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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Brigade in the popular crowd: America and Arab countries blocked the liberation of Fallujah



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Brigade in the popular crowd: America and Arab countries blocked the liberation of Fallujah

Post by rocky on Sat 26 Mar 2016, 4:12 am

Brigade in the popular crowd: America and Arab countries blocked the liberation of Fallujah

 BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

He accused the banner "Supporters ofreference" of the popular crowd, and the Iraqi government of "complicity" with the United States and Arab countries for "obstructing" liberation of Fallujah , despite the preparations complete to edit, except that it aims to "inciting sectarian strife." 
While the detection of the government 's refusal to enter aid relief to the people of the besieged city "completely", reiterated his warning to withdraw from its positions if you do not start editing operations after the thirty - day deadline expires. 
the media brigade official, Salah al - Moussawi, said in an interview to the (long - Presse), " the agreement between the United States and Arab countries was the knowledge of the Iraqi government and approval hinders the starting edit Fallujah operation, (62 west of the capital Baghdad km), from the control of theorganization Daash. " 
Al - Moussawi said that" preparations for the Liberation of Fallujah began two months ago , waiting to take the necessary decision to launch , "pointing out that" government officials are delaying zero hour to release itfrom time to time. " 
the media Brigade supporters reference official, that" operations in Fallujah parked at the present time, where they were warning us that the editing process was postponed until after the liberation of Nineveh , "adding that it" aims to ignite sectarian strife and conflicts and strengthen Daash the battle continued against terrorism in Iraq. " 
Musawi said that" the brigade headquarters located about 4 km from the city of Fallujah , center, and his pieces are spread from the structures area and camp Tariq to Amiriyah Fallujah, and , about one kilometer from the besieged city center completely , "following the" liberation of Fallujah is easy after getting rid of theproblem of improvised explosive devices that have been impeding the progress of our troops. " 
explained press officer to" address the IED has Using a new device we invented to explode through the pulse is 200 meters, "Msttrda that" the device is similar to that found among American troops, However , we've developed. " 
he went on al - Moussawi , he said," the Fallujah siege is not allowed to enter the food and relief to them although the Brigade 's commander , supporters of reference, Hamid al - Yasiri, a student brought in thepeople of the only human side, though they belong to Daash, but the federal government refused to therefore , "stressing that" the brigade planned to leave breakers operations in Fallujah and go to the other in case ofliberation of the city operations did not begin after the thirty - day deadline set by the command of Hamid al -Yassiri, the government expires. " 
the Brigade" supporters of reference "gave the government, in the (22 from March current 2016), 30 days to the start of liberalization processes Fallujah, and otherwise withdraw from cutouts surrounding the judiciary. 
in a related context, the leadership of the popular crowd in Anbar province, clearing two areas in Saqlawiyah, north of Fallujah announced (62 km west of Baghdad), from control organization Daash, also confirmed thedeaths of dozens of members of the organization during the battles. 
he said the commander of the third battalion in the brigade vine Fallujah to rally popular Colonel Ahmed Karim Bedaiwi, in an interview with (long - Presse), " the security forces have carried out large - scale military operation targeting al Daash terrorist groupings in Saqlawiyah (17 km north of Fallujah), which resulted inclearing the regions of joy and coming up in the district and the killing of dozens of members of theorganization. " 
Bedaiwi said that" the security forces were able to during the process of the destruction of two wheels bombs near Maftool crossing and the bombing of three additives in farming villages, " He pointed out that " theorganization of Daash gangs trying to repel provide security forces to send bombs wheels and the firing ofrockets and mortar shells , many of whom fled to Fallujah." 
the leadership of the popular crowd in Anbar province announced that , in the (23 March 2016), the launch of a security operation to cleanse Saqlawiyah, north of Fallujah (62 km west of Baghdad), while confirming that the first few hours of the start of military operations resulted in the deaths of dozens of members of al -Daash.

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