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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Counter-terrorism forces leave the Heat battle to control security in Baghdad



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Counter-terrorism forces leave the Heat battle to control security in Baghdad

Post by rocky on Sat 26 Mar 2016, 4:13 am

Counter-terrorism forces leave the Heat battle to control security in Baghdad

 translation term 

The support of the air strikes , theinternational coalition, the Iraqi forces cleared the land northwest of Baghdad on the Euphrates valley while preparing it to restore the city of Mosul from Daash, but progress on a slow ground because of the political crisis that prompted the government to withdraw some troops from the front to secure the capital. amid this confusion, Iraqi forces focus on the city of Hit.Where military commanders say the battle restore Hit Daash is to build momentum and cut Daash supply lines linking the government of western forces north of Baghdad in preparation for the final assault on Almousel.icol team Ali Abboud of the elite forces to fight terrorism "Hit the key is to Daash line support from Syria, and it all comes down logistical support to Daash in Anbar from this place . "But despite the near of theinternational coalition of support and although the fight veteran terrorism forces take the lead, a process that began a few weeks ago to restore the Heat of Daash have stalled due to political unrest in Bgdad.vkd massing on Friday thousands of followers of Muqtada al - Sadr in a sit -in outside the heavily fortified green Zone , where Sadr called in February to political reforms amid concern economic crisis experienced by Iraq as a result of the collapse of world oil prices. The purpose of the protests is to put pressure on the political leadership to make Alaslahat.oukal one of the leaders in the fight against terrorism forces , "we had to re -four regiments to Baghdad on Friday night by the Prime Minister ordered after protesters defied the ban on the protest. It was supposed to be in the Heat now, but after solving the problem of protest we will go again to the Heat .osbak that " the cause of political imbalance in stopping the military operations because thedisparate forces hostile to Daash proved their inability to work together harmoniously. Also , the Battle of therestoration of Mosul facing complications stemming from the recent successes of the Iraqi forces on theground, with progress forces took the front lines and supply lines stretched causing exposing troops to Sidikh.oicol attacks Lieutenant General Abboud said wheels bombs are still influential even with the progress oftroops northwest of Anbar and they the only effective weapon , which is owned by Daash. At the same time, the battles on the outskirts of Ramadi , is still going to be cleared of Daash slows progress Aovernmah.ourgem forces large gains made ​​by Iraqi forces in Anbar, few of the displaced families were able to return to their homes, the United Nations estimates that among the three million displaced Iraqis there are40% of the Anbar province. for: Osyoshitd Press

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