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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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How the Iraqis received post Marines in the battle against Daash?



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How the Iraqis received post Marines in the battle against Daash?

Post by rocky on Fri 01 Apr 2016, 2:52 am

[size=32]How the Iraqis received post Marines in the battle against Daash?[/size]

02:13:32 04/01/2016 |(Voice ofIraq) - Baghdad at dawn onThursday called US soldiers first artillery shell against al "Daash" in Mosul, bringing theUS ground forces officially took part alongside the Iraqi army and thePeshmerga in the liberation of Nineveh process.Commander of Joint Chiefs ofStaff Gen. Joe Dunford announced during press conference with Secretary ofdefense Ashton Carter, the 200 soldiers of the troops of the US marine (Marines) hadused artillery to help Iraqi forces in theliberation ofMosul process. as anofficial statement issued by theUS Department of defense said that theunit 26 of theMarines will participate in the military A'eat wild against "Daash" withthe consent of the Iraqi government, after thekilling and wounding anumber of American soldiers in arocket attack carried out byDaash on amilitary base on theoutskirts ofMosul. thenew American decision surprised theIraqis, and theusual split politicians and citizens are among them, Sunni and Kurdish blocs welcomed this, and refused toShiite parties, but Shiite factions strongly objected and threatened tofight the US forces. Shi'ite factions ,which is also called the "popular crowd" theUnited States considers its arch - foe, for the parties to the history of fighting against each other when thousands ofAmerican troops occupying Iraq years ago and are being killed at thehands of theShiite faction fighters and refuses factions Shiite day involvement of US forces in the war against "Daash."hours after the Pentagon said theMarines will participate in ground operations against the"Daash," theforces of theShiite factions announced itsrefusal, a "Hezbollah Brigades , " led by Abu Mahdi Mohandes , a military official Thefirst of thetroops , " thepopular crowd," and "League of the Righteous , " led by Qais al - Khazali, the movement "nujaba" led by Akram al -Kaabi, a species close to Iran.Hezbollah Brigades said that " theMarines came to protect Daash .. and we will fight the US forces as Qatlnahm years ago, "" the League of the Righteous , "also announced that its fighters will deal with theUS forces as an occupying force, believing that Washington isusing Daash excuse to re presence inside Iraq, and called on the rest of theShiite factions to prepare to fight the US forces. " movement nujaba "announced that "Our soldiers areready to face the new occupation, and our missiles and Abboatna bases will not leave safely .. and we will have memories when theybeat them years ago."differing views on theother hand there are a lot of parties and citizens who have different views on theparticipation of US ground troops in thewar against "Daash" "Iraqi forces coalition , " which includes all Sunni parties in Iraq announced welcomed theparticipation of Marines in combat. theposition ofSunni parties in Iraq is not strange, since Daash attack on Iraq in June 2014, asked the parties from the United States share its ground troops in battles, as well as theKurds, but theIraqi government and the Shia parties rejected it networking sites in Iraq ,discussed this issue as well, the Iraqis have been busy over thepast week to express their views on theparticipation of theMarines with the Iraqi army to fight Daash.divided Iraqi positions, there are welcomed toparticipate US and considered itnecessary to defeat Daash, while therejection ofothers so they considered anoccupation, and there are those who consider that ground intervention came too late, and said the United States should participate wilderness troops since theoccupation Daash Iraqi cities.militarily, says a colonel in the Iraqi army Qais al -Saadi's "talk" " the US forces finally decided toparticipate in a real battle against Daash .. it was previously only air raids, but thefindings werenot affected Daash so there must be ground troops." Saadi also said that "US forces paved theway for awild forces after having to kill themost important commanders say military in Daash namely Abdul Rahman Alqadola and Abu Omar al-Chechen in less than one month, while not succeed in achieving this since 19 when it began itsparticipation in the war against Daash. " Shia factions (VS) US troopsdeployed fighters" popular crowd "on thefront against Daash in theprovinces ofSalahuddin, Diyala, Baghdad and parts arelimited from Anbar, either US troops land spread in the provinces of Anbar and Erbil, will witness thecoming days confrontation against US forces?Marines resides in thevicinity of theborders of theeastern province