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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Cut off communication between Mosul and tenderness pays Daash to attack Europe



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Cut off communication between Mosul and tenderness pays Daash to attack Europe

Post by rocky on Thu 24 Mar 2016, 2:36 am

Cut off communication between Mosul and tenderness pays Daash to attack Europe

 translation: Range 

Over the past several months to organize Daash lost a lot of territory in a series of military Alandharat in Syria and Iraq, it is also subject to new financial pressures. But with setbacks on the battlefield and financial suffering organization has claimed responsibility for the terrorist attacks that hit the Brussels Tuesday, suggesting that he is still able to coordinate complex operations abroad. 
Daash certain crossing on the Syrian - Turkish border , which crosses them foreigners recruits and goods points I lost but still there bar length of 60 miles on the border under control. 
says analyst Coulomb Struck "I flipped the wave of the war against Daash", where they lost 22% of territory in Syria and Iraq since the beginning of 2015. the last victories in May 2015 when he seized Ramadi in Iraq and destroy in Syria. After seven months of Iraqi forces managed to restore gray, as Kurdish forces the city ofSinjar recovered in victories mean a lot for Iraq and the countries of the international coalition. 
In recent weeks , with the help of Russian air strikes, the Syrian government forces approached the restoration of ruin despite anti Daash attacks violent there. 
In February seized Shaddadi forces on the city , which was to Daash pipeline between the cities of Mosul and tenderness. While the United States prepare Iraqi forces to restore Mosul Although military intervention against isil characterized discounts and sensitivities, US forces have targeted over the past year senior Daash leaders in order to weaken the leadership of the organization and the dismantling of its organizational structure. 
In both countries, Syria and Iraq, suffers Daash of considerable financial pressure as trimmed his fighters 'salaries and take the pressure on parents to earn more money, a Mosul sons says , "at the end of last year seemed horror signs Daash and took invents methods to raise money , including the manipulation of currency exchange between the Iraqi dinar and the US dollar." 
for its part targeted air strikes for the international alliance oil infrastructure to Daash as the main source of revenues, which were also suffering from the collapse of world oil prices. 
with all of this is still the international coalition faces great challenges to weaken the extremist organization in Iraq and Syria, seen by Brett Mcgork alliance " a center of succession alleged global terrorism special presidential envoy." 
Mcgork said during his speech in the US House of Representatives on the tenth of February , "the recent military victories help to stripping Daash of vast resources and its claim to be a historical movement achieved certain victories. But keep these extremist group a large force , including thousands of foreigners from thecountry more than 100 fighters. And specifically a network of foreign fighters are still of concern to the United States and its partners ".

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