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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Daash band 15 attacks away from a drunk ... and Turkey bombed insurgent positions for the first time



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Daash band 15 attacks away from a drunk ... and Turkey bombed insurgent positions for the first time

Post by rocky on Tue 29 Mar 2016, 4:06 am

Daash band 15 attacks away from a drunk ... and Turkey bombed insurgent positions for the first time

 BAGHDAD / Wael blessing 

It remained a small group of soldiers inside the thread watchtowers surrounding the camp "edit Mosul", east of Mosul, and guarding thebig military base. While about 5 thousand fighters place left for alternative sites in order to avoid new attacks by organizing Daash Ddhm.ouktlt Iraqi forces, earlier this week ,0.6 militants , including suicide bombers, who had attacked the camp for the second time, South drunk, taking advantage of the bad weather conditions, while escaped four others. In contrast militants attacked Daash, thesixth time in camp (Zhelkan), located north of Bashiqa, which is supervised by the Nineveh governor of theformer Ethel Nujaifi, and has the support and protection of Turkish troops sparked resentment and intercept the Iraqi government. received by Turkish troops, aided by aircraft, the sources of fire in a village on theoutskirts of Mosul, after the killing of a Turkish officer during an attack by gunmen Daash recently. and began the process of "open Mosul , " just days after the killing and wounding of nine US troops in the camp. And was able to edit nine villages between drunk and Qayyarah, south of Mosul. Daash behind the hills but Rashad Klaly, a leader of party , the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan ( PUK ) in a drunken, said in a telephone interview with the (term) that "liberated villages so far are only 4, located in the south - west of drunken" . denies Klaly military progress towards the villages of south drunk. He explains that " the villages in the south side isdifficult to storm it easily because they occur between the hills," he said . "Daash deploy there snipers and suicide bombers and car bomb." Kurdish official denies that the process of "open Mosul" are the main operation to liberate the city, likely she came to pay risk Iraqi and US forces camp in eastern Mosul. and share a group of Americans , experts and Marines, Iraqi forces in agricultural land leased in the region between Daash sites and the city of Arbil, which occupies 100 acres. on the other hand is expected to not only American power to provide counseling or air support the process of liberalization of Mosul, may even exceed to participate Priya, especially after the arrival of 200 members of the Marines to the parties to Mosul.and was completed recently, the arrival of the band 15 of the Iraqi army, with an estimated population ofabout five thousand members , to the camp drunk. It seems that the choice of site for the pool "edit Mosul forces", away from the areas where militants Daash, about 10 km, was the right decision. The raid Turkish suicide attacks have increased recently, and the pace of targeting the camp, after being attacked by 10 militants, including suicide bombers, the site, in earlier this week. according to Kilali, " the Iraqi forces hadkilled six of the attackers, were missing after the four others." and speaking Kurdish in charge of questions about how they got them into place, and the possibility that the fighters have taken cars to the camp. He says , "How do we explain the absence of the effects of clay on the dead attackers shoes , despite the wave of rain then? Especially since the projected distance covered gunmen, not less than 10 km?". Klaly and asserts that " the army has left part of the camp , which was held in South drunk because of the increasing those attacks, moved to alternative sites , "and kept some guard posts in the old site. Meanwhile , shelled Turkish warplanes for the first time, to Daash positions near Bashiqa, had launched them, on Sunday evening, aKatyusha rocket targeted a camp of fighters belonging to the Liberation of Iraq, purses former Nineveh. He says Mahmoud Alsurja, spokesman for the National crowd led by Najafi, said that " the sixth attack on acamp Zhelkan killed a Turkish officer and two Iraqi volunteers." confirms Alsurja, in his interview with the(range), " the Turks counselors at the camp with force small military, usually respond to the sources of fire. " in the camp, near the border of the Kurdistan region, about 8 thousand members , according to Alsurja, called on the government to" agree to adapt the 15 thousand fighters have registered pending the approval ofBaghdad. " fate of the crowd Najafi asserts Alsurja " the joint operations room in Nineveh, which includes ,along with Iraqi forces both Alamirkiyan and Peshmerga agreed to the participation of all the fighters in theliberation of Mosul, even civilians who want to fight . " in a reference to the possibility of the participation of the national crowd, led by Najafi. expects some parties in Mosul Post "Turkish troops" along with a crowd Najafi in the battle to liberate Mosul, though the destinations, in Nineveh, and described as the "militia", Marjaheen targeted by regular forces. An informed official in Nineveh (range) that " the US agreement - Turkey lead to the last post in the liberation of Mosul operations within the situation in Syria settlements. " the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi has sent his defense minister to Sinjar last year to make sure that information about the presence of Turkish troops there. The lawmakers, who spoke to the (range) recently, Turkey hasfunded a camp run by former Nineveh governor, and she has equipping more than 10 tanks. The official, who preferred anonymity, was not authorized to declare that " the Turkish side will use its troops and armored vehicles stationed at a camp in northern Mosul in the coming battles. " He predicted that " the crowd Najafi participate alongside Turkish troops." Did not take part crowd Najafi yet battles, because the currently open fronts away from the location, on according to what it says Alsurja. , West of Mosul battles contrast highlights the clans each of the flames, Jabour, and Sbaaoyen in southern Mosul battles . And achieved the formation of"rarities" which is supervised by MP Abdul Rahim al - Shammari for "Ayad Allawi" in Mosul list, progress in thedirection of Baaj west of Mosul area. Complain Shammari, supervisor of internalized in the form of the popular Aahd group, from the weakness of armament. He says (range) that " the group is made ​​up of clans Jabour with a number of Yazidis fighters in the Sinjar." Freed the group that began its work two weeks ago, three districts in western Mosul, said Shammari that its goals: "Edit Baaj then Tal Afar to finally reaching the Mosul ".

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