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Iraqi forces freed two villages in Sinjar and cut the supply line between Mosul and head of Syria



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Iraqi forces freed two villages in Sinjar and cut the supply line between Mosul and head of Syria

Post by rocky on Sun 27 Mar 2016, 3:49 am

Iraqi forces freed two villages in Sinjar and cut the supply line between Mosul and head of Syria

 BAGHDAD / Reuters 

The Iraqi army said Friday that fighters Aesidein and tribal seized a border area with Syria in the Sinjar area was in the grip of theorganization Daash and cut off this supply line key for the organization. 
According to an army statement broadcast on state television that the fighters took control of the regions or Aldepan mother Grace nearby Syrian border . 
the forces include units of Peshmerga and the Yezidis fighters had seized last November on the Yazidi town ofSinjar , in which the organization has committed atrocities against religious minorities. 
this comes at a time when the Iraqi army launched an attack to regain the major cities of Iraq city of Mosul, which fell to the Daash in June 2014. 
in a related context, said US Secretary of defense Ashton Carter, on Friday, said that the finance minister organization Daash and other leaders were killed is likely this week in a major offensive aimed at the financial organization 's activities in the latest blow in a series of setbacks suffered by the militant group. 
Carter said, in the press at the Pentagon statement, the United States killed Haji faith of a prominent organization, is responsible for the management of financial affairs as well as a leadership called Abu Sarah described by US Secretary of defense as responsible for paying the fighters ' salaries in the north of Iraq. in 
turn, the Chief of staff joint General Joseph Dunford at the same news conference , said that targeting operations reflect new impetus "indisputable" in the fight against al Daash. 
officials told Reuters that US special forces carried out the raid against Haji faith. One official said that theoriginal plan was to arrest him, not kill him. But the helicopter belonging to the special forces came under fire from the ground who took the decision to shoot from the air. 
And rarely coalition soldiers working in areas controlled by Daash in Iraq , where there are no forces friendly to help if Americans faced any problems. 
He predicted Dunford increase the number of current US forces in Iraq from its current level , which has 3,800 troops and strengthen the capabilities of Iraqi forces to launch a broad military operation in Mosul on regulation, pointing out that these decisions have not yet reached the implementation phase. Carter said "we are working systematically to eliminate members of al Daash." 
 Media reports that Haji Iman, who was also known as Abdul Rahman Alqadola and other kinetic names, waskilled in a US raid in Syria , but Pentagon officials have refused to say how the implementation process. 
Come this amid growing pressure on al Daash who loses consistently land in Iraq and Syria in favor of theforces of US - backed raid. 
although the direct field - effect to get rid of Haji Iman is not yet clear but the strike is the latest blow in aseries of strikes that targeted senior leaders of the organization , such as Abu Omar Chechen which thePentagon described as minister of war as well as the arrest of members of the US Special forces stationed in Iraq , a prominent expert in chemical weapons at the organization and handed over to the Iraqi government. 
he noted Carter that killed Haji Iman will hinder the ability of the organization to move in and out of Iraq and Syria, but admitted that this step alone is not enough to crippled. 
"these are the leaders for a long time. they are prominent and experienced and thus get rid of them is animportant goal to achieve significant results. but will be replaced and we will continue to keep track of their leaders and other aspects of their abilities." 
said American officials that they helping the Iraqi forces to prepare for a massive operation in Mosul to regain land seized by the militant group. 
US Navy said it provides cover shelling at the request of Baghdad to help Iraqi forces to move to new locations. 
Navy emphasized that the Iraqi forces are doing the military operation, noting that the US military does not seek to largest field role. 
he noted Carter that Haji Iman was in charge of other tasks related to planning and external affairs for theorganization Daash also played a role in the recruitment of foreign fighters but did not confirm that, related to the bombings that took place on Tuesday in Brussels, killing 31 people . 
said Bruce Riedel, a former analyst at the CIA and an expert on Middle East affairs at the Brookings Research Center, "it 's a major blow for the organization Daash ... was an important figure about ten years ago in theperiod of Abu Musab al - Zarqawi , and contributed to the creation of what has become known today organized Daash in Iraq and the Levant. " 
did Carter explains how the United States successfully targeting leaders such as Haji faith and Chechen. 
but Hisham al - Hashimi, an adviser to the Iraqi government on Daash, he said that military successes in recent times perhaps returning to bonuses announced in return provide information about the group 's leaders.
shows the US State Department Web site that the United States had offered seven million dollars peer about Haji faith. 
He Dunford that the US military has increased significantly the pace of the exchange of intelligence information with the European armies in recent months with the authorities ' attempt to curb the flow offighters foreigners to Syria and Iraq. 
Dunford said that foreign fighters from more than 100 countries are currently fighting in Syria and Iraq, adding that the total number is estimated to exceed 30 thousand. Dunford and stressed the need for further cooperation between all these countries to avoid attacks similar to those that took place in Brussels.

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