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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Edit Nineveh forces put Daash between the jaws of the pliers before the start of the process of Mosu



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Edit Nineveh forces put Daash between the jaws of the pliers before the start of the process of Mosu

Post by rocky on Thu 24 Mar 2016, 2:37 am

Edit Nineveh forces put Daash between the jaws of the pliers before the start of the process of Mosul

 BAGHDAD / Yousuf Sarkar 

Ninawa Operations Command began thedeployment of fighters near the headquarters of Nineveh operations berms to coincide with the influx of Iraqi Army and police of Nineveh to drunken prelude to wage the battle toliberate Almousel.palmkabl, battalions of anti-Daash inside Mosul continue its work to fight Daash leaders ofthe Organization of the attacks are often free zones , the population in fear of discovery Oedaha.utlqa an Iraqi air force aircraft thousands of leaflets on the northern city of Mosul, calling for residents to prepare and get ready to purge the city of al - Daash. 
He says the Nineveh provincial council member Ghazwan Hamid, (range), that "a military force to theregiment the second part of 72 Brigade within the band 15 and arrived accompanied by a large number of military wheeled to the drunk. " 
the fighters meet in the near curtain line of operations in the headquarters of a drunk. Said Ahmed Mahmoud Sayegh, said in an interview (to the extent), "I'm currently on the embankment in the areas adjacent to theheadquarters of the 15th Special Forces Division of the Iraqi army stationed in a drunk", adding that " thefighters in a drunken prepared all of them to fight, and did not care death." 
The fighter Ali Younes says , "We will make the elements of the terrorist organization between the jaws of the pliers security forces from abroad and the youth of Mosul honorable from the inside even purify the land of the hunchback of Conception these intruders." 
and received operational headquarters in drunken this month, the brigade armored follower of the Iraqi army, a large military reinforcements to the headquarters in boycotted drunken south of Mosul (405 km north ofBaghdad) in preparation for operations edit Nineveh from the control Daash. 
also moved three battalions of the provincial police to areas mobilized the army in the district of drunken south of Mosul (405 km north of Baghdad), as pointed out that the work of these regiments will focus on keeping ground after the liberation of the city from Daash. 
and operates armed factions from the people of Mosul Resume series and the activity of potential resistance to organizing Daash at home and which (Mosul Brigades and the al - Nabi Yunis and battalions edit Nineveh and are free of Mosul and cubs Nineveh and revenge Nineveh). 
dissemination of organizing Daash video of the execution of 16 fighters Mouselaa carried out operations execution against its leaders. He also published organize another video, earlier this month, for the execution of fighter Sharqat raising the Iraqi flag over one of the columns in the city. 
He says Abu Fahd, an arm of the factions of Mosul Brigades "We have killed a number of elements of theorganization into the connector on the edge , " a fighter, pointing out that the "fighters hunt elements Daash especially leading them by monitoring their movements and collect information about them and then ambushes to kill them in the free movement areas. " 
live the people of Mosul today 's security and living conditions extremely harsh, Valaaadamat and penalties, arrests and vandalism which is implemented by the organization Daash against them based on leaps and bounds associated with constant fear of daily aerial bombardment of the international coalition, as well as thespecter of famine and poverty that threatens the locals because of rampant unemployment, lack of access salaries for months, and procedures Daash that disrupted economic and social life and destroyed structures greeting. In 
return, the security forces are working to open safe corridors for the exit of civilians Mosul before the start of the liberation struggle under a plan for the transfer of the city 's population to more areas safe away from military clashes and threats of regulation Daash. 
He says the citizen Mazin Younis (term), "We are concerned and afraid of going through these corridors, we do not know whether Daash us were allowed to leave the not? ". He added , " I am not convinced by what we hear from the hallways safe. So how will the most out of a million and a half people without being exposed to the dangers and threats of regulation or aerial bombardment or otherwise? It is likely that theimplants Daash containers and spread snipers in those corridors, targeting both walk by. " 
While Um Hussein , who is a citizen living in the city of Mosul , said in her speech to the (range) , " hascreated some of what you need my family in a small bag placed where it falls under the hands of canned foods, clothing, medicine and other essential needs , because we we will need in the way we went out ,which is not safe at most , "asking the federal government to" find safe ways to actually leave the city. "

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