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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Peshmerga concerned: the Iraqi army has made great losses has not applied Bmkhmur



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Peshmerga concerned: the Iraqi army has made great losses has not applied Bmkhmur

Post by rocky on Thu 07 Apr 2016, 4:26 am

[size=32]Peshmerga concerned: the Iraqi army has made great losses has not applied Bmkhmur[/size]

00:42:09 7.4.2016 |(Voice of Iraq) - Twilight News via theSecretary -General of theMinistry ofPeshmerga Jabbar Yawar expressed concern because of theIraqi army 'sfailure to make progress in themilitary for theLiberation ofNineveh operations (Conquest), from thecontrol ofDaash, noting it suffered human and material losses without any significant progress. In aninterview withthe Anatolia about military operations to liberate theprovince ofNineveh areas , which began before the 13 days at thecenter of adrunken (60 km south - east of Mosul) said Yawar, "We are concerned about theresults of themilitary operations in the axis ofdrunken which failed to achieve thegoals that wereplanned and itwas hoped to be a base for launch towards theliberalization of the rest of the province ofNineveh areas , "noting that" the Iraqi forces suffered human and material losses and made ​​a lot of martyrs without significant progress due to lack ofpreparation for battle , despite possession ofsophisticated weapons. " He stressed Yawar , " theimportance offreeing the city of Mosul and all of Nineveh province ,areas controlled Daash they constitute asafety valve for theKurdistan region and edited prevail security and stability in theregion and it remains a threat to thesecurity of theregion. " said Yawar, that" Peshmerga forces are part of theinternational coalition to fight Daash, and thedecision oftheir participation in the liberation of Mosul operations settled some time ago ,"stressing "necessity ofplanning for the operation, timing and discuss thestatus ofMosul after liberation and the future ofNineveh province in general." and went on , "We must discuss how to protect and secure thecity of Mosul and areas of Nineveh controlled by organized now Daash" pointing outthat "as far as the importance ofliberalization of Mosul process, city ​​ofMosul and Nineveh province situations after liberation isimportant, and so is not repeated attacks in thefuture , it is necessary to provide protection tothem. " was launched Thursday , 24 March / March last," conquest "to liberate theprovince ofNineveh process, from the control of " Daash "organization ,which took over most of the theterritory of theprovince in June 2014, with theparticipation of the Iraqi army and thePeshmerga, and fighters of the Sunni tribes, in order to restore theareas south ofMosul of theorganization, before launching wider to restore the city to later attack.the campaign kicked off, the Makhmour, where there is a US military base. and swept through theorganization, Daash, north and west ofIraq, thesummer of2014, but lost a lot of areas in the military campaign, anti waged by theIraqi army and thePeshmerga, Joey cover of theinternational coalition led by the United States ofAmerica. and still Mosul ,capital ofNineveh province, thelargest city and Fallujah Anbar (West) in the grip ofregulation.Add comment

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