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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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US newspaper: privileges of foreign fighters provoke sharp splits within Daash



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US newspaper: privileges of foreign fighters provoke sharp splits within Daash

Post by rocky on Tue Mar 29, 2016 4:11 am

US newspaper: privileges of foreign fighters provoke sharp splits within Daash

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The newspaper " The Wall Street Journal , " the American said in a report / that theforeign fighters who welcome them organize Daash as part of the basis of the global mission caused a split internally significant within its ranks up to the level of violence as aresult of differing deal between them and the local fighters, while moving the organization to target Europe and the United States. the newspaper pointed out that two of the perpetrators of the Brussels bombings as well as the mastermind of the bombings in Paris is believed to have recently traveled to the Middle East before returning to Europe to carry out attacks. it said that although the role of foreign fighters in the expansion Daash terrorism, the experts and some residents analysts in the areas controlled by the organization say the simmering violence and problems are continuing between the foreign fighters and local, what explains that the recent setbacks in battles exacerbate tensions within the organization. the newspaper quoted one of the citizens in Mosul that "over time , and because of the financial and administrative differences between combatants, began local fighters complain of foreigners. " the paper talked about" altercation got a few weeks ago in a crowded market between armed foreigner in regulation with an elderly Iraqi where insulted a foreign elderly fighter to the fact that a short beard he took the old curse fighter in front of the public eye, it is surprising that six local fighters intervened along withSheikh and beat foreign companion and tied him up and threw him in the car and drove it. " According to thenewspaper," no less than 38.200 foreign fighters from 120 countries traveled to Syria since the conflict began there. Many of them - especially the Europeans - do not pay local and tribal traditions in Iraq and Syria any interest, Fsharth Arts known Bal_husbh roam the streets women, the elderly and insult because of the small things , such as smoking or clothing type. " She explained that" in the beginning of this year was torn dozens of local fighters in the city Deir Syrian Zour accused foreign comrades using them as fodder for the cannons.the newspaper quoted Patrick Skinner, a former officer in the CIA and a colleague Sovann set - up for Daash, says that "resentment among local fighters heading towards escalation after Alandharat incurred by theorganization in the battlefields. after loss Daash of the city of Tel Opied northern Syria at the hands of Kurdish fighters, delivered by local fighters blame on foreign fighters for not providing adequate support. " adds Skinner that" local and foreign fighters occupy high positions in Daash in Iraq and Syria, the local ones who located them blame for setbacks and accused of treason and are often executed in public as a warning to others what gives the impression to the people that the foreigners are occupiers are full of Balksaoh, often caused resentment from the privileges of foreign fighters from the moment of their arrival, where they are accommodated in houses over the hills outside the city , while local dwell in valleys are the envy of local comrades who feel that foreigners exploit them increased the desire to get rid of them. " He went on bysaying , " regulation trust them because they sacrificed their lives in luxury , and came to the land of Daash, where foreign fighter receives $ 200 per month while the local receive $ 130, this distinction and inequality helped defection of some local fighters and join the other groups, while hundreds have joined the new branches in other countries. " the newspaper concluded , " at the time , which caused failure of regulation in the battlefields of contraction imprint Daash in Iraq and Syria, the leadership encouraged foreign recruits to go to Libya and other places , which he hopes Daash expansion. " about: the Wall Street Journal

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