time, while not known who was responsible for that attack. illustrates theKurdish official said , " the latest bombing caused the deaths of about 20 Daash with about 30 gunmen killed artillery shelling of the Kurdish Peshmerga in the past week."

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