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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Attacking the Marines in a drunken speeding up the start of the process of "open Mosul"



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Attacking the Marines in a drunken speeding up the start of the process of "open Mosul"

Post by rocky on Sat 26 Mar 2016, 3:55 am

[size=32]Attacking the Marines in a drunken speeding up the start of the process of "open Mosul"[/size]

11:56:02 p.m. 03/25/2016 |(Voice of Iraq) - Baghdadpractical military progress stopped about "Qayyarah," after theliberation of"joint forces" to several villages connected to the tape interval between theTigris River and the incident on the other side of the river several Kleomtrut.Forces and refuses toprogress more towards "Qayyarah" status, given for the non-arrival of theMosul police battalions, which rehearses in the Speicher base on keeping theliberated land.Official in Nineveh province , and accused the interior minister torefrain from implementing thegovernment order issued inthis regard.The only "Commander in Chief", on Thursday, declaring thestart of theprocess of"open Mosul, through apress statement issued by theJoint SpecialOperations Command.Usually announce Abadi, as commander in chief of theforces armed, launching military operations, as happened in the liberation of Tikrit and Ramadi, through televised words.American forces began more enthusiasm, and announced amonth starting edit Mosul amid exiled Iraqi government before. but theMP for Nineveh Abdul Rahman Alloizi says (range) ,"Prime Minister is thebattle ofMosul arevery important, which isalready well because it is the capital of the caliphate ,according tothe viewpoint Daash. " In the opinion Alloizi that" al - Abadi was not enthusiastic to announce thelaunch editor of Nineveh ,"attributing it to" not wanting torepeat talking about thebattle ofMosul after the previous US statements to begin operations effectively. "but undeniably MP for Nineveh that" US forces are Her first decision in theliberation ofMosul process because of its control over the air and ownership information. "the Washington decided early, taking thereins edit Mosul process, according toobservers, and pushed past year, towards theappointment of thecommander ofoperations edit Nineveh , Maj . Gen. Najm Abdullah al -Jubouri, who had qualified in the United States, without the consent ofthe Ministry ofDefence. he acknowledged defense Minister Khaled al -Obeidi, in a televised interview, that he was not responsible for theappointment of al - Jubouri, while the most common time the existence of differences between theparties.Washington announced week past the arrival of 200 soldiers from the Marines, to Nineveh operations command headquarters in drunk. Was unveiled, after exposure Qaeda attacked by Daash and led to the killing and wounding of nine members of the US force.Importance ofQayyarah baseand is likely Abdulrahman Olokua, amember of the Nineveh provincial council, in his interview with the (range), " The share ofUS forces with Iraqis to carry out landing in Qayyarah base. " the control of the military base, which had been an army before itswithdrawal in the summer of2014, as" anend to Daash "in Qayyarah.It is expected to be the base platform for operations in the district and other parts ofMosul.According to the news from there that " therule now free from Daash."And carried out special forces US, in earlier times, several landing operations in Hawija and near Mosul resulted in thearrest of anumber of leaders Daash, freeing some detainees have Daash.Ground, managed tojoint forces during the past two days, withsupport from the Air international Alliance edit villages in theeastern bank of the Tigris River, namely: (Mtntr, Tel barley, Krmurde, Nasr, speech, Kodella, validity, and succulent). It is likely MP Abdulrahman Alloizi be "repeated attacks on Ninawa operations command and theheadquarters of US forces has accelerated thestart ofoperations in southern Mosul and remove therisk control of Qayyarah. "but thevillages that have been edited yet, just several Kilat from the river, where lies Qayyarah populated on the other bank of the Tigris.refers Alloizi that" US forces concerned with theelement ofsudden onset. " He adds that "our soldiers are now intensively trained to bridging operations, Vamuslhon do not know of any point of the army will pass to Qayyarah across theTigris." The process ofcrossing theEuphrates River, the end of last year through anartificial bridge, helped set byAmerican power, led to regain control of Ramadi , where he wassurprised Daash theprogress ofIraqi forces toward the city center , which blew up thebridges. it isbelieved that the Iraqi forces ofMosul will not be attacked directly, they rely on thetactic of"encirclement" and cut supplies before pouncing on the city, as happened previously with gray. theproblem ofkeeping theEarth with thestart edit Qayyarah process, it islikely Abdulrahman Olokua, amember of theCouncil ofNineveh, thestart of"simultaneous operations" in Sharqat, and Hawija, which is open and connected areas with theside of thesouth side. but Olokua detect stopped military operations in Qayyarah after the arrival of the attacking forces on theoutskirts of theTigris River.Musli administrator and explain that that the"joint forces awaiting the arrival of three regiments to catch theliberated land." He pointed out that "the interior minister refuses toimplement it ,despite its release from the prime minister." And trained in theSpeicher base, north of Tikrit 0.11 regiment of the Nineveh province police, he joined theDepartment ofthem in thecamp ,"Dobrdan", north ofMosul, before being disbanded last year after It doubts theexistence of"aliens" Ver.tlk regiments had recently decisively, and the military issued adecision totransfer part of these regiments to Nineveh to catch Alad. He says Olokua "must be one regiments up to grab land before theTigris River, be the task of the second group caught Qayyarah, and the third until after thehand." Thecombined forces fear progress more toward Qayyarah even Atqa the problem "holding ground", although the official Musli confirms that "those areas rejects the existence ofDaash , " pointing out that " the more populated by members of the police and army and havebeen subjected to harsh penalties of militants and to summary executions."says Liberation ofIraq, thegovernor ofNineveh , theformer in acommentary he wrote on his page in Facebook Ban "time is too early to move residents ofareas controlled by Daash." it does not appear Daash interested tostay in villages before theTigris River.Says Ninawa Operations Command, in a press statement, that it "did not encounter resistance , " and over " thegunmen fled."The concern of some of the"snipers" belonging to Daash, for several hours ,military units before retreating toward Qayyarah.According toestimates, about a quarter of a million people in Qayyarah, still live in thedistrict, most of them from the Jabour tribe that fought their cousins ​​, along with the joint forces in theWest against the other Daash. And those links clan may be positive, if thesearch population "shelters" to escape the fighting ,which isapproaching from Qayyarah center. He says Olokua "Most of thepeople there ,relatives and returning to one grandparent, and when abandoned Daash, recently, residents in the village ofAzwaip lie innearby villages . " . it does not seem there is a big problem in theevacuation of the population from Qayyarah while much battles, there is also west of the vast open area, including the villages had away from the point ofabout 10 km which can be used. but thebiggest problem that you may encounter themilitary and the local leadership in Nineveh, is the large number of theinhabitants ofMosul that approximately two million people, inwhat isbelieved to be Qayyarah after editing a safe haven for civilians. Wael blessing Add comment

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