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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Daash trying to block the release of Hit attack "Ein al-Assad" and rallying from Mosul and tendernes



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Daash trying to block the release of Hit attack "Ein al-Assad" and rallying from Mosul and tendernes

Post by rocky on Sun Mar 27, 2016 3:45 am

Daash trying to block the release of Hit attack "Ein al-Assad" and rallying from Mosul and tenderness

 BAGHDAD / Wael blessing 

Did not go 24 hours to declare the military leadership leap edit, western Anbar, even suicide bombers attacked a military base, comprising officers from the Marine Corps, near the Heat. 
Usually sneaks Daash across the Euphrates River to launch attacks against modern military base , situated on the other side of the river. It uses the organization to reach the other side boats or bridges restored restored. Conversely begin Division of the Iraqi army and the forces of counter - terrorism, with theparticipation of leaders and fighters , local of the Heat attack on the elimination of the three axes , including aleap recently liberated. Mines surround the Heat says Naim al - Gaood, a prominent tribal western Anbar leaders, in a conversation with (range), " The Hit the storming operation will be launched during the next two days after a leap cleansing and the road connecting to the elimination of explosive. " Gaood points out that "Daash he had placed bombs heavily in a leap and we need some time to get rid of them," pointing out that " the road to the Heat is full of mines and trenches, and that the judiciary itself is surrounded by mines." And announced media cell - Harbi, a subsidiary of Joint Special Operations Command on Friday, the liberation of aleap in terms of spend Hit the reality on the 45 kilometers to the west of the city of Ramadi fully Anbar province. She said the cell, in a statement, said security forces managed to free a leap City is full and raising the Iraqi flag on the premises. It drew media cell, earlier Friday past, appeal to the people of a leap urging them "not to get out of their homes and stay there until they complete the cleansing process." Daash test packages in return out of thousands of families from white, through the southern port, towards the leap, which is the only way who organize Daash allowed open it in front of civilians. It was transferred fleeing battles to camps for displaced people in areas located 30 km from the gray. The organization still exists amid the Heat and the rest areas, and prevent civilians from leaving, and the blowing up of the bottles beyond those limits. She says the names of al - Ani, a member of the Anbar provincial council , who hails from thetribe inhabiting the western Anbar province, said that "six families so far killed by Daash when she tried toflee." She expressed the United Nations, last week, expressed "deep concern" over the fate of about 35 thousand people have fled their hometowns in the Hit area. Said al - Ani said "Water provides humanitarian organizations and food supplies for hygiene for the displaced as well as the Department of Immigration 'sefforts." She is responsible at the United Nations that "mobile clinics treated 1,300 people in the first two days after its establishment." Attack "Ein al - Assad" On the other hand leaked news the participation of US troops in repelling an attack by suicide bombers attacked, yesterday, Ain al - Assad base near al - Baghdadi, west ofHit. She said the names of al - Ani said "infiltrators from Daash failed to cross to inside the base where officers from the Marine Corps exist." He denied knowing the news of the intervention of US forces to repel the attack. According to informed sources in the hand , al - Baghdadi, said that "nine suicide bombers hadinfiltrated the Ein al - Asad base, broke out between them and the Iraqi army clashes in which US forces intervened." Enables the Iraqi army with the help of US troops killed eight suicide bombers, and the ninth blew himself up at the start of the entrance of al - Qaeda attack , it operates in American advisers. The sources pointed out that the attack resulted in the killing of an Iraqi officer rank of major, with two soldiers and wounded six other soldiers varying injuries. She said al - Ani said "Daash stems from the regions of thecupboard meal to carry out attacks on the modern and the base eye - Assad." The longer those areas, which are located on the east bank of the Euphrates River, and the corresponding date to spend, the influence and the presence of Daash centers. Iraqi forces have failed in the past months of re - control. According to Ani, " the militants were using canoes to cross the Euphrates to the other side to attack military targets, as they had to re - build some bridges hit by coalition aircraft to cross to the Heat as well." Centralization Daash in Hit and reveal Ani a large gathering of militants Daash in Hit. Pointing out to "bring the organization a large supply of militants from the Al Rigga and Mosul in anticipation of the start of the Iraqi attack on the Heat." According tomilitary preparations, the forces of "anti - terrorism" will be the only party that will attack the Heat to thenorth, flying from hand - Baghdadi. As it will attack the seventh band, of the Iraqi army, out of a leap hand, to the east of the judiciary, in addition to the axis of Lebanon in the west of Hit, which is 3 km away. It confirms al - Ani , the existence of tribal forces will support the forces of the people of those areas , led bycolonel Yousef Namrawi. According to the local charge that "there are about 200 people from the Heat sons Simeskun ground in the judiciary after its liberation." On the other hand reports suggest the withdrawal ofbatches of "anti - terror" forces to Baghdad, because of the volatile political situation in the capital and thecontinued sit - ins near the green , which could lead to disruption of the storming Heat.

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