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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The Times: Daash attacks revealed the first US base in Iraq



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The Times: Daash attacks revealed the first US base in Iraq

Post by rocky on Wed 23 Mar 2016, 4:04 am

The Times: Daash attacks revealed the first US base in Iraq

 Baghdad / term 

The newspaper " The Times" says it was detected the establishment of the first US military base in northern Iraq, the first since the US withdrawal from Iraq in 2011, pointing out that this revelation came after the killing of Marines shot organize Daash. The 
report points out that the spokesman the US military in Iraq , Colonel Steve Warren, revealed that there are 200 soldiers in the "Vaarbel" base in the town drunk, has been hit by a missile on Saturday, killing Louise Cardin (27 years). 
show the newspaper that Louise is the second to die in Iraq since the start of operations against state regulation in 2014, where he was killed first , which Joshua Wheeler in October, during the process of US Special forces for the Liberation of prisoners of the organization in the town of Hawija. the 
report quotes Warren as saying that the operation carried out by fighters of the organization against the US base was a few hundred meters, where they attacked with rockets and light weapons, the US military responded to the shooting and killing two of the attackers. 
and draws the paper that the main objective of the base "Vaarbel" is to protect the base of the Iraqi Krassor, which works within 100 American military advisers and trainers are training Iraqi forces. the 
report noted that Warren did not rule out a role for American troops in offensive operations against its fighters in Mosul, in the case of the restoration of Mosul, which are not expected to begin months before the process began, when asked Warren to participate in the operation , said: "We will not send our plan by mail." 
notes the newspaper that the Minister US defense said he expected the Americans to play a role in restoration of Mosul, and spoke about the deployment of additional US troops, and send 200 soldiers to northern Iraq; to gather information, and carry out raids against al Daash, it has been seen some of these fighters are working with the Peshmerga forces. 
and concludes " the Times" its report by noting that Warren did not mention the number of US troops in Iraq, afterthought that America has sent about two thousand adviser to Iraq and 50 military into northern Syria.The paper says that there are 300 British military adviser working in Iraq. 
Came under a new US military base in northern Iraq was attacked again by al Daash. The US military said it wanted to conceal the existence of this rule until the start of its operations Daash knew about them but apparently before the announcement Alomirka.oukal Warren in a press statement , "We continue to improve our combat .. to ensure the best ability to protect ourselves."

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