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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Army approached Daash areas paid to gain satisfaction parents



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Army approached Daash areas paid to gain satisfaction parents

Post by rocky on Thu 31 Mar 2016, 3:58 am

Army approached Daash areas paid to gain satisfaction parents

 term / Reuters 

He seized the Um Mahmoud joy mixed withfear when she saw the Iraqi flag for the first time since the lifting of the elements of theorganization Daash black banner on her village Khrbirdan about two years ago. The Iraqi flag flying from a Humvee - led Iraqi security forces in an attack described as the first move in the framework of the campaign was expected in a big way to liberate the northern province of Nineveh ,from the grip of Daash terrorist. 
The battle is not to restore only the land but also to win the hearts of civilians and minds, many of whom welcomed the initially the militants saviors for them from the Shiite - led government. 
but many quickly however, were the feelings of contempt for the militant group, which has been used brutal sanctions against his opponents and bring severe economic suffering of the inhabitants of the areas they had controlled in a lightning offensive across northern and western Iraq in 2014-2015. 
However, the first evidence for the progress of the Iraqi army in a drunken area indicate that the restoration of public confidence , there will be a complex probably because members Daash penetrated among the Sunni population. 
said Um Mohammed, who now lives with her ​​family in a youth center houses some 2,000 people displaced by the recent fighting, in an interview with Reuters that " the hardest thing under the rule of Daash is hunger." 
she added , "can not imagine how happy I am , " when I saw government troops again but complained that some soldiers dragged the mutilated bodies of fighters from al Daash front of her children. 
and close distanced group of displaced people itself from the organization Daash but also denounced thetroops to kill civilians in the fighting and accused some soldiers ill - treatment. 
he said Abu Rayan , 24, from the village of Khrbirdan "we suffered because of Daash and now the army comes .. should we also suffer because of it ?" 
said Khalaf Mahmoud " did not treat us in a good way , "accusing members of the security forces using insults sectarian." 
and will help the way that meets the population - most of whom are Sunnis - Iraqi forces in determining thecourse of the campaign to liberate Mosul , the largest city within the caliphate declared by the organization Daash areas they control in Iraq and Syria . 
and to mobilize people around them sought hardliners to instill fear among the population in the areas they control that belonging to the government forces would kill the year. 
However , the Iraqi military leaders are hoping to take a majority row security forces in their advance towards Mosul , which lies about 60 kilometers north of Makhmour not still it has more than a million people. 
and carrying Abu Rayan and other men , security agents responsible for mishandling. He said Abu Ryan "What these elements have not ruled out the military these become all the villages that have been edited to Daash." 
Many of those displaced from Khrbirdan The militants who Ithspon attack on the village they renewed their efforts to win the satisfaction of the population in the last few weeks through the provision of free gas cooking cylinders. 
the man managed to escape from another village in the region before the start of the attack said the militants were given families incentives such as food and cooking gas to encourage them to move to homes free close to the front lines. 
in the earlier days of the military offensive Khrbirdan residents said reinforcements from the organization Daash reached the area to increase the number of fighters in The village of about 50 whether Iraqis or foreign fighters. 
The digging elements Daash tunnels and trenches to hide from the American air strikes , which began targeting regulatory sites in the region since the March 23 attack in support of Iraqi forces. Then Iraqi forces made ​​to restore the three villages population resides now in the youth center. 
Conveys men questioned by Kurdish security forces who fear the infiltration of fighters from Daash terrorist center of the displaced. This highlights the challenges that the Iraqi authorities are facing destinations relief to achieve a balance between humanitarian needs and security concerns. And 
does not represent the number of displaced in the latest waves of displacement ratio of a large number ofmore than three million Iraqis have left their homes during the past two years, but it portends a wave ofgreater anger with the approach of the security forces of Mosul.

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