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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The joint forces approaching spend Heat center and warnings from Daash attack on al-Baghdadi



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The joint forces approaching spend Heat center and warnings from Daash attack on al-Baghdadi

Post by rocky on Wed 06 Apr 2016, 4:24 am

[ltr]The joint forces approaching spend Heat center and warnings from Daash attack on al-Baghdadi[/ltr]

Anbar-Iraq Press -6 April: achieved the Iraqi armybacked by fighters , tribal and local police made ​​new progress in the city west of Ramadi , Hit , afterthe control of the new neighborhoods within thecurrent three - week military campaign, while officials and tribal leaders warned of attacks planned Daash to target hand - Baghdadi near Hit.
The mark of a cell - Harbi said in a statement, " Theplaces that have been edited in Hit, are the insightsof Western, Eastern and insights, inspired by Fendi, honest and complex."

The statement pointed out that "military units havebecome close to the white bridge."

In turn , he said a member of the Anbar provincial council , see al - Issawi, said that " the army continues to move towards the center of the Heat, who controlled (first Tuesday) to district teachers and the court building andnumber of police stations."

He predicted that " the next few hours experiencing the arrival of troops to the city center with the decline of the influence of the elements Daash and fled toward the Euphrates River across the pristine northern neighborhood of Hit toward judicial Anah and Rawah."
He pointed out that " the military control of the white represents a significant victory against Daash by virtue of the city's strategic location in the heart of Anbar."
He favored the "decline of the organization and Anzoaih toward western towns of the province on the border with Syria , with the exception of the city of Fallujah."
Iraqi army and the evacuation of thousands of families fleeing the fighting in Hit, and Command announced the transfer ofhundreds of them to safe areas of operations after checking the identity papers of displaced persons and ensure that no infiltration of Daash them.
And trying Daash, two days ago, control of the hand - Baghdadi, north of Ramadi , to make up for losing in the Heat.

And the failure of an attack by the organization the day before yesterday on the city, but also prepares hesitate to launch another attack.
Shaalan warned Namrawi A tribal leaders of Anbar , " the crowds to Daash when Baghdadi parties to launch another attack on the city."
He called on the security forces and the international airline alliance to "accelerate to prevent it ." Pointing out that " Theorganization seeks to control the residential complex in the city , which includes families of soldiers and tribal fighters, which more than once threatened to kill them unless impact negatively on the morale of the tribal fighters who fear for their families."
The Interior Ministry announced, yesterday, re - open the public the police station in the southern leap hand Hit days after the liberation from Daash within the ongoing military campaign western Anbar weeks ago. Ended (1)

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