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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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US officials: Post Marines in a drunken operations expanded to Washington's role in Iraq



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US officials: Post Marines in a drunken operations expanded to Washington's role in Iraq

Post by rocky on Sat 26 Mar 2016, 3:56 am

[size=32]US officials: Post Marines in a drunken operations expanded to Washington's role in Iraq[/size]

11:34:07 p.m. 03/25/2016 |(Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad counting US officials, on Friday, theparticipation of the Marines in themilitary operations in southern Mosul , adrunk, anexpansion in therole ofWashington 'smilitary presencein Iraq. US military official said in an interview I followed (range Press), " Thecombat role theUS in Iraq against (Daash) began toexpand further through theestablishment ofMarines operating in a small base in a drunken supporting Iraqi troops in military operations there, select yesterday by offering military and artillery assigned to those forces that are moving slowly towards the liberation ofMosul, and locate the enemy and targeted . " said the US official ,who asked not tobe named, said : " this has been by launching bombs enlightenment to help Iraqi forces and artillery insupport of Iraqi military attack that enables fighters take control of several villages on theoutskirts ofdrunken area southeast ofMosul. " for his part , an official said US military last, " the Marines supported shelling provided inresponse to arequest from theIraqi government ," noting that "American military leaders do not promise that an expansion in the combat mission of theAmerican side, but expansion forthe Iraqi forces attribution important."promised the US official, " the use of American troops to bombs enlightenment and firing artillery shells to assign advanced Iraqi forces , in itself, asign of theexpansion of therole of theMarines of thesecurity tasks to more tasks, pour the combat activity despite the fact that theMarine Corps is located in thefront lines with the Iraqis , " noting that "forces Marines were not fired artillery shells to protect Iraqis and advisers Americans who are at the base, but were helping Iraqis in themilitary offensive against the Sunni Islamist al (Daash) " a spokesman for theinternational coalition Steve Warren said during a press conference earlier," the Fire Pace Base US in adrunken it should not be perceived as a combat outpost, being located behind thefront lines, anddid not initiate thefight against theenemy. " the US military officials have revealed, earlier, for theestablishment of abase for Marine Corps operations dubbed (Fire Pace Bill Fire Base Bell) in adrunken, the first rule of its kind , the United States established since the return oftroops to Iraq in 2014, while underlining that the Marines mission at thebase's 200 troops are to provide security protection to Iraqi forces and advisers Americans who are there. the US Secretary ofdefense Ashton Carter, previously had said that theUnited States consider a number of options to sharpen the pace of the fight against (Daash), which has not received approval yet from theWhite House, including thesending ofadditional US troops to Iraq and the use of Apache helicopters in combat missions with thedeployment ofmore operations forces own, or hiring consultants American soldiers in Iraqi military units adjacent to the battlefronts.Add comment

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