ofNineveh drunken military base south ofArbil, while the factions exist Shi'ites in the town ofBaiji , north of nearby Salahuddin province ,also from thesouthern border of theprovince ofNineveh, the distance almost two (130 km.) in the month ofNovember (October) last year announced Shi'ite factions edit Baiji, and decided tomove towards the city ofMosul, but after five months this does not happen .why? Abu Zainab Tlabawi one of the leaders of "popular crowd" , one of theresidents ofBasra and thefighting in Baiji, said in a telephone conversation with the"debate" that " for political reasons, not military prevented thepopular crowd begin editing Mosul , which is not far only walking distance from our forces. "He added that" thepopular crowd equipped withlarge forces for months for theLiberation ofSharqat town south of thecity controlled by Daash, but there are Iraqi politicians and US forces refuse to post the popular crowd in thebattle toliberate Mosul.Tlabawi also says that "Sharqat is the city theonly one that separates the popular crowd forces and military base for US troops in thetown drunk, and air raids , the US does not pounding elements Daash there because they want to remain in thehands Daash to prevent thepopular crowd from reaching Mosul. " in February , thevoice of the Nineveh provincial council on prevent Shi'ite factions to participate in the liberation of Nineveh, he said Mosul 's residents are allergic to Shi'ite factions, and must be local forces involved from Nineveh 'spopulation in the battles. in Anbar inwestern Iraq happens thesame scenario, resides hundreds of soldiers and advisers Americans at a military base called " Ein al - Assad "in the city ofal - Baghdadi, while Shiite factions on the outskirts of the city ofFallujah spread for months in anattempt to liberate Fallujah, and the distance between them (150 km).Hassan Salem deputy in theparliament for the " honest "bloc of the" League of theRighteous ,"says for" talk "" the United States does not allow us to edit Fallujah .. and if Washington is serious about fighting Daash them go and edit near Baghdad , Fallujah, not Mosul. " the Shia factions still theUnited States accuses provide support to theorganization" Daash "and the bombing of the Iraqi army and thecrowd People across theaircraft despite the fact that Prime Minister Haider al -Abadi and theIraqi Ministry of defense denied for it, but this accusation believe her many Iraqis.according to the above, you know theUnited States is well aware that it is not welcome by the Shia factions, and that itsmilitary bases opted away from thepresence ofthese factions, and the fronts in which theyparticipate against Daash in Mosul and Anbar is too far away. but in the future, the confrontation remains unlikely, because theShia factions insist on participating in theliberation ofMosul process, especially theliberalization of Tall Afar west of thecity that its residents belong to theShiite sect.and established Shi'ite factions ,months before the formation of the brigade continued to "combat brigade Abbas' own liberalization city of Tal Afar, featuring residents displaced from the city.Why oppose the popular crowd thegovernment?confirm theIraqi government that the Shiite factions in the" popular crowd "official government agency of the government under thedecision adopted by the Council ofMinisters in April 2015, but these factions oppose thegovernment in a lot of issues, including US participation land and air in the battles against the"Daash." US officials haveconfirmed that sending the Marines came after theIraqi government 'sapproval, and if the body "popular crowd "belongs to thegovernment ,so why would you object to it, and theleaders of the" popular crowd "always criticize Prime Minister Haider al -Abadi.analysts say the" popular crowd "works independently and adhere todecisions of thegovernment, and failed several attempts to Ebadi to control it, but to no avail. in February ( February) last issued Abadi order appointing Lt. Gen. Mohsen Kaabi , a former commander of the federal police substitute for Abu Mahdi Mohandes in an attempt by thegovernment to control the management of the crowd, but the Shiite factions strongly rejected theresolution."Hezbollah Brigades" ,led by Abu Mahdi Mohandes, threatened government she said in anofficial statement that "factions of the Islamic resistance and the crowd are factions ideological jihad her administrative and organizational contexts differ from contexts classic followed in the military, and leadership requires expertise in non -traditional wars characterized by fast movement and maneuver and change the immediate military plans." this problem of the major challenges Iraq iscurrently facing, and hamper thefight against "Daash" because Shi'ite factions do not want US involvement in the war, while theIraqi forces can not fight alone "Daash." Add comment

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