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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Air force kills 29 leading Bdaash including Arabs and Iraqis in Rawa



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Air force kills 29 leading Bdaash including Arabs and Iraqis in Rawa

Post by rocky on Mon 04 Apr 2016, 3:55 am

Air force kills 29 leading Bdaash including Arabs and Iraqis in Rawa

 Baghdad / term 

Counter - terrorism forces and operations of the island and the desert surrounding the city west of Ramadi , Hit Center after enable them to edit the parties to eliminate the entire last week. 
Confirm security leaders that Daash collapsed in Hit, noting that the group 's leaders began to flee towards the existing and wet. 
Led strikes carried out by the hawks cell ,killing 16 component of the 
security forces and carried out with the support of fighters from the sons of Anbar tribes and to support theinternational coalition successive operations to regain control of areas occupied by Daash. 
receded territory seized by the organization in June 2014 space, but still controls the mission , including Mosul and other areas in the vicinity of Syria 's Anbar province and Jordan and Saudi Arabia. 
He says the morning of Naaman, a spokesman for the anti - terror apparatus, in a telephone conversation yesterday with (range), that " the liberation of Hit happens a new change in the fighting equation with Daash and will open us a door of victory in Anbar in general." He said Noman " The general commander of thearmed forces is to decide the next destination for operations after the liberation of the Heat . " In a while, theisland forces managed and the desert with the help of the popular crowd from a cell cubs succession arrested in a leap City aged (16 to 19) years. 
The leader in the crowd , who is in the eye of Assad 's rule, confident Fartusi, told the (range), that "desert island forces in collaboration with the popular crowd forces arrested six foreign elements Daash the leap." 
He added Fartusi "in a leap island forces and the desert able to arrest cell belonging to the cubs succession between the ages of 16-19 years. " 
If it has been restored Hit fully the three major cities remain under the control of Daash in Anbar province , the sprawling and the border with Syria and Jordan, which are the cities of Fallujah and wet and Qaim. 
and confirms the leadership of the popular crowd that "Daash collapsed in the Heat and their leaders began toflee towards the existing and wet and the direction of Mosul." 
in the meantime, announced the joint Special operations command, on Sunday, killed 29 element of (Daash) ,including leading figures of aerial bombardment of a cell hawks on the sites of the organization west ofRamadi. The citizens called for a move away from regulation sites, vowed (Daash) that strikes would be " themost severe in the coming days." 
Said Operations Command said in a statement received (range Press) copy of it, "Hawks air brave According to information hawks intelligence cell and directed the day two - stroke two minutes Mujotain elements (Daash) terrorist coordination with the joint Special operations command, targeted strike first meeting of theleaders of Daash in Qaim was planning slipped how terrorist operations management in the light of progress and security forces. " 
She pointed out that" the air strike that killed 16 members of the (Daash) including nine dead our intelligence sources confirmed that he had been transferred to a Syrian hospital and of them were taken to hospital based. " 
The leadership to be" among the dead terrorist Abu Suleiman the Chechen or the so - called administrator battalion of the concrete, and the terrorist Sheikh Jamal Trki Issawi (Abu Abdulaziz South) runaway Abu Ghraib prison work with (Abu Ayyub al- Masri) and a close associate of terrorist Abu Bakr al - Baghdadi, the terrorist Zia Zoba Ahardani who received the so - called state of the Euphrates on a temporary basis and is responsible for many terrorist operations, and the terrorist Abu Ahmed , the South , a former officer in theformer army major who fugitive from Abu Ghraib prison and works as a carrier to write to Aladnana and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. " 
She continued leadership that" among terrorist dead Abdel Basset al - Jumaili aka (Abu Huzaifa) a Fallujah military officials, as well as carrier-mail with and to the Euphrates former Abu Anas al - Samarrai , "adding that" among the most important of wounded in the strike successful terrorist Abu Anas al - Samarrai to theEuphrates and the former so - called minister of war. " Leadership he pointed out that " the Iraqi air force was able to strike again according hawks cell information on the terrorist camp site Sheikh Abu Ayyub to train elements (Daash) terrorist in the district of Rawa strike successful strikes killed 13 elements of Daash and wounding 12 others," noting that "our intelligence sources confirm that the largest number of them were taken to Rawa Hospital as seen wheels convey some foreigners injured towards the Syrian territories." 
She emphasized the leadership that "among those killed in the second strike terrorist Abu Anas al- Rawi , a former officer in the Republican Guard in the former army , a former detainee in Bucca prison. He plans to process the recent suicide bombers in the Ain al - Assad base, and the terrorist Nassif narrator aka (Abu Saif) carrier bombers toward spend Heat "and called on citizens to" stay away from the locations of these defeated gangs because our strikes painful will be the toughest in the the coming days. " 
Furthermore, denied the commander of anti - terrorism device operations , Maj . Gen. Sami Kazim , Arda," the evacuation of prisoners from the Heat , "saying the report was " baseless. " 
this comes after detecting local parties in Anbar Liberation army for about 1,500 detainees were in anunderground prison in the district of Hit. 
in the context of the ongoing North Anbar military operations, the leadership of the popular crowd in Anbar province, announced on Sunday, the liberation of construction area in Hit, and the killing of 22 elements of theorganization during the operation. 
he said Falah Qaraghuli, the leader of the popular crowd fighters in Anbar province , in an interview with (long - Presse), " the joint forces were able, at noon today, the edit buildings area, southwest eliminate the Heat, (70 west km gray), from the control of the organization (Daash), and the killing of 22 elements of theorganization and the destruction of five wheels bomb. " 
He added Qaraghuli, that" the security forces advanced deep south - west axis regions, for the Heat to ensure combing rugged areas and to identify safe corridors for crossing the armor and tanks , "adding that" theorganization (Daash) used improvised explosive devices and rocket fire in a scheme to obstruct the advanced forces battles after cleansing against all the elements of the city hubs ".

